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  1. This "can" cause you all manor of problems,

    I recommend returning it & getting an OCZ PowerStream 520W.


    Follow the step-by-step guide & use only recommended parts & you shouldn't have any problems.


    Good Luck,

    Dave ;)



    I wish I'd known this before I ordered it. Also, would 520w be enough? I saw the motherboard requires at least a 480w so giving myself 40w of headroom doesn't seem like much. Or does the 480w figure take into account extra devices such as cards and drives?



    Also, what exactly might happen with it? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817153021 <<< That's the exact item if that helps.

  2. Steelballzz,


    Welcome to the forum. The LanParty NF4 SLI-DR is an excellent choice on your motherboard selection, whether you plan to overclock or not.


    If I were "in your shoes" i'd do the following. Use the step by step NF4 build guide found here;



    I wouldn't ever use a TT power supply. I swear by some of their CPU cooling solutions but I'm weary of their power supplies. If possible use one of the recommended power supplies. You can research those power supplies on that thread here at the Street.


    You can use the factory BIOS if you'd like, but the 07/04-2bt is an excellent modified BIOS that will allow for a good boot on many different types of memory and cpu combinations. However, it will void your warranty. At any rate, do as General Septem recommends and review the Stock Speed Database for cpu and memory setups similar to yours and try them as they are verified to work.


    If you get into overclocking down the road, you can also check out the Socket939 overclocking database for good overclocking settings (also verified to work).


    Good luck.


    Thanks for your help. Unfortunately I already ordered the TT power supply, and I've put my dad through a lot (it's kind of his money - Christmas gift) as it is. If I was dealing with my own money I'd be a little more picky and just go for it, but if it's possible I'd rather not put my dad through it. How paramount would you say the problem is?


    Oh, and also, I'm General Septem - he's Steelballzz. :D

  3. That stuff works pretty well, but I would clean it off carefully using a plastic card, alcohol, and soft cloth; then use AS5 or other Artic high quality compound going by the instructions on their website. I would recommend getting an XP-90 with a good fan (Panaflo, Sunon 92mm., or equivalent) You will get several degrees of better cooling and you will need it for OCing.


    I see, so I'm OK with what I've got then. I'm not planning to OC anytime in the near future, and it'd be a real pain to get AS5 since I don't drive or have a credit card (unless they sell it at RadioShack wich I highly doubt), so I think for now I'll use what they supplied for the time being. Thanks.

  4. hi

    welcome to the "street" ;)


    i think u have made a very good choice ....dfi really has the best 939 mobos....thats a fact

    i was just wondering about your choice of psu...TT....but well...2x15 amp on the 12 v rail should be enough

    lets forget the overclock...u have the time to go that way.....

    go to the stock speed database and try to seek for a config that wil be similar to yours....

    of course that, before doing this , u have followed the step by step guide......

    after finished this tasks with success then u can enjoy your rig....while u learn the way to overclockit :D


    good luck and keep us informed


    Thanks a lot =D


    I'll check that link, and if I run into any problems I'll let you guys know. My board isn't actually here yet but I just wanted to be sure about what I was doing before I go and mess up a lot of money's worth of parts. :P

  5. Hello everyone.


    I recently undertook a major rebuild for my PC. Over the years I've already replaced various drives and such. So, with the help of someone I know, I chose a new mobo, processor, RAM, and video card.


    I chose the Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR because my friend was drooling over it. And I can't say I blame him - except for one thing. I'm not exactly a "computer enthusiast", nor an overclocker. I'm simply someone who values quality and getting my money's worth. And did I ever - for under a thousand my new PC will far outperform any comparably priced pre-built.


    My experience with building is moderate - I've never really built a system but I know pretty well about how one is - at least physically - built.


    But recently I've been reading how complicated the instalation of this board can be. As I said, I'm not an overclocker yet. It's nice to have that ability, and in the future I may choose to take advantage of this motherboard's overclocking features, but for the time being I'm playing it safe. So my question is, if you were to put yourself in my shoes, how would you go about building your PC with the hardware I have? What BIOS settings would you change? Or is it pretty straightforward - nothing I should have to worry about? Thanks a lot for your time.

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