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    hello again

    I've never gotten caught. :tooth: Lucky. Welcome back in any case.
  2. General Septem

    Official CASE pic thread! 56k BEWARE!!

    Jelly, is that a Chenming by any chance?
  3. General Septem

    Zalmans new heatsink...

    You haven't heard? It's for one of those new 128-core processors Intel is planning. It was supposed to be a secret, but a disgruntled employee leaked it out and Zalman made this to prepare for it. Apparently the whole case will be the size of a washing machine, which will be reminiscent of the "good ol' days". :tooth:
  4. General Septem

    PS/2 mouse / keyboard

    The keyboard is PS/2, but the mouse (trackball) is USB. There's no real reason to use USB for these, it doesn't offer any additional functionality (unless you have a Logitech G15 or something). I only use USB on my trackball so I can plug it into the side of my monitor where it's accessible (I use it for my laptop too, when I'm at home).
  5. Too bad, it would have been proof of extra-terrestrial life. :tooth:
  6. General Septem

    Where can I get cheap 1/2" tubing?

    Does Tygon even make 7/16"? I always thought if you wanted 7/16", you had to go with Masterkleer.
  7. I've never read them. Something about seeing a big block of text makes me forget how to read.
  8. General Septem

    General Septem's FS thread

    PM replied to, and the EN6600GT is sold. :tooth:
  9. General Septem


    I have to say though, I enjoy taking my glasses off and walking around campus with sunglasses. Nobody can see me, I can't see them. It works out. But being able to see clearly is definitely worth it. I can barely see with my glasses at times.
  10. General Septem

    General Septem's FS thread

  11. So let's hear it, motherboards, GPUs, CPUs, RAM, hard drives - how many computer parts have gotten fried or in any other way bricked because of something you've done? Feel free to share any stories you might have. My vote is three, but I don't know if it was anything I did for the first two. I had two 7950GTs fry on me one after the other after I'd installed my HR-03 on each. I don't know if this was the cause, but the first one seemed to be working before I swapped the cooler. Once I did, it stopped working, and I was lucky enough to get an RMA replacement from the Egg. I installed the HR-03 on the second one without even testing it with the stock cooler first, and it shut down my PC after just 15 seconds. I pressed the power button again, and all of a sudden one of the MOSFETs burst into flames with a big pop. I was lucky enough again to receive an RMA refund from NewEgg, and they even refunded my 15% restocking fee. I don't know if it was anything I'd done to cause these two, but the third was almost certainly something I did - I opened a 40 GB PATA HDD and then closed it back up again, and then it didn't work. I was going to replace the top with a clear top, but I didn't take any precautions and I let it sit around with the top off in the anti-static bag with saran wrap over it for a while.
  12. General Septem

    Angry and others....

    Happy Yom Kippur in a week, too. :tooth:
  13. General Septem

    Anyone up for a post a pic of yourself thread?

    We're still doing that? I figured it didn't matter anymore since they resize automatically now (I haven't seen this enforced in ages). My mistake. :tooth:
  14. General Septem

    Anyone up for a post a pic of yourself thread?

    I love fencing. There's really nothing quite like the feeling of fleching (that's fleche you perverts ) someone square in the chest. :tooth: (if you don't know what that is, check this out: and watch it until the end)
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    General Septem's FS thread

  16. General Septem

    General Septem's FS thread

  17. General Septem

    General Septem's FS thread

  18. General Septem

    The Big Giant Power Supply Thread

    It seems to be working alright for mine, but I wouldn't recommend it if you have a lot of drives. I'm considering a possibility that it might have fried one of them.
  19. General Septem

    General Septem's FS thread

  20. General Septem

    Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, Or... Neither!

    They are both way too crap on with DRM, but Blu-Ray is an infinitely worse offender. Lose the restrictions that make it difficult to use HD DVDs on a PC and it's got my vote. I'm still waiting for the capability to project movies in space, though. Perhaps two projections, intersecting 200 miles above the surface of the Earth, creating an image thousands of miles wide. I'm sure the astronomers wouldn't mind all their stars being covered by hardcore pr0n. :tooth:
  21. General Septem

    Anyone own a Microsoft Zune?

    I've got myself a Creative Zen Vision: M. It plays anything, save for a few songs which were probably just encoded badly. And you're not paying for a status symbol.
  22. So my dad's been having trouble lately with his Dell Dimension 8400 MCE bogging down every now and then, particularly with internet radio. I never gave much thought to it, figuring it was just the internet connection, but he was having the same issue with last.fm, which I use and have no issues with. In any event, I recommend he purchase a dual core processor. I did some research and discovered on Dell's website that there seemed to be absolutely no information whatsoever as to what processors this motherboard was compatible with. I did, however, find out that it apparently has an Intel 925X chipset. Great, I thought, that meant I could use a Pentium D but not a C2D. So we purchase a 935. After I installed it, the Dell would not POST. It just got stuck on the orange light when I pressed the power button. I put the old CPU in and everything is fine. If the processor is not compatible with the motherboard, then it's a screwup on Dell's part. But I wouldn't put it past them (anyone ever notice how I only ever seem to have trouble with Dells?). Does anyone know what might be going on? Thanks.
  23. General Septem

    Dell Dimension 8400

    We're having Newegg send a replacement. We'll keep you updated.
  24. General Septem

    good JOKE for ya...

    That's interesting, but I believe the real history behind the middle finger was its resemblance to the male genitalia.