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  1. Wondering if i want to sell my VENUS motherboard.

    Hardly used and never flashed, only ever had opteron 144 in the board and only run it at 2.6, never raised the voltage even.

    What is the board worth???


  2. I am fairly new to overclocking and would like some opinions.

    Opteron 144 1.8

    All I did was set Bios to optimized defaults,

    Set FSB to 300,

    LDT to X3

    Dram to 166 Divider,

    cpu = 2.7

    Then ran Prime, 1 pass, priority 5, small FFTs.

    no probs.

    Thing is I have no prog to monitor temps, speed fan caused my PC not to boot and even a cmos clear would not correct, had to reformat lol.

    I have heard MBM5 is good, any issues? how accurate is it? and how much lower does the board read temps than actualy are.

    I assume now the hard work starts and theres a lot that can be done to reach higher clocks.


  3. So, set to Optimized Defaults, leave everything else, and just raise Front Side Bus.

    I have a 9X opteron that will clock to at least 2.7 which means going to 300 FSB, my memory which is PC 4000 wont go that high so I will have to use dividers, is it better to go as close to the max of my memory with dividers if you know what I mean?

    Oh, and thanks.

  4. I have read that memory placed in slot 2 and 4 are locked at 1T ( no need to set at 1T ).

    Is this correct?

    Also would it be better to set at 2T just to get higher clock at synchronous with cpu?

    I also read that it is better to run at 1T but with dividers and push cpu as high as possible.

    And one last question,

    Whan i had my none DFI board the PCI / AGP was locked so it would not raise at the same time as the FSB, Is the same locked on the DFI boards?


  5. Once the sides are on the case and I overclock the cpu that should raise the cpu temps.

    Or like has been said just connect direct to power supply.

    Just worried me a bit at first when the fan did not spin and I did not know how much the boards temp was being miscalculated.

  6. Just done a partial build with a freezer 64 pro heatsink/fan.

    fan does not spin because the temp according to the bios is 22 and i cannot lower the setting for cpu fan shutdown less than 25 so fan will not spin.

    This would be fine if the board read the temps correctly but as I am always being told the board reads the temps way out.

    Any suggestions please.

    Also how far are the temp readings out and is one venus just the same as any other Venus where temp readings are concerned?


  7. Got my Venus today, opened packet to find the catch fell off the box and the top of the box is bust on 2 corners lol, but not crushed and it is only a box.

    Looking forward to building.


    Floppy cable works.......(on my abit anyway)


    bent jumper pin on the audio, will it bend back without breaking?

  8. So, is there a review of 144, 146 and 148? So i can have an idea of performance increase with each processor? (sorry if this is taking too long for you guys, i dont want to make a mistake with my investment.)


    performance depends greatly on steppings!

    My 144 easily gets to 2.6 where as some struggle to get 2.4 and some get 3.0 plus.

  9. I purchased an Opty 144 and pushed the FSB up to 289 so that little CPU runs at 2.6 Prime Stable.

    No extra voltage, not much extra heat.

    That is on an Abit AV8 (until I get my new DFI board) no other settings changed except my ram.


    @Wangerin.......Why you need at least 10 x multiplier ???


    @jumpman........Opty's dont like much extra Voltage if at all so no need to worry about frying it.

  10. So the XP-90 everything is accessible,

    the SI-120 the ram slots are accessible because it is so tall,

    Is there any differance in performance between the 90 and the 120?


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