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  1. I didn't notice you had said the ambient is 76 F. That's about 24 C. You're never going to see cool temperatures with an ambient like that. I'd recommend, if you have an air conditioner, placing a fan in front of the register in your room.
  2. 55/56 is a little high, but 45? Your 170 is going to load at least 45 no matter what, barring a CoolIT Freezone or something. But at least with a Tuniq, it will probably idle mid-40s even overclocked, and not 55/56.
  3. It's clocked to 2250 at 1.4V right now. I've had it clocked higher but for some reason it would not boot unless the RAM divider was set to 1/02, and having your RAM running at DDR312 is not good for performance no matter what your CPU is clocked to.
  4. My Tuniq idles around 30, on the hot core. When it's cooler in here it goes even lower. If the ambient temperature is low 60s (68 F is 20 C), it'll idle just above 20, and will actually idle mid-20s passively. I also lapped the Tuniq and the Opty.
  5. I know a stoner who makes the best homemade cookies you'll ever have.
  6. Should've posted this under "Great Deals!".
  7. Is that so? That's pretty harsh, DD is like a death sentence if you value any kind of freedom. :/
  8. Don't they call it the "Luftwaffe" in Germany? :tooth:
  9. German engineering in the house, ja.
  10. "Angel view"? Don't they mean "angle view"? :tooth: That thing is definitely fugly. It's designed as if we're supposed to believe the spiral design improves airflow at all.
  11. I know the CNPS9500 is considered by many to not be the best choice if you're concerned about transportation. I don't know this for sure, though. I hear it's pretty heavy, and that much copper I'm inclined to believe it. It may not look like much, but it's really bigger than it looks. It's got a 92mm fan and it weighs 1.2 lb. You can give it a try, but it's not designed to be weight efficient. The VF900-CU is also a monster (at least for a video card), so much so that when I pick up the card I always grab it by the cooler - I'm afraid if I grab it anywhere else it'll torque the card. I'm very happy with it though, but I don't carry my computer around a lot.
  12. Well that would be a "whole new way of doing business".
  13. I have a lot of respect for the coordinators of the Underground Railroad. These were people that took the initiative to make a difference, instead of complaining about what everyone else was doing. They are, in my opinion, not just Black American heroes but American heroes. :beer
  14. I like how your sig symbolizes how Windows Vista is an attention whore which hogs resources, takes over everything, and always has to be center stage. :tooth: Welcome. :beer
  15. But the body of the computer makes it more streamlined and reduces drag. ...Oh, right... drag isn't an issue since the computer doesn't actually move. So in that case, screw that. You can expect to pay $1K+ for a hand built wooden case though.
  16. It wasn't. That was the problem. XD
  17. The problem with that is it only shows the last password entered. So if you enter a different one, it overwrites.
  18. Problem solved. http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/mailpv.html
  19. Can someone please help me with this?
  20. A few months ago I changed my Gmail password. I had been using the same password for everything but I realized this was a bad idea. Trouble is, I came up with a real good password to replace it. And five minutes later I forgot it. It was alright for the time being since Firefox remembered it. But today I went to login to my blogger account, which I haven't in ages, and I always forget my login info for that. I get there and it wants me to login to my Gmail account. No problem, right? Firefox filled it in automatically. I press "login" and nothing happens. So I try entering in my old password, thinking the login info for Blogger is different than for my email. Big mistake. Now Firefox keeps automatically remembering the last password I enter. For some ungodly reason, Firefox is no longer asking me if I want it to remember passwords, it just took the liberty. So every time I try a different password, it just remembers it. I wonder where the coders at Mozilla bought their crack from. There's no way in hell I'm remembering this password. It was, from what I remember, some kind of convoluted neo-Cryllic thing, or some kind of what might as well be complete gibberish anyway. I have two leads. My correct password is still remembered in Gmail Notifier. Moreover, if there's a way of retrieving overwritten password information from Firefox, that's another possibility. I'm counting on Notifier though. Does anyone know how I can retrieve my password from Gmail Notifier? I really don't want to have to wait five days to get my password back. Thanks in advance.
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