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  1. Why don't you use a clip-on? Does it exhert too much pressure on the bare core or something? BTW, Azureus ftw.
  2. It doesn't matter as long as you don't mind cutting your finger off with the other half of the blade.
  3. It's not funny if you explain it. Come to think of it, it's really not that funny to begin with anyway. :tooth:
  4. I mean if you were born in 1990, you should be 15, and in your case almost 16 in a few months. I only know this because I was born in '89 and I'm going to be 17. But I also know there are places in the world that consider you to be a year older at the new year, or consider you to be 1 when you're first born or something. And how do you think the cherry got "pushed up"?
  5. A lot of times what the manufacturers say isn't quite ideal. In the factory, they don't exactly have time to test their products in thousands of configurations for hundreds of hours. This is why revised manuals are commonplace. But when it's your job to test things in thousands of different configurations for hundreds of hours, well then that's different.
  6. 1/8"=3mm 1/4"=5-6mm 1/2"=12-13mm 5/8"=16mm 3/4"=19mm 1"=25mm These aren't exact conversions from one measurement to the other, but practical conversions (i.e., you're not going to go and buy a 5.64562 whatever millimeter thick piece of acrylic to use where 1/4" thick is applicable; you'd buy a 5 or 6 millimeter thick piece) EDIT: this is also useful: http://www.chandelierparts.com/index.asp?P...ATS&Category=41
  7. May 2, 1990 and you're 16? Do they do it differently in Malaysia? :confused:
  8. I have five intake fans and two exhaust fans and my CPU idles at 29 C. And that's with stock AMD heatsink. Granted, I'm working with the limitations of my case as well. Three of my intakes aren't even mounted; they're just sitting in empty drive bays.
  9. It looks to me like 3/8". Maybe 1/4" but I very much doubt that.
  10. Beautiful. You've inspired me to make one of my own =D Not that I don't already have a million projects going.
  11. Does this back plane increase your HDD capacity, or do you still have to hook each one up independently?
  12. I see, do you have to remove the motherboard to get behind it at all?
  13. This is my girlfriend, kind of... except that she's not really my girlfriend... and she'd probably kill me if she found out I said she was lol
  14. It looks a lot like a nose. In fact, it's giving me an idea :shake: Anyway, I think it looks awesome, but then again I'm the kind of person who'd make a case look like a nose on purpose - it's my style. TGM: You said something about routing wires behind the motherboard tray, but I don't seem to have a lot of room back there. Is it still enough do you think? How much space behind the motherboard do you need?
  15. Here's me: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y40/akai-...ei/IMG_1414.jpg (that's odd, it was under 800x600 when I originally posted it) http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y40/akai-.../fingersnap.jpg (potentially NSFW lol) http://myspace-855.vo.llnwd.net/00275/55/84/275274855_l.jpg (it's 600x800 but I guess I'll be safe and just link to it) Ah, here's a few I can post:
  16. Here's mine, I'll link to it since it's a rather large pic: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y40/akai-...ei/IMG_1414.jpg And here are a few more of me, in silly poses: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y40/akai-.../fingersnap.jpg (potentially NSFW) http://myspace-978.vo.llnwd.net/00329/87/93/329613978_l.jpg
  17. I always do completely full installations, myself. This is because I keep my smallest HDD for windows and programs only, and I keep all of my personal files on a 140 GB HDD. With 40 GB, and all that's on it are program files, I tend to have tons of space which I'd never otherwise use.
  18. Thanks :nod: I haven't yet, but I do have a shopping cart ready to be ordered, as soon as I get a job, and I've been holding off on getting a job because I'm applying for a scholorship at a music school and needed the extra time to play guitar. But the audition is on Friday and I've got a great job in mind (and I've got connections too), so it won't be long now. :nod: That'll be when I unleash my economical power on society, muahahahaha
  19. My problem with the Windows installation is that I couldn't customize everything like I used to be able to. I always liked to have my date/time military style (23:46 2006.1.29) but it never gave me that option in the installation. Also, I usually installed all available fonts (including foreign languages) but it never gave me that option either. Although for the fonts I can put the CD in and do it that way.
  20. It takes an extremely long time for setup to start Windows, how long did you wait? Try it again, get yourself a nice cup of coffee and a Russian novel, and if it still isn't started when you're finished with both, then you have a problem.
  21. I did a bit of screwing around with the wires and HDD placement: I also added fans:
  22. I added a few more fans and got my core temp down 10 C, which in turn made me a bit faster. Here are my new times compared with old times: 00:44 [ 1M] (new time is 00:41) 01:41 [ 2M] (new time is 01:34) 03:40 [ 4M] (new time is 03:25) 08:00 [ 8M] (new time is 07:26) 39:00 [ 32M] (new time is 37:01)
  23. I just switched to EVEREST and it looks as though my CPU is currently around 30 C, and occasionally dropping to 29 and even 28. Mind you, I did add two intake fans since I last checked aida32. Currently I've got four intake fans in the front of the case and two in the back. Two of the intakes are just sitting in empty bays, though, not really mounted to anything. My GPU is of concern, though, 51 C currently. It's just hovering there. Also, is it normal for the North Bridge to idle (basically) at 45 C?
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