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  1. OK, I found it. Tmods CD6.5.ISO, right? Also, is there a boot block in case this fails?
  2. So how do I go about doing it? Is there a way to do it from CD or do I have to install a FDD?
  3. I haven't installed it yet; I can't boot from the HDD so I can install it. :
  4. Oh, that's nothing to worry about. It's just a little thing the government puts on all of our chips so that they can keep tabs on us and take over all of our internets if they - er... I mean, it's just a marker :nod:
  5. http://www.auspcmarket.com.au/index.php?re...tegory_id]=1215 Fixed. :nod:
  6. Do you have a long thumbnail? I keep my right thumbnail long because I play classical guitar. I'd imagine it's perfect for removing the CMOS battery.
  7. I just checked. It is disabled. Might upgrading the BIOS help me any? How do I go about doing that without an OS?
  8. Yep, and then the XP CD copied the setup files over and rebooted the system. Now it just won't boot to the HDD so I can begin the installation. I even ran Knoppix and that works since it's live CD. And from there I went into my HDD and the Windows setup files are there. Speaking of Knoppix, I might just choose to stick with it if I like it. Does anyone have any resources as to where a beginner such as myself can get acquainted with it?
  9. Have you partitioned and formatted the drives yet? I don't know how RAID works but when I got my new HDD I couldn't get the system to recognize the thing until I realized I had to format it.
  10. Hooking which cable to another port? (It's PATA mind you) Yes, it does boot to the CD. I even formatted my PATA HDD and Windows setup copied all the installation files over. Yes, the BIOS has detected the HDD. OK, I just checked the Genie and it is enabled. I also disabled Sil RAID thing and the Sata 3/4 channel. OK, I unplugged my SATA drive. Boot order looks ok. It still doesn't seem to want to boot to my HDD though.
  11. Well, I got everything hooked up (except for the frontx diagnostic LEDs - the cord wouldn't reach). I did as Travis said, and that is, I did one stick of RAM, CPU, and video card, and the board did boot up (it got to the point where it said "there is no disk to boot to", and seeing as how there were no disks installed, I'm figuring this is what is supposed to happen). So I went into the BIOS to see if there was anything I needed to change. I changed a few things, but as far as I could tell, it looked fine. So I put my Windows XP CD in, nuked the partition, formatted another, and copied all of Windows' setup files over. It then rebooted my computer, and I took the CD out, now to find out that the computer will not boot to the hard disks. I keep getting a message "DISK BOOT FAILURE, PLEASE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER". I even checked my boot order. I first had the CD-ROMs boot first and the hard disks boot second, and then I had the hard disks boot first, and second and third are disabled (it still tries to boot from the CDs after the hard disks fail). Does anyone know what might be going on here? Another unrelated thing, what advantage does SATA power have over the molex? My SATA HDD has both and I like those nice SLI molex cords that the PSU came with.
  12. Find an abandoned warehouse or something in a neighboring state. Have it shipped there. Then, when it ships, take a nice, long road trip to the address and pick it up. And there you have your parts from NewEgg, tax free
  13. If I'm not too much mistaken, the 4-pin P4 is for ATX, and the 8-pin version is for BTX boards. The OCZ PowerStream 520w has a P4 plug and a P4+ plug, both of these together make up the 8-pin plug for BTX boards. But for ATX boards you use the P4 only (NOT the P4+, I've heard several different reasons for this ranging from "the plug just won't fit right" to "%@#^&* IT FRIED MY MOTHERBOARD111!").
  14. How much does the desktop wallpaper slow you down? I noticed you don't use a wallpaper, but I kind of like mine.
  15. wat I just bought an OCZ PowerStream 520w from NewEgg. Are you sure you're looking for the right thing? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817711002 <<< there it is
  16. My card doesn't appear to have *anything* to plug into :/ I even thought my card was defective but I even looked at pics of the card at Newegg and it didn't have anything mine doesn't.
  17. Alright, here's where I make myself look extremely stupid. Power Supplies come with PCI-express plugs, yes? Where do you plug the thing into :confused:
  18. Here, I suppose, is why you don't want to go voerboard with the AS5: :shake: :shake: :shake:
  19. OK, another question. All the PowerStream 520ws I saw on Froogle seem to have either blue fans or green fans. And I gathered from the forum that the blue fan model is newer. But check out Newegg's version in the pic. It looks different from any of the other ones I saw on Froogle :confused: Either way, where can I get it the cheapest? Surely a forum so ecstatic about a single item must know where to get the best deal for it
  20. What software did you use throughout the video? Also, I tweaked my layout to be a bit more efficient. If you're interested, here's how it works: Main taskbar on right side. This allows all your tasks to be lined up more efficiently. Think of the difference between an electronics rack, and just lining all your electronics up on a table. The rack is more space efficient. In this taskbar I also have several menus at the bottom: one which goes to "My Documents" (which is really my secondary HDD), one for my favorites (which I don't use since I switched to firefox but still occasionally useful), one goes to My Computer, and one to my Apache Server. The Quick Launch icons are in a bar on the bottom. Above them is a Desktop toolbar which I never use, and the Address Bar. Here is an example (I originally took that pic for something else and never deleted it, so just ignore the MySpace errors I'd highlighted and all that :nod: ).
  21. I would never buy CompUSA brand anything, but I'll let the veteran members say for sure. I tend to doubt it. Speaking of the veteran members, would you reccomend the OCZ ModStream 520w or the OCZ PowerStream 520w?
  22. In what other ways is the modstream different from the powerstream (other than the cable length)? Also, regarding the CD drives, this is actually a rebuild, so these are the ones I've had for a few years, or at least one year in the case of the newest one. I also have an external DVD-RW with USB 2.0 which takes care of the need to burn DVDs. Again, I can't thank you guys enough for your help. You've really saved me a ton of hassle
  23. I think he'll be alright with it. It's a setback but it's better than frying the motherboard. Thanks for the help guys :nod:
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