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  1. You're not having much luck with spelling, are you? :tooth:
  2. Belittle is such a useless word in my opinion. :tooth:
  3. Well we all know that "Woman without her man would be helpless" could be read two ways, and that there's a big difference between helping one's uncle Jack off a horse and helping one's uncle jack off a horse. :tooth:
  4. "Oh, I'm going man, that's all there is to it, I'm f'cking going."
  5. They're comparing an industry that profits upon the exploitation of children to a depiction of an agent trying to save the world? That's low. Violence in and of itself is not wrong. If someone comes up to me and says "give me all your money," I'm fighting back, no questions asked. Are they going to give me a life sentence for that too?
  6. As long as you didn't fsck up the chipset in the process, your warranty is fine.
  7. Bump - new items added This FS Thread is officially open for business again. :tooth:
  8. I ordered another identical drive off eBay. I'm going to try swapping the PCB first.
  9. Could you give me some more detail? How long do I keep it in the freezer for, and do I have to worry about condensation when I remove it? Thanks, by the way. I might give that a try.
  10. You'll be very happy with an 8800GTS 320. I love mine.
  11. It would seem that the problem fixed itself when I installed my new 8800GTS 320. Probably graphics driver issues.
  12. Well, I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the card works, and I'm very happy with my purchase. The bad news. Don't know if this was related to the card, but the drive died about nine hours after I successfully installed the card, during which time I played much KotOR with all settings maxed, and ran 3DMark01SE and 3DMark03 with no incident (other than being very impressed by the card). In any event, I don't think the PSU is being overloaded. I don't notice any change in performance. I am currently running at all stock speeds, as is standard procedure when I change hardware.
  13. That's something to keep in mind. I'm wary about doing this as I tried opening up an old HDD for a window mod and ended up killing it. However, zero precaution was taken in this case and the drive sat around for ages with nothing but a piece of saran wrap on it. But if I can find the exact same model, swapping the platters might not be so bad.
  14. I type this with shaky, mortified hands right now. I've got a dead hard drive, and it's got stuff I can't afford to lose on it. It won't spin anymore when power is applied. Last night I went to open a game and it got stuck trying to read from the CD, so I had to hit the restart button. It didn't boot up again. I figured I'd leave it until the morning, so I did. I tried flashing, clearing the CMOS, nothing really worked, and then I realized one of the drives was shot. It's my 120. It just doesn't spin anymore when you apply power to it. I tried holding it in my hand and plugging it in, and nothing is happening. Anyone know where I can get the data recovered without compromising privacy? I've got lots of mp3s on the drive and the last thing I need now is the RIAA up my butt. I don't know what else is there that I could get in trouble for (probably nothing but I worry anyway), so the service has to be private. Anyone know where I can do this? Thanks.
  15. The station producer listened as his best DJ played for him the newest addition to their song collection. The song was heavily bowdlerized, resulting in it being interrupted by bleeps nearly every other word. "What the [expletive bowdlerized] is this?" he asked. "This is [expletive bowdlerized] terrible! You can't even get in the [expletive bowdlerized] rhythm of the [expletive bowdlerized] song!" "You can't play the [expletive bowdlerized] song on the radio," he explained, "if every other [expletive bowdlerized] word is banned!"
  16. Do something about that mess of wires directly in front of the intake. That alone may well give you a good 20-30C improvement. :tooth:
  17. No, but there is a place in the Bahamas called Hell, too. :tooth: EDIT: Not in the Bahamas, actually, but on Grand Cayman island.
  18. I understand exactly what you're saying. Personally, I question everything myself, so I know exactly what you mean. Speaking of green, in some languages, blue and green are considered just two shades of the same color. In Vietnamese, for instance, the word is "xanh". They use the terms translated "leaf grue" and "ocean grue" to distinguish. I found that interesting. On the other hand, other languages distinguish more colors than we identify. Light blue and dark blue are different colors in Italian, Hebrew, and Russian, for instance. This can be thought of as how we distinguish pink from red (a distinction likewise unknown in languages such as Chinese, who simply call it "powder red"). We can learn a lesson from this, and that is that the truth, while not subjective, is not clear-cut. "Green is green," "blue is blue," and "red is red," while accurate, don't take the whole picture into account. Suppose someone were to say "drains spin clockwise". But someone who lives in the southern hemisphere says they spin anti-clockwise. Let's ignore for a minute the fact that countless other forces will affect the drain spin more than the Coriolis effect will. You could either say that neither assertion is completely true, or both are partially true. They may argue endlessly over who is right, but the whole truth would be that they spin one direction in the north, and the other direction in the south. You could also throw another wrench in the works and point out that sundials spin in the opposite direction in the south too, and that it could be said that drains always spin clockwise, just to confuse everyone...
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