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  1. Thanks for the help. Im going try your suggestion when i get home. I did however already updated the bios. Do I need to install the drivers from the Western Digital websit for the hard drive? also, when I update the bios should I update all 3 blocks or just teh main one? Thanks
  2. It didn't come with them. Arggg.. Dont know what to do now!!
  3. I set everything to default no go. I was wondering, are jumpers necessary? I dont have jumpers on the storage drives. :confused:
  4. dont think its a bad drive. I have 4 other hard drive connected and the mobo/bios not recognizing any of them.
  5. No. I tried looking in there but only the the raid and one ide hard drive. Its not recognizing any other sata hdd.
  6. It was enabled but I do not see it in device manager. Any other ideas?
  7. Have xp installed onto Nvidia Raid 0 with 2 raptors. I tried putting other SATA hard drives in but it was not recognize by either MOBO or Windows. Tried new drivers and updated bios but no go. I also tried the SIL as well. What should I input in bios? SIL = SATA, Raid, disabled? Please help.
  8. Tried all the suggestions. Any other ideas? Anybody who use Expert have problem with wireless internet?
  9. Hi all. N00b question: Why isn't my Expert detecting my SATA Hard drives? It is running on Raptors raid 0. but for some reason it wont detect the other ones.
  10. Not that I know, but there are other computers connected wirelessly. Did not install Nvidia's Armour or Firewall. Will try your advice when I get home. Thanks
  11. I will try another driver but I don't thin it will help. I use the same driver for another computer and it works fine. All suggestions and advice are welcomed. Thanks.
  12. I get good signal. Even the room next to me, which is further, gets connected fine. Also, I tried it with the router right next to the receiver and it still disconnect every few minutes. Could it be the Nvidia software/ driver?
  13. I dont think that is th problem. They are both DLink 108 Wireless G. This also happened when I stick the USB wireless G in my computer. disconnects every few seconds, but when I stick it in my other computer it works fine.
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