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  1. Perhaps not, but there are many Christian and Catholic groups offering relief in poor countries, and I have a great deal of respect for them. Not that Atheists don't do the same, of course, but you mentioned missionaries. Perhaps missionaries is not the right word to describe these people then. I like how you put that, Dr. Bowtie.
  2. The 6000+ can compete with an E6600? That's a big statement.
  3. Are you saying you agree or disagree with corporal punishment? There's nothing wrong with missionaries, as long as they stick to helping people and not spreading some kind of religious war.
  4. You're probably right about this thing being able to handle the 8800GTS. as it turns out, it only consumes about 108W of power, which @ +12V is only like 9A. By comparison, the label on the side of this PSU says it can output 30A on the +12V rail. I'm looking forward to this card coming, should be tomorrow or Tuesday. With the exception of the GTX and Ultra, it seems to be the best card out there, which tells me I'll be happy with it for at least a few years. This 6600 is decent, but I'm still afraid to push it.
  5. Did you try uninstalling from "add/remove programs"?
  6. Keep your 4400. There's nothing you can upgrade to at this point that would be worth it on your system anyway. Just higher clocks and bigger cache, which don't make any difference.
  7. I use the middle button, too (also to close tabs), but I'll have to check this out.
  8. That's the thing though, as long as it doesn't pose a threat to society, there's no reason for society to pose a threat to it. I agree, and I think I can safely say that even within my Church, nobody (except maybe the old ladies) agrees on the nature of God. I prefer to believe that God would rather we live by our heart than by a set of rules, but others would say I'm just not owning up to my actions, regardless of what they may be. I don't feel I need reinforcement every Sunday, but Church is a good place to go for me to just recover from the week. Kind of brings me back from the whole misanthropic mindset that dealing with everyone all week tends to bring out of me. :tooth: I may have more in common with most atheists than they think, except (among other things) that I believe in God. I find people's hate mongering and judgment just as sickening as I find some peoples' propensity to use religion for their own personal benefit. This is true. Removing prayer from schools hasn't led to misconduct. Lack of discipline, more like. That kid probably just didn't get his butt paddled hard enough.
  9. Apparently, you have no concept of what fascism is, and seem to be equating it with totalitarianism. Yes, some religions are totalitarian, but fascist? Fascism is persecuting people for their beliefs (among other things), which is exactly what statements like "religion is a mental crutch" inevitably lead to. It's a crutch now. Tomorrow it's a mental illness and people are being put in the hospital for it. That's never going to happen, but if the mentality that there's something wrong with religion keeps up, it eventually will. "In contradiction to the majority"? No, more like because you are of the opinion that religion is a mental illness, and that's bull crap. The founding fathers of this country (or the ones that believed in God anyway) thought freedom was their God-given right, so if you think belief in God is fascistic or authoritarian, you're wrong. The Church had no business claiming the Earth was flat in the first place... but, like the color of the sky, the shape of the Earth has been proven to be round. Your analogy doesn't work.
  10. It is a logical fallacy to hold fast to your opinion when the odds are stacked against its accuracy. You could be of the opinion that the sky is red, but that wouldn't make it true. Religion only becomes fascistic when they influence or take the place of government. As long as there is separation of Church and State, there's nothing to worry about. Some people like to use religion to coerce others, but that's their problem, not religion.
  11. That's an unfair statement. Sure, some people couldn't live without the thought of an omnibenevolent all-powerful "God" who, in their minds, amounts to little more than an invisible man in the sky who makes sure life doesn't get too hard for them. That's certainly not the case for a vast majority, though, least of all me. Atheists like to claim that people use religion as a means to get out of having to do any research by offering "because God said so" as the answer to every question in existence. This is simply not true for the vast majority. The minority... well, they're awfully vocal. To call religion a mental crutch is fascist and inherently dangerous. It could lead to people being persecuted for their beliefs.
  12. Religion, nor its lack thereof, is not the cause of this. The cause is that kids are told to tell a teacher when they're being bullied, instead of standing up for themselves. As the years go by and telling the teacher doesn't do . for them, they get so fed up that when they finally grow some balls they do something REALLY bad. This whole "real men cry" bull crap is a plague, used to justify the fact that one is not a real man. Sure, I'm a real man and there are things that can make me cry (like my child's graduation maybe), but that whole "real men cry" is no excuse for not being in control of one's own reality. There's nothing wrong with a man having emotions, of course, but allowing one's reality to be entirely under everyone else's control is dangerous. You can't possibly be content with that, and once you get pissed enough and grow some balls, you just fly off the handle. Letting other people tell you you're not worth anything, for example, is letting them control your reality, and the ironic thing is, the more you listen, the more they'll believe it. After all, if even you don't believe you're worth anything, who will? Everyone knows you know yourself best, so if it's your opinion that you're worthless, nobody can help but believe you. Not to mention they'll pity you, which is bad in and of itself. As for religion in schools. I'm a devout Catholic, though many probably think I live by my own moral standards, and even I don't believe prayer has any place in a school. They already do that in Catholic school, and I'm not even sure how effective that is. Whether or not it is, though, I still firmly believe in separation of Church and state. We do not want any religious leaders to have the ability to enforce some kind of authority over us, that kind of thing leads to 1984 scenarios. I believe we were created by God, but I don't think ID and evolution are mutually exclusive. After all, the very idea of evolution is that we adapt to our environment, indicating at least some sort of intelligent process, sentient or otherwise. In fact, I really don't believe science and religion are mutually exclusive in general, given they don't step into each others' field of study. They're not at odds because they're two different things. It's only when religious zealots are convinced the Earth is flat when it becomes a problem.
  13. "I've been looking all over for a nice Italian stiletto to carry around. I've been carrying this Boy Scout knife for years, but the damn thing's so hard to open, not to mention that whole "Boy Scout" moniker doesn't exactly fit me anymore." "Is it 'moniker' or 'monicker'?" "I don't know, but 'monicker' certainly looks more humorous. Sight of it nearly makes me laugh."
  14. I'd have wasted $100 if I find out the 520 will do a good job. But we'll soon see. No guts, no glory...
  15. I hit the button. It's on its way. I'm justifying it by saying I have to spend more on myself than I pay in gasoline and taxes.
  16. Actually, two 7900s would still push this more than recommended: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10854 I understand the power demand of the GS is less than that of the GTX, but it can't be by much, and this PSU is the 520, not the 600. If I were to do this, I'd just as soon get the 8800GTS anyway as I'm betting one of those wouldn't draw more power than two of these. I've brought it up in another thread, but I didn't get a very enthusiastic yes. It probably would work fine, but I'm wary about this PSU; I had trouble a few months ago upgrading to a 7950GT, and was never able to rule it out as the cause. I should just bite the bullet. If it fries it, I'll just send it in for a replacement and not install it until I get a new PSU. :/
  17. I'm glad everything went alright for you. I lucked out, because before I replaced my stock cooler, I was playing with it while the system was on and I accidentally dislodged it, in effect unsticking all the TIM from the chip since it was hot.
  18. This might be the best way to do it, because then you could take the whole loop and let it hang right out of the box as you're working. If you didn't want to unscrew the VGA blocks, you could just remove the cards.
  19. "let the big d1ck fairy bless you" "Scandalous anti-Catholic movie will lead millions astray unless you ACT NOW!!!" (referring to "Angels & Demons", not technically spam depending on how you look at it but still unsolicited)
  20. Another alternative to flush-cutting the pins is to get a drill bit (several sizes smaller than the hole) and carefully drill the pins apart. If they don't fall out then, they'll at least be out of the way of the new pins. Just don't touch the board with the bit. If your modding skills are confident, you could also perform some surgery to the outside of the case. In any event, you should be able to do all of this without having to drain the system. That's an awfully weird setup though. Usually the res/fillport should be at the top of the system, so the bubbles collect there and not in your $70 pump.
  21. Basically, I'm guessing that I'll probably be able to afford any card that this PSU can power. Keep in mind, I'm willing to buy an 8800GTS 320, and the only cards more expensive than that (at least on Newegg) are the other 8800s and the 2900XT, and this PSU won't handle either of them, either. If you think I'd be happier with the 8800GTS 320, though, I'd rather wait until I can afford that and a new PSU than get a card I'm going to regret, especially since I can't even guarantee that this PSU didn't cause the death of a 7950GT I fried a while back.
  22. I've been wanting to replace this old dinosaur for so long now. First I wanted to wait until R600 came out. That turned out to be a flop, and I was discouraged. What's even more discouraging though is that in order to get the graphics card I want - the 8800GTS 320, I (more than likely) need to upgrade this PSU. I can handle the price of an 8800GTS, but not a new PSU on top of that. I've got a few things I can sell, but I don't want to spend my money before I make it, and I can't sell the 6600 or the PSU until I replace them. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good, but economical card that will keep the occasional albeit quality-appreciating gamer satisfied for a couple years to come? Or am I better off holding out until I can afford an 8800GTS and a new PSU? I appreciate your help.
  23. My father is a piano technician, and he's told me about some disgusting service calls he's made. Nothing this bad, though. As stupid as people can be with computers, they can be just as stupid with pianos. Most people just call every fifteen years because it "still sounds fine but hasn't been tuned in a while". Then my dad goes and finds that half the keys sound three different notes when you press them. Yeah... still sounds fine. But at least most of these people keep their houses clean. It's amazing how disgusting some people can let their houses get, though. If I was making service calls, I personally wouldn't even go into a house like this. Maybe that makes me snobby or aristocratic, but what am I going to do.
  24. Sadly, I will admit that I did upgrade. I went from XP to Ubuntu and bought a Wii. Life could not be better now, gaming is fun again, and spyware is a distant memory. ยต That's about the size of it, too. :nod:
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