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  1. I recommended this card to him last night when he told me he was on a $100 budget. He says he wants something for moderate gaming that will be better than his 6500. The only thing about this 8600 is that it only has 256 MiB of RAM, instead of the standard 512.

  2. It's called "American PC Mod". Basically a reality show focused around a small father-and-son PC case building shop. The father and son are both ego-heads and constantly at odds with each other, and the staff is usually caught in between.


    They could do mods like an "F-22 Raptor mod", or a Spiderman mod.


    It'll be totally original, I swear. :tooth:

  3. I just got one of those chain emails stating this virus is being sent along with fraudulent "e-card" notifications, and that it is capable of toasting hard drives.


    Now, I know there is indeed a virus being attached to e-card notifications, because I delete about three of them a day. But the first time I got it, it wasn't picked up by Gmail and I decided to open it out of curiosity. I was never able to delete the .exe, but it appeared that AVG had quarantined it.


    Is it true that this virus toasts hard drives, or is it just another botnet virus? I know there's a degree of truth and a degree of hype in these chain letters, and it did say some nonsense about infecting "Sector Zero", so I wonder just how much of this is true. I did end up losing the hard drive the virus was on. The circuit board stopped working.

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