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  1. Anyone? I need to know within 6 days so we can return this thing.
  2. You could start at your local brothel.
  3. The town shut you down for that little operation? :tooth: Was this whole thread a joke then or do you have real pics? XD
  4. General Septem

    Far Cry 2

    Finally it seems a game that will test my 8800GTS.
  5. So my dad's been having trouble lately with his Dell Dimension 8400 MCE bogging down every now and then, particularly with internet radio. I never gave much thought to it, figuring it was just the internet connection, but he was having the same issue with last.fm, which I use and have no issues with. In any event, I recommend he purchase a dual core processor. I did some research and discovered on Dell's website that there seemed to be absolutely no information whatsoever as to what processors this motherboard was compatible with. I did, however, find out that it apparently has an Intel 925X chipset. Great, I thought, that meant I could use a Pentium D but not a C2D. So we purchase a 935. After I installed it, the Dell would not POST. It just got stuck on the orange light when I pressed the power button. I put the old CPU in and everything is fine. If the processor is not compatible with the motherboard, then it's a screwup on Dell's part. But I wouldn't put it past them (anyone ever notice how I only ever seem to have trouble with Dells?). Does anyone know what might be going on? Thanks.
  6. I've got Vista on my laptop. I didn't have much of a choice. But I also have Ubuntu installed using Wubi. Eventually I'll probably switch over entirely, but in the mean time, I don't hate Vista enough, yet.
  7. Maddox likes the Nokia E70 (NSFW), but it may be more than what you're looking for.
  8. Get some threaded rod, a couple of nuts to hold them securely to the board (optional), two nylon washers, and a couple of brass knurled nuts. Install it like a waterblock. The nylon washers go in between the knurled nuts and the springs. This is very important because otherwise the springs will prevent you from being able to unscrew the nuts in the future. You can use the springs that came with the unit. I did this with mine and it works great. I just don't remember what the thread is now, but bring one of the bolts to Home Depot and match it. I want to say it's 10-32.
  9. Congratulations, have an episode of Burn Notice to celebrate. http://www.tv-links.co.uk/listings/1/5763
  10. Any bets on how many people will be stupid enough to try this at home? :tooth:
  11. However, vocal anti-videogame activist and "lawyer" Jack Thompson disagrees. After reading the public report on FPSS, Thompson spoke out. "FPSS proves that video games are responsible for all murders ever. In history." When informed that First Person Shooters have only existed for the last 15-20 years, Thompson screamed that we were lying homosexuals, then sued us for criminal harrasment. :nod: :nod: :nod:
  12. Replace the rubber band, chisel as much of the lime deposits as you can off the rock, and maybe touch up the cave paintings a little. :tooth:
  13. Just don't burn yourself trying to extract its charred remains out of your system. :tooth:
  14. Who's the more foolish: the fool, or the fool who follows him? :tooth:
  15. My answer is the same, I'm on my money's side. Like Angry, I'm chaotic neutral. :tooth:
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