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  1. So I changed the loud factory motherboard fan with the much highly praised evercool item. The installation when smoothly, however powering on the system didnt cause the fan to spin. After some time and the chipset temp slowly rising I pushed the fan and it spun fine. But it wont spin of its own accord from when the system is powered on. Also Should this fan report it's rpm's in the bios? Im pretty sure the factory chipset fan did but for this one there is no rpm reading. Perhaps a dud fan? At stock smartguardian reports cpu [email protected] 23/24 *C and chipset temp at 46*c with the latter again without a current fan speed value. Any help will be much appreciated!
  2. Crikey! ! The first time I fired up my new rig as a dry run outside the case was when the motherboard was on the anti static wrapper!
  3. hi I've ordered a raptor 74gb version should arrive tommorw. My only reason was in my recent rig windows took 37 mins to install and cousin had a raptor, his took somewhere in the region of 9min. the windows install i have is very basic, only os + msn + games but time has come to do it proper and 37 mins is too long. Raptor away !
  4. An easy over sight, but i pluged in my orange cable in ornage port, black in black and green in the green but no sound. Cousin told me, check you plugged them in correctly, took a look behind the machine and realised i put the green cable in the ever so green looking hole , and when i changed it to the other green hole, walla it worked !
  5. Thanks for the replies, will do what i can after work tonight. Just using the thermal pad and the stock heatsink to get things up and running but i do plan on purchasing a zalman 7000series.. for the cpu and obviosuly an aplication of AC5 there. Will keep you guys informed
  6. Ok update on build. The ram arrived yesterday so after work I set on installing the components and firing it up. Connected 1 hd via the sata 1 port, the powersupply (24pin connector, and a 8pin one [i wasnt 100% sure on the other 2, four power conectors required in total?] ) Pluged in the cpu and HS and the video card with 1 stick of ram in the organge slot furtest away from the cpu hit the power switch had a organe light come up near the pci slot *panics and reaches for manual* lol was ok hit the power on swtich on mobo and the red led's flash and bios comes up without any heachaces was too tried to go thru an entire windows install. bios detected hd and cd, took a quick look at temps chipset fan spinming at 3000rpm fast for a small fan i thought! not liking the blower type noise coming from the graphics card ! so i shall be looking into a arctic cooler for that. Any recomendations on testing stability?
  7. not to laugh, but HEHE my student days are over as of june last year so earning and saving = new pc dont worry you'll be here soon!! Any comments or suggestions will be much appreciated as this would be my first proper build. The sticky threads have been very much abused already as to was the search button!
  8. Hi 2nd post here, first one went with a provisional system I was seeking to build. Well good news is that the parts have been ordered, budget has been blown a few times over but all in the name of a kick butt rig! nf4 dfi sli-dr expert amd64 3500+ venice (2x1gig) ocz platinum el ram gforce 7800gt (i think its a xfx model with a factory o/c) currently 1 x 250gb hitachi sata hd ocz powerstream 600w ended up with a new case aswell.. chenbro gaming bomb2 in silver which goes really well with my current monitor apple 20" cinema screen. Waiting on the psu to arrive today and the ram...not entirely sure, but i will keep you guys posted as to the progress with this build. (btw I know the 600w psu is a bit overkill, but they've discontinued the powersupplys here and teh 520w one is no where to be found!)
  9. Hi to all! Im new here, just joined up. I've been on the hunt for a new pc for alooong time but been putting it off. I am currently running a p4 1.4ghz system with 384mb rambus pc800 ram and a radeon 9700pro. Its a worthy system, stable and steady but thats partly the problem! Too steady and slow!! But I've got spare income for some upgrades and I've gone a little mad with my choices, so was seeking some grounding or reassurance that what im choosing it ok! It'll only be my 3rd computer but ive picked up a fair bit from this rig (breaking + fixing!) so im taking the plunge an going for a ground up build. I've recently bought the sony DRU-810a drive, and a apple 20in cinema screen and 200 gig of storage in the machine so only really looking for new mobo ram an cpu as I cant upgrade significantly any one of those without the others..hence the putting off of this purchase. anyways quitting the babbling an getting to the good stuff, Ive seen the DFI boards and been impressed with the reivews. I've never done o/c before but do have a interest in learning so thought what better board to get than the LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-D. Would like sli for an easy boost of gpu power a little later. Im after 2gig of ram for convenince of not having to upgrade later mainly and settled on the following OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Dual Channel Platinum System Memory Model #: OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K with a AMD64 3200+ venice cpu two unexpected purcahses that almost slipped by my mind concerned the gpu and psu. My old card was agp , so thats going up on ebay, and the old psu, altho very good wont surfice I believe. The gpu will be some sort of 6800gt or 6600gt and the psu? soemthing quite!! So any input into this potential set up will be very much appreciated. Ill have timegalore to mess with things till they work, all in the name of fun I say. I love games, all sorts racing, fps, strategy mainly. If I do go ahead with this purchase be very very very prepared to have a mad englishman run rampage across these pages
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