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  1. Thanks for the reply. How long have you had it? Does it tilt forward at all?
  2. My Gateway HD Widescreen monitor failed on me after barely two years of use. I came home last night to find the screen blank, and the power button didn't do anything. My father had the same exact monitor and it did the same exact thing several months ago. Gateway customer service basically told me to go fxxx myself because it was a retail model and I had to go through Circuit City to get any satisfaction. I really don't want another Gateway, not that I have much of a choice since the company doesn't exist anymore anyway. Can anyone recommend a good 1680x1050 monitor under $300? What should I look for? Thanks in advance. :tooth: Also, does anyone know anything about SCEPTRE monitors?
  3. XP. "Windows Vista" is a cuss word I yell whenever my laptop crashes on me.
  4. And all the people in my city are going "Global warming? F_ck yeah!" I don't doubt that the climate is changing, I do however doubt that we're the cause or even contributing. We're coming out of an Ice Age, normally there wouldn't even be sheets of ice over Antarctica and Greenland. In any event, I think pollution should be a government funded industry. Screw the grandkids, I'm cold now. :tooth:
  5. "Amazon.com sold enough Hannah Montana wigs to outfit the entire audience at her December 20th show in Providence, RI." That has to be on the order of thousands, hardly impressive.
  6. Stop staying up so late. Did I say that already? :tooth:
  7. Eating well is actually not as hard as it sounds. The trick is to learn how to cook your own meals. Also, eating less is unnecessary if you hit the squats and deadlifts hard.
  8. Stay with my current girlfriend and stop keeping each other up until 3:00 in the morning when I have to get up at 8. :tooth:
  9. I thought the number of cores always had to be a power of 2, 1 still being a power of 2 (2^0=1). Is this not the case anymore?
  10. Here's to our newly formed Ministry of Truth. :beer
  11. "Times it by..." It's multiply, MULTIPLY DAMMIT!
  12. What I hate is trying to shovel the damn snow off the car: It seems around here that every year alternates between a bad winter and a mild winter. When we get a mild winter, Buffalo gets hit bad, and when we get a bad winter, Buffalo gets off easy. ...This year is a bad year, so far. :tooth:
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