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  1. hrmm...another religion thread breaking out...it's an endless argument boys. God-believers will never believe anything else. Athiests will never believe anything else.


    I wouldn't be so fast with this, though. Debating is one of my passions. Arguing with atheists hasn't made me one, but I've definitely learned some things just by nature of expressing opinions with someone with differing opinions than mine. I believe that when two different but intelligent people debate, they each walk away smarter, because intelligence precludes childishly ignoring each other and insisting they're right.

  2. Exactly. I may not believe in God, but I dont annoy people for doing so. I accept their beliefs.


    You understand that a lot of atheists do not show the world the same courtesy. Granted, a lot of Christians don't either. I'm with you on not bothering people with it though.


    when god is talking to u, it´s a psychose.


    If you're hearing voices, it's psychosis. People see God talking to them in other ways though. "Now whether that's an according to Hoyle miracle, doesn't really matter. What matters is, I felt the touch of God. God got involved."

  3. That's what I said :) There's no set speed limit, but you ARE required to stay under a speed that you can safely maneuver around or stop for an obstacle...which means what? 160kph max... The cops here have complete control themselves over the definition of reckless driving, which means if they think you shouldn't be going as fast as you are, you get a ticket... there's no arguing, regardless of "no speed limit" and not necessarily just through the mail... they'll pull you over just like back home... They of course don't set speed cameras up on those roads (but they do every damn where else lately, lol) shoot, they'll even set a camera up and watch for people not wearing seat belts and snap a pic... got a ticket for that the other day... lol


    So let me get this straight, not only are the police given the rights of judge, jury, and executioner, not only are there cameras everywhere, but they can give you a ticket for putting yourself in danger?


    Let's all go to the EU, and party like it's 1984. :nod:

  4. This is where she calls me all the way from Mississipi. And I quote... 'Brian... When I removed my CPU from the socket, all the pins stayed in the socket but the CPU section, came off in my fingers with no effort!'. Now imagine someone trying to keep her composure, and not doing a very good job of it, while trying to explain this and actually comprehend how it happened and how much it's going to cost her. So I tell her to contact Asus again and see if she needs to add any details to her present RMA or if they'll need to reissue another number. She does and they say just send the board and nothing else and noted the additons to her present RMA#. That was friday before last. She just heard from the RMA dept on Friday and nope, sorry, this isn't covered (the pins still being in the socket) we'll charge you $40 for repair/replacement. Is it just me or did they totally overlook the fact that the original problem had to do with idling temps being in the dangerzone? And since I've never seen pins fuse themselves to a socket before, do you think that the same overheating issue would've caused it?


    (no offense to the guy who originally posted this, by the way :tooth: )

  5. I don't believe Intelligent Design and Evolution are mutually exclusive. All the former means is that there was a creator behind it. God hasn't sidestepped his own rules of science since we've been here, why would he sidestep them before then?


    I think there's a problem whenever science or religion tries to enter the other's territory. I find it just as annoying when scientists protest belief in God as I do when the fundies say that anyone who believes the Earth is round is going to Hell.

  6. Well you could compromise on the cpu and get a dual core + the games. I mean yeah the quad would be friggen sweet and I plan on getting one here soon as well but do you really need it? A E6600 or E6750 or whatever would be a good choice as well.


    He wouldn't save much in the long run by doing this, the Q6600 is only like $200-something.


    I'd go for the games, myself, especially since you want to use it for gaming, and the CPU doesn't make a ton of difference.

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