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  1. Well I'm just 1/3 : but I'm going to have 20 kids so it makes up for it I do like animals though. I've just got a really busy life and too much stuff in the house that I don't want destroyed for me to have pets
  2. lol yes, I can imagine having the blade slip like that can be dangerous, good way to lose a finger if it was anything more powerful than a razorblade. What's the name of the song? That bass is so awesome. I'm actually a bit of a bass player myself but I haven't learned slap bass yet, as most of my bass knowledge is just technique I carried over from guitar.
  3. For clarity, where you're starting, you're demonstrating that you're not supposed to start there but rather to start where the opening in the seal is, right? By the way, where do you get all this sweet music?
  4. That's the site :nod: thanks I've done studies on how much cigarettes cost and I've also seen a study on how much Starbucks costs. A financial adviser named David Bach was holding a seminar and a heckler said "well I don't have the money to save", so he said "well what do you do every day?" to which she replied saying she went to Starbuck's everyday in the morning, and always got a latte and a scone or something, and she always went to lunch every day too. He figured out that all the money she was spending every day, if put in an investment, could've gotten her millions of dollars. :eek2: And if I may be so bold, I think investing all your money in a single stock is very unwise investing. Especially when the company is still new and not established yet, if they don't make it you'll not only lose all your money, but you'll be thrown back to square one and all those years you've spent investing during which you could've been turning huge profits, would be wasted. :sad:
  5. Someone's probably using the connection for an XDCC bot in a warez IRC channel. But I'd say this lag or not, since it's a college and that's what college connections are for.
  6. This isn't a request but allow me to shamelessly show off my own sig =D The Best Signature in the Universe! :nod:
  7. What kind of a job does he have? If he does physical labour such as brick laying then I can understand eating like that. And he probably has a good metabolism that can handle it.
  8. ...and he seems healthy besides... How does he do it? I eat well and I feel like a train wreck lol
  9. I knew a Seagull who ate McDonalds every day. He died at the age of 38 :sad: that's just too young to die :sad:
  10. Hehe, yeah, Samantha's up to something I think. Little schemer Have you ever tried melatonin? That's what I usually take nowadays if I can't sleep and it seems to work well. and if I'm especially restless sometimes I'll take two. I don't actually take it that often though, but I do get insomnia on occasion.
  11. Exactly :nod: and you have room to buy computer parts too The lesson? You'll always find a way to pay for the things you really want
  12. I live on the other side of the lake from Toronto, and the weather is pretty much the same here. I can't understand how people can actually ski and snowboard because it's got to be freezing out there. :eek:
  13. It wasn't insomnia, I had fallen victim to a dear friend's practical joke, when she said the girl of my dreams just got a boyfriend (no idea why she said this because it wasn't true; I think she's trying to set me up with her or something, lol) The place sure looks weird at 3:00 in the morning when there's pretty much nothing open and no cars around. One might argue it's dangerous but I beg to differ; walking past the school on Lake avenue is much more dangerous when there's kids around. I've had a couple of standoff situations where a kid would ask if I have a light, and when I say no they'd ask me to go into the store and buy them a light because "we too young to buy matches, they be tellin' us they ain't got no matches" (there is no minimum age on matches, lol). One time some kid asked me to go into a convenient store and buy him a blunt, lol Muskegon sounds like a pretty awesome place to live in. Great tour =D Don't worry about those geek guys coming to your apartment, I'll fend them off =D Wait, that'd mean I'd have to be one of them :eek:
  14. There's a reason why they call it the "Latte factor" It's not about quitting whatever you're wasting money on, though, it's about saving money for your retirement. The argument to this is that "I don't have the money to invest", and the Latte factor's job is to prove that you've got the money. So the question is, what are you doing to save for your retirement?
  15. Hahaha, there's a cartoon online about the Starbuck's sizes, and the last line is "well you can take a ven-tee shotgun and shove it up your @$$, you tall-brained moron". Hillarious cartoon.
  16. I bought my computer back 6 years ago. Since then the only thing original besides the case is the primary PATA HDD. It seems to be working fine, but it's kind of noisy and I think it's time to replace it and permanently partition this drive with a hack saw. So here's my question: Is there any way I can just copy everything from this HDD to the other without having to reinstall windows? I know it's not as simple as just copying the files over but is there anyway I can copy the image or something?
  17. We don't even have any good nicknames here. Ra-cha-cha is the best I've heard and I personally think it's lame. Here's another pic of me, taken from a slightly higher altitude: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y40/akai-...aerialphoto.jpg lol Those lines show my walking routes, the red line is my usual route and the yellow line is my record. The former is eight miles while the latter is 15. I did that one at night time, I left at like 12:30 and got back around 4 AM. Couldn't even get the whole route onto the pic but you get the ieda. That sort of thing is like cooling a processor with liquid nitrogen so that you can overclock it to eight times its original frequency - you only do it once, it's useless for anything other than bragging rights, and you pay for it. Trust me.
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