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  1. That would be Michigan and Superior, right? That's cool, living on the beach. There used to be a lot more farm land here, in fact about a hundred years ago I think this whole area was farmland as well. Could've been longer ago, though. What's weird is that in the midst of the closely knit housing around here, there is one house on Latta Rd that looks like a farm. There's tons of land (relatively) and the house looks like a barn. And it's like right in the middle of everywhere (as opposed to the middle of nowhere) so I have no idea what it's all about. You can see what I'm talking about on Google maps probably.
  2. It's ok. I live in the town of Greece (all the schools are named after Greek gods lmao) and it definitely seems there's a mentality shared by most of its inhabitants. But go into the neighboring Hilton, for example, and it's very different, which really proves my theory about schools having a big impact on the mentality of society. And the schools here are not pleasent I'm lucky to be homeschooled, and I can count overclocking as part of my education besides =D As a side note, we got some of Katrina up here. I was actually walking along the lake at the time (I walk a lot) and my umbrella was completely useless. I just used it as a shield to repel rocks and sand blown up from the shore, it was like a hail of shrapnel lol
  3. Here are the fans I spliced together: Here's a shot of the entire inside: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y40/akai-...ei/IMG_1425.jpg
  4. NYC's a pretty unique place. Rochester's quite different, though (as well as about as far away from NYC as you can get without leaving the state). The weather here is especially crazy. One day it's 50 degrees (it's January-February mind you) and the next day it's 30. And then some days (right now) it's 45 degrees but snowing like St. Petersburg. I complain about Rochester a lot (the people, the weather, etc) but all in all, it's home. And getting 3.2 Ghz from that CPU will definitely get you a lot of respect, at least from over here. :nod:
  5. Nobody mentioned a Dell lol, I was just saying it was tight but not tiny. But I do agree that it's extremely tight, and I can't really even remove the bottom 3.5" drive bay with the HDDs in it, without bending the graphics card down slightly. The depth is what I meant by 17". How deep is that case? And how deep would you reccomend minimum when I build my acrylic? I'm redesigning my desk too so it's a good thing to take into consideration, lol
  6. From what I understand, anything that has a separate base and clips onto it applies uneven and uncontrolled pressure which can crack the CPU, and then you'll have two keychains.
  7. 3.2 Ghz? What are you starting with? I've got to get some Rochester girls into overclocking. It'd be like paradise =D
  8. Oh, but these are "candid". Candid's always the most accurate since they're not posing
  9. You can't take the HDD out and put it in a working computer?
  10. It's bigger than a Dell But I'm planning on building my own out of acrylic like that guy in the mod forum is. Plus this thing is about 6 years old (not that cases wear out but it's just old lol) The case is like 17" wide minus the front panel, and about 20" tall. I'm planning on building something considerably larger, and getting that heavy PSU on the bottom of the case too.
  11. Odd. Well, it's a picture of a computer with about fifty cans of Starbucks Doubleshot piled on a computer desk.
  12. I'll link to it (too lazy to resize lol) http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y40/akai-...ei/IMG_1418.jpg I took out the fan that was sitting in the upper 3.5" drive bay. I plugged the double-sided molex from the fan in the lower drive bay into my PATA HDD and the SLI molex into that, rather than having the wire from that fan go all the way into my case. I've got one 3-molex/1-FDD wire going into the heart of my case, and that one I routed behind the motherboard. It comes out the bottom, and the molex furthest up the cable can be seen sticking out from behind the board (since the connector's a little too big to fit behind there). Where it come out of the board I plugged my two exhaust and the lowest intake fan into the second molex, and plugged the last molex along with the FDD into the mobo itself. I still haven't gotten the $$ I need to make that order (for the round cables and some lights), but with my guitar audition over I'll be getting a job soon, and I'll hopefully make the order in the next couple of months. I've also done extensive modification on the fans themselves, specifically the wiring. Originally the fans came with a molex and a 3-pin connector, but I found that all the extra wire was getting in the way, so I shortened the wires according to their placement, removed the yellow wire, and reconnected the molex only. In two instances, two fans were in very close proximity (the exhaust fans, and the two intake fans in the 5.25" array), so what I did was solder the two fans together leaving about an inch of wire from each fan, and this way have only one wire going to two fans.
  13. I could take you skydiving (though I've never actually been, myself) =D
  14. I'm 16, I'll be 17 in a month.
  15. In this tutorial, Angry says to spread out the AS5 on the chipset. But in other threads he says to follow the directions and only use a tiny drop in the center of the CPU and let it spread out. Is this different?
  16. Without Norm, I seriously think a lot of people's lives would be very different. :nod: Seconded :nod:
  17. My hair is almost as long as yours, Steph :nod: here's another, not the greatest pic of me but I'm shaking hands with David Marks =D If you don't know who David Marks is, he's got a TV show on the DIY Network similar to Norm Abrams, except he's much more creative.
  18. I've uploaded videos of myself to Google video months ago and they're still not live yet. They're approved but not live. :
  19. From what I understand, the OCZ Powerstream is the best PSU out there without going all the way and getting the PC Power & Cooling.
  20. You are a Lamborghini Murcielago! You're not subtle, but you don't want to be. Fast, loud, and dramatic, you want people to notice you, and then get out of the way. In a world full of sheep, you're a raging bull.
  21. Seconded :nod: lol, that didn't freak me out at all, but that's pretty incredible. I wonder if that hurts at all.
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