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  1. It must be lonely being you, too. Not to mention the fact that I had to read your post three times because of your atrocious grammar. "TheGeekMistress Any woman that thinks she half as smart as you think you are a man should run like hell"? What the hell is that supposed to mean? I had to guess at what you meant and assume I was correct. Of course, with posts like that it's no wonder you go around insulting people because of their intelligence. My suggestion is that you stop making barely intelligable posts on a forum that's obviously out of your league, and go learn how to read so that your 1.4 GPA isn't so apparent to the rest of the world. Have a nice day.
  2. A_G has a point too. Besides, I'm so awesome I seldom need to point it out. :nod:
  3. Or at least tag the thread "hijacked" so people know what to expect
  4. That's what I said :nod: I'm awesome =D
  5. A girl posting a pic of herself in the "post a pic of your self" thread in ANY geek forum will turn it strange
  6. You mean on the keyboard, joystick, mouse, and something else?
  7. I meant on this forum :shake:
  8. Well, you enter two terms and what it does is searches both terms and compares how many results each word gets. There's a chain bulletin on MySpace where you enter your first name and the first name of the previous poster and post the results, which I recently did, and ironically I think the previous poster's name was Stephanie too (could've been Rachel though) My name, John, won :nod: EDIT: just ran it again. John: 1,800,000,000 Stephanie: 90,000,000 Rachel (just for kicks):113,000,000 Adam (my birth name): 270,000,000
  9. Of course you guys realize that you're both stereotyping yourselves and proving Angry correct, by getting pissed at him. :shake: By that note, you'll never guess who just let me add her on Myspace. :nod:
  10. Well, let's see. Anyone born after March 07, 1989?
  11. Are you sure the monitor is correctly plugged in? I know it's a bit Microsoft-ish of me to ask, but forgetting wires happens to the best of us
  12. That's a pretty awesome clock :nod: I can read it =D Dynamic: I agree about America being too free. I think in more ways than one we've crossed the line between liberty and the freedom to do whatever the hell you want. That said it's probably worse in California.
  13. I hate iPods too The Creative Zen looks good though. I might be picking one of those up once I get some money.
  14. Aww thank you :nod: I try to be as nice and as cute as possible I have an action figure collection and I'm not a momma's boy D: My room is blown apart because I'm cleaning but as soon as I find my card reader I'll upload a picture of my collection (ok, so not technically action figures, they're models)
  15. And I'm subscribed to this thread, so if you can't download just come on here and say "LOL SEED PLZ" and I'll be right on it. :nod:
  16. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! OK, well, here's the thing. Yousendit is limited downloads and limited time, and rapidshare is a pain to download from. Not exactly appropriate for this situation.
  17. Aw, gimme a break. Pimpin' ain't easy when you're homeschooled :shake: Seriously, though, 95% of my friends are actually girls. What I meant by ladies' man is that I'm not afraid to talk to a girl like a few of the geeks I know are (not anyone specifically on this forum, but just in general). Not just girls, though, I do have a well-rounded life, which I guess is basically what I'm trying to say. :nod:
  18. :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: :shake: I'm actually quite the ladies' man (never actually had a girlfriend, but then again I'm only 16 and almost 17). It's quite simple, though, it's all about confidence. You have to have this mindset that every girl out there loves you, and if they don't it's because you don't want them to. Even if you only realize this in a joking way, as I do. I just act like this with TGM to be funny, and because she doesn't seem to mind.
  19. So for a right handed person, would you reccomend holding the processor in the left hand and using the razor with the right?
  20. I'm assuming that's an nF4 motherboard? If so, the Powerstream is a better PSU. As for the Tagan, check the reccomended list and if it's not there, don't get it. :nod:
  21. Something just occured to me. Angry, are you left-handed? Or do you hold the processor in the hand you're agile with?
  22. Cats are nice, my dad's girlfriend has like four of them, and they're really cute (though I'm not crazy about cats going up on the kitchen counters and stuff ) I've never actually had beer. I've had wine, though (besides Communion I mean), when I was in Italy. I actually had a few glasses at the musical we went to, that was a fun night For the most part, my mom always ordered the red wine (usually when you go into a resturant in Italy, you get either red wine or white, and you don't order specific brands), though, and it was so dry and bitter that I could barely drink a sip of the stuff. I mostly drank water when we were in Italy. Oh, and when we were in Capri, they had this liquor that they made from the lemons there, called limoncello (not sure about the spelling) which I had maybe half a shot of. I went to a place called Hell once, in the Grand Cayman islands. It was called such because there's this area where there's a really jagged rock formation, and there's a little bit of water around the rocks, and it's all green and everything. It really does look like what one may think of Hell. I brought back a bottle of habinero hot sauce. I sound like a world traveller. I'm really not :shake:
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