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  1. So I am led to believe an X1900XT is a failed X1900XTX. They are both identical "BUT" one will overclock "MUCH" better than the other no matter what you do to it! Oh and everbody tells me to get the Sapphire.
  2. mrtell


    Thanks for the reply, With that heatsink are all ram slots still accessible and was it easy to install?
  3. mrtell


    Which cooler would be the bettter choice for the Expert. Thermalright SI-120 " XP-120 " XP-90 " XP-90C :confused: thanks
  4. supershanks knows his stuff. :nod: I will be sending a taxi around for you when I come to put mine togeather lol
  5. Most people use the Orange slots but not many use corsair memory with that board, worth a try in the yellow and play with your timings.
  6. Have you tried using your memory in different slots and have you run memtest?
  7. I thinking of ordering from them, good Idea OR not?????
  8. Some people having problems with the OCZ 600W in SLI mode http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...0&highlight=fsp
  9. I see, I had not read your post carefully enough. Very interesting, I had not realised this. It also depends where the graphics card draw their power from.
  10. I have just purchased the FSP 700W based on a lot of research. 1. there are no reported problems with DFI boards (to my knowlage) 2. The person in this link solved his problems when he purchased this PSU. " http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...0&highlight=fsp " 3. Very good reputaion. 4. Hexus forum FSP care "direct information and care from FSP staff " 5. I contacted FSP to ask over the 12V rails. On the PSU it states 12V = 15A reply from FSP "What I mentioned applies to the present Epsilon 600/ 700. Yes, the present ones have been reclassified. Even though it says 15A, it's actually 18A (with Over Current Protection of 20A). Grace __________________ FSP Group - www.FSPgroup.co.uk
  11. Reading now........as you said.....longgggggggg read lol. thanks
  12. taken from the link, "Sapphire has been ATI's largest partner for a long time now and they've probably been the most popular video card add-in board seller, worldwide, in recent times." thanks for the link. Even more reason to go Sapphire.
  13. Thanks, looking like the sapphire more and more.
  14. Lol, been waiting since november. Sold my 9800pro as I new someone that wanted it, could not miss the sale. 7800GTX was the best then, was going to buy, then heard the 1800 xt was coming out, thought better wait, waited then heard the 7800 512MB was comming out,waited then heard the X1900XT was comming out. lol gota buy soon. Hopefully have my new motherboard in the next few days so I will need a graphics card to go with it.
  15. lol funny, Thanks for the reply will look into the Sapphire
  16. Buying a X1900XTX and wondering which is the better buy. Sapphire or Msi? Or even something else. thanks And not interested in 7900 as will be to expensive and 7800 not good enough for the price!
  17. Sorted it......reinstalled it....everything working fine now....thanks
  18. Nope.......zero......zilch.......
  19. It must be me but when using occt with speedfan I dont get any graphs, unless I am looking in the wrong place "program folder I assume" :confused:
  20. lol....sorry to ask again.........which is prefared....mbm or speed fan? thanks
  21. Passed occt still no graphs, now I believe you need to run mbm or speed fan at the same time. this correct, if so which one is prefared and which version no? thanks
  22. :confused: How or where do you get or retrieve the graphs?
  23. So are you liverpool living in manchester or a mancunian who is a Liverpool fan? I am from Bolton orig Anyway, would you recomend occt over prime?
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