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  1. "Joo wanna play rough? OK! Say 'ello to my lil' friend!"
  2. Ouch. I didn't need to see the guy ripped to pieces at the end there. Is that even legal to take pictures of? D: Ouch.
  3. http://www.mnpctech.com/spdprtToggle.html Get a momentary switch, that way it'll work and it won't be lame.
  4. I almost (well, not almost, but if I wasn't as alert I might've) ran over a girl on her bike the other day. I was trying to change lanes. Now I didn't see her at first but there was a big gap between the car in front and back of her, and nobody pulls that far behind in thick traffic, so I knew there had to be something there. So I turned my head and I saw her. So I look ahead again to find that while I wasn't looking, the car began to pull over into the other lane. I hate when that happens. :tooth: I've always wanted to ride a motorcycle. Are you going to get a tattoo and leather jacket and the whole bit too? Congratulations on your purchase by the way. It's good you're staying safe.
  5. So do you keep your razor in your sock then, like Mr. Blonde? XD
  6. I've never had any experience with them so I can't say, but the gist I got from the first few posts was that they're not overclocking as well anymore because of FSB walls.
  7. That's understandable, but when it comes to the overclocking market, a smart company would cater to them, not fight against them. I'm not against binning, but FSB walls?
  8. Leave it to Intel to alienate their enthusiast market in the name of making another buck.
  9. What's the next goal going to be once AMD CPUs come 3G stock? They're already coming 3G stock, actually.
  10. If case temperatures were warm, the surface area of the res could cause the water to be warmer than it otherwise would.
  11. Damn, that really sucks. It was the same way for me though when I got fired, I could've gotten my job back but after what happened I really didn't want to go back.
  12. Congratulations on the job. You have my encomium. :beer Since you're already dealing with us big kids, you should be well prepared.
  13. If you're worried about the res allowing the water to heat up, just get a t-line. Or, you could get a res with only one tube, which would essentially act as a t-line.
  14. You should fill in your location before AG notices you haven't.
  15. Your reservoir/t-line should always be the last thing before your pump. You never want to run a pump dry, and if the water has to go through the rad first, it would run dry.
  16. Mainly softcore porn pictures put up by men in their 50s who make ambiguous fake profiles with names like "Brittany". But what I meant was that that's what the Internet is for. The Internet is for porn. And Myspace.
  17. I need a laptop for college. I'll probably end up buying new, but I thought I'd throw this out there to see if there are any bites. I'm not going away, so I still have Arkhangelsk for when I'm not at college. This means it doesn't need to be a gaming machine or hold my entire collection of movies. It doesn't have to be anything too fancy. Essentials are a sufficiently large drive and a wireless card compatible anywhere I might find myself. I'm hoping for a C2D. Battery life is also key. I don't know where I might find an outlet to plug into. Screen size is not important, but the unit must not be more than 15" wide, or it will not fit into my case. That means if there is anything sticking out the side, it must either be removable or not make the overall width more than 15". Thickness is not important as my carrying case is old and was designed to be able to carry laptops back when they were six inches thick. The machine will run Ubuntu/Beryl. No Toshiba, please. Their support sucks. Preferably not Sony. Alright... I just hate Sony. XD Hoping to spend under $800. Thanks for looking.
  18. It runs pretty smoothly on my machine too, which despite its impressive specs does seem to bog down with simple things.
  19. That's cool, kind of like Beryl for Windows. Dude, this kicks butt. Thanks.
  20. By strip experience do you mean male stripping, or experience on the Las Vegas Strip (i.e., casinos)?
  21. Interesting you should post this today because I was just thinking about how I seem to get deja vu all the time. Another phenomenon I get sometimes is jamais vu, which is the exact opposite, when you know you know something but it seems eerily unfamiliar.
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