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    PROBLEM WITH ATi Drivers

    I have 1.1 net framework and i tried with all drivers avaliable for this card and its the same always! Even after I installed new system (Windows Xp Pro) he geet freezed! And one more question! Who knows how much RDX-200 CF can go with FSB during the overclock, What is the max FSB which I can put on this mainboard?
  2. X-Perience

    PROBLEM WITH ATi Drivers

    I tried that I tried with omegadrivers...and problem is same...
  3. Hello I'm having problem with my graphic card. My system is freezing whenever I try to change resolution clicking on screen to Display Properties-->Setings...and than he crash out(freeze). But when I unistall drivers for graphic the problem disappear which mean that this happening only when I have installed drivers on system! I tried with all version of drivers for ATi and the problem is same! If anybody could help!?? Thank you!
  4. X-Perience

    RDX200 CF-DR Problem Solvers!

    Does anbody know how much FSB on this mainboards can go??