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  1. After a lot of reading I just got myself an FSP Epsilon 700W

    says it has 4x12 rails at 15A each but I contacted FSP and they told me it has been reclassified as having 4x12V rails at 18A each.


    Supports ATI Crossfire & nVidia SLI VGA Card Double +12V Design

    20+4Pin Connector

    4+4Pin Connector EPS system

    2 Channel PCI-E Connector with ATI & nVIDIA dual graphic card support

    And to my knowledge "dont quote me on this" no one has reported a cold boot problem with this PSU and DFI boards, ("do your own research on this")

  2. My HZ's ran up to 270-272 stable at relaxed timings but couldn't get them to 275 for anything. So I settled in at 260X11, 1:1 which has my Sandie running @ 2.860 and my memory running at 520. Benches at my current settings are excellent.


    1T OR 2T ??

  3. I use 2GB of GSkill PC4000 and it seems to run fine at 245Mhz @ 2.8v


    Is PC4000 not guaranteed to run at 250 FSB?


    I have the G.Skill HZ and am a bit dissapointed as yet, maybe I dont know how to set it up :D

    memtest at 240 T1

    memtest at 270 T2

  4. Taken from windwithme.


    Venus really solves some previous issues. Bringing the OC surprise again.


    Fine gift box and 1000 limited output globally. Maybe will be hard to buy it...



    1. 100% Aluminum Capacitors

    2.PCI-E wider slots, better for SLI cards heat

    3.Fine Box

    4.DFI traditional BIOS high voltage

    5.6 USB in real panel

    6.Improve EXPERT weakness in TCCD and enhance UCCC



    1.High price

    2.Not dual PCI-E 16X(3D performance are similar at the moment with dual PCI-E 8X)

    3.RAID with SATAI 3114(nF4 built in SATAII RAID)


    Yo case

    sent you a pm

  5. just remember, the main idea is all about cpu mhz's...so what ever works to get your cpu running the fastest is the best choice...you can always throw your ram on a divider...and then run tight timings at 1t....just you need to do your benchies to see what works best for ya.,,,,


    That is the question I was going to ask.


    I have an opty 144 which will run at 2.6 (289 fsb)

    Is it better to run at 1T with a bigger ratio divider?


    Is it better to run at 2T with a less of a divider?

    if you know what I mean.


  6. Just bought some G.Skill 4000HZ.

    Ran memtest and the best I can get is 240 fsb at 1T 3 4 4 8

    270 fsb at 2T 3 4 4 8

    should I be getting 270 fsb at 1T ?

    This memory is not in a DFI board yet but hopefully soon will be

  7. Decided the enermax would be no good because it does not have an 8 pin EPS.

    maybe the FSP Epsilon 600W.

    Or should I try to get the OCZ 520W to be sure.

    Will the Venus have a cold boot issue, will the Venus be picky about which PSU it likes???

    Who knows??? lol.


  8. Well, gone and done it. :D

    Ordered one.

    It is on pre order, due in on march the 6th.

    £220 :sweat:

    Got to get the rest of my kit togeather now lol.


    Not easy to get the OCZ psu's where I live so I was thinking of perhaps the Enermax 600, any comments?

    going to pair it up with the G.Skill 2GB HZ as well I think.

  9. i have questions about prime95 as a basic program:


    How do i run dual instances?(what do i select, i only find the affinity option which allows for core selection, but not for two instances)


    What is this password that i dont seem to have?


    The password is in the readme that comes with the download

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