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  1. I haven't taken drafting, but it's more a problem with the trackerball I'm using. I've done a lot of things in paint but lately the ball's been catching (I guess Micro$oft thought plastic-to-plastic would be smooth enough ). I've got the sketch in progress, though, so I'll get back to it when I've got the patience. It shouldn't be long.
  2. I've had wounds worse than that looks (though I can't tell really) but I've never had stitches. There was this one time, we were building a shed, and we stretched a string tightly between two nails to use as a reference whilst we leveled the floor. When we finished the floor framing, I went to go lever one of the nails out. Now, I was standing "on" the floor (really I was standing "in" it since there was no plywood down yet) and facing the outside of the frame. I pulled the nail out, and the string had so much tension on it that the nail sprung back and went into my leg. It went in like a good inch at least, and this was a formidably sized galvanized nail. Oddly enough it wasn't a big deal, I just pulled it out and went back to work.
  3. I tried making something in paint but I wasn't able to really use it well. I do have floor plan software which I suppose I could use if I can find it. I wonder how window shades would look over all of the fans.
  4. You're lucky, by how you were explaining it I would've bet you'd broken it. Probably similar only worse and several months longer. My dad said when he broke his toe it hurt for months but was sore for years.
  5. Really? She looks older to me. I'll have to watch again. I was kidding about the hitting it thing, though, particularly because I wouldn't "hit" anyone but I thought it was a funny pic anyway EDIT: you're right, she is young
  6. I didn't think to ask the BTU rating but he didn't know the specs on it so I'm assuming he wouldn't know. The guy said that the company took that particular catalog away or something. I'm not quite ready to make the switch to watercooling yet so I've got plenty of time to think. In the mean time, I'll just make this case accomodate the biggest radiator I'd ever want, at least then it'll be expandable.
  7. It doesn't seem to take the motherboard into consideration, and I know the DFI boards or at least the Lanparty boards are power hogs.
  8. Yes, lol What I was basically talking about is that I've altered the design slightly to accomodate the radiator, which means I've moved the motherboard down and added an inch to the height. That'll give me what I need to mount a triple BIX should I choose to go that route.
  9. That's some awesome case work, Darth :nod: Did you do that yourself or did you have it professionally done?
  10. I just used your technique the other night to cut a bagel in half. First thing you wanna do, is grasp your bagel firmly, by mainly the bottom half. Most bagels have a hole in the middle of them.
  11. (I could've sworn I posted this but it's not there What I did is put the PSU on the other side of the case and moved the motherboard down. I then added an inch to the height. I figure 40mm rad + 25mm fan X 2 is 90mm, or about 3 1/2". There is now about 4 3/4" clearance above the motherboard. Any thoughts on how wide the case should be?
  12. Well, I walked up to Advance Auto Parts and the guy said he didn't have the catalog that would've told him about the dimensions. So I guess I'm going to have to do some more hunting around. EDIT: found it. Here it is at Danger Den: http://www.dangerdenstore.com/product.php?productid=48 It's marketed as something else but according to one of the comments it's essentially a 77 Bonneville. I'll have to make my case a tad deeper to accommodate it but that's ok.
  13. OK, now I'm a bit worried about getting a 120mm. Would this fan work well, or would you reccommend a different one?
  14. Haha yes, I've had that game for years, I know a lot of the levels like the back of my hand, but I still love playing it :nod: And yes... as much as I know, I still am a n00b. What's the advantage of getting a BIX over using a heater core, besides having to do a bit of metal work?
  15. Your new system looks awesome =D If you don't use heater cores, what do you use, do they make specialized radiators?
  16. Well, how it was explained to me was that the Chevette could accomodate one 120mm fan whilst the Bonneville could accomodate two. The two cores are apparently both popular but the Chevette is moreso. There's 11" between the PSU and the front panel, not counting the wire trunk. I haven't decided how wide to make the case yet. I guess I'll have to walk up to the auto store tomorrow and investigate a bit.
  17. Isn't the FDD power connector basically the same as molex only with a different plug?
  18. Yeah, I figured it's a unique design and I like to be unique, lol do you think I'll have enough room for a Bonneville heater core in the space to the right of the PSU? (the PSU is sitting right on top of the horizontal partition between the drives and the rest of the case)
  19. Here's my planned design: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y40/akai-...ei/IMG_1476.jpg I made myself a thread about it but nobody seems interested enough to respond :sad:
  20. I just noticed, your video card is in the bottom slot. I'm guessing it's so you have room for the Zalman on the chipset. Do you have to have it in SLI mode to do that? Does it affect performance?
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