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  1. I found it in the reviews when I bought this SLI-DR. Got me out of some trouble too. :nod:
  2. This is going to kick butt. I had a similar idea myself, but I'm interested to see how it works for you.
  3. Mine is "Mind-Numbed Robot". I don't listen to Rush very often, but when we had our bathroom remodeled it was on all the time.
  4. I wouldn't be so fast with this, though. Debating is one of my passions. Arguing with atheists hasn't made me one, but I've definitely learned some things just by nature of expressing opinions with someone with differing opinions than mine. I believe that when two different but intelligent people debate, they each walk away smarter, because intelligence precludes childishly ignoring each other and insisting they're right.
  5. You understand that a lot of atheists do not show the world the same courtesy. Granted, a lot of Christians don't either. I'm with you on not bothering people with it though. If you're hearing voices, it's psychosis. People see God talking to them in other ways though. "Now whether that's an according to Hoyle miracle, doesn't really matter. What matters is, I felt the touch of God. God got involved."
  6. I don't know, 60 Minutes nearly outright lied on their "Age of Warming" segment last night.
  7. Surprising, but could very well be an outright lie.
  8. So let me get this straight, not only are the police given the rights of judge, jury, and executioner, not only are there cameras everywhere, but they can give you a ticket for putting yourself in danger? Let's all go to the EU, and party like it's 1984. :nod:
  9. (no offense to the guy who originally posted this, by the way :tooth: )
  10. This stuff is going up on eBay in about three days if I don't get any interest. Bump
  11. Are you making a joke, or are you on satellite?
  12. I don't believe Intelligent Design and Evolution are mutually exclusive. All the former means is that there was a creator behind it. God hasn't sidestepped his own rules of science since we've been here, why would he sidestep them before then? I think there's a problem whenever science or religion tries to enter the other's territory. I find it just as annoying when scientists protest belief in God as I do when the fundies say that anyone who believes the Earth is round is going to Hell.
  13. I'll bet this would cut down on the noise factor.
  14. He wouldn't save much in the long run by doing this, the Q6600 is only like $200-something. I'd go for the games, myself, especially since you want to use it for gaming, and the CPU doesn't make a ton of difference.
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