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  1. Well, i usually play FIFA at 1024x768 on a 17" LCD monitor and recently i changed the resolution to 1280x1024, graphic option set to everything high same as when 1024x768 but somehow on the 1280x1024, there are some lag when accessing those menu in game but somehow when game started it doesnt lag that much not when in 1024x768, what hardware should i upgrade ? The pc spec is the one in my sig. Thanks.
  2. which one is suit my rig as shown in my sig ?
  3. I have only 1GB of rams as stated in my sig. I have C,D and E drives. C contains windows file and application , D wherelese I install games to and E use to store files. Well, in the virtual memory settings , how much should i put min/max on each drive ? Thanks.
  4. Sorry for a bit off topic here, may i ask what is the stock chipset voltage for my Ultra-D ?
  5. Wonder if i can use this, http://www.silverstonetek.com/products-fm82.htm .
  6. It's ok, thanks for the recommendation
  7. Its a nice blue led fan, is there option for non-led one ?
  8. Just got my Thermalright XP-90, need some advice which 92mm fan to put on , prefer good CFM and audible dB. Anyone ?
  9. Thanks everyone for the advice, nothing happened so far.
  10. I'm currently format my pc now , once it is done then i just get the latest one from the first post and install then right away ?
  11. Do i need to uninstall the older DirectX first in order to install the latest one ? And if i need to do so, how is it ?
  12. I have Arctic Cleaner tho, should i use it ? 1 or 2 ? Will the cleaner cause problem to the cpu ?
  13. Thanks a lot, prosser13 owe you one . That's mean i no need to do anything ?
  14. When i was going to replace the thermal paste for my HSF , i took out the cpu , doesnt notice my finger have some arctic silver ceramique on it, it land a tiny bit on one of the pin of the cpu, what should i do now ?:sad:
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