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  1. I'm a big-time capitalist, but please, someone shoot the bastards controlling the entertainment industry with an elephant gun before they get any more powerful.


    What happened to the days when movies and music were art forms? I swear we've got 1984 happening, only it's not the government taking away all our music and literature (movies are a moving form of literature by my definition), it's big record and entertainment companies restricting our access with completely insane regulations, fees, and all that other bull crap.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that man. I wish I'd seen this thread sooner.


    Don't be too hard on yourself for not seeing her, though. From what you described, I'd say she's upstairs remembering the good times you had together.


    I'm not really sure what else to say. When my mother died, I was with her right up until she went into hospice (she was only there for two weeks), but we weren't on the best of terms. We were on good terms, but the reality was I hadn't made my peace with her. For years afterward, all I could think about when I thought of her was everything I hated her for, and that I couldn't tell her anymore to get it off of my chest. I tried to grieve when she died but I couldn't. Eventually I made peace with myself.

  3. a year since reinstall (stupid windows crashed during an update, and windows wouldnt boot at all after that till i reinstalled :( ), prolly over two since reformat (that is coming soon, but i'm still saving movies, etc to dvd's)


    I've probably gone longer than that (not that I don't desperately need to), but it might help in your case. Out of curiosity, does reinstalling without reformatting keep your personal settings?

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