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  1. Thanks puppetmasta. I checked out the review. That's a great investment. I'll probably pick one up. As frustrating as this whole ordeal has been, I must say it's been quite the learning experience.
  2. Cool. Thanx a lot Bruce. Having a backup chip is definetely the way to go.
  3. Awesome. That was going to be my next question actually (i.e. What to do when I get the new one). I want to make sure I handle it the right way so as to not screw the new one up. Thanx a lot.
  4. Spoke to them on the phone again today and resent my emails and they made it through this time. : I panicked for nothing yesterday. If the admins want to delete this thread feel free. I'm sure no one wants to read my paranoid ranting lol.
  5. Cool thanx guys. I spoke to DFI today and they are going to send me a new chip to try. Atleast for future reference (hopefully this wont happen again) I'll know what to do.
  6. Ahh... I forgot about that. Probably true. I'm not functioning properly. I've gone 4 days without my PC. Amazing how dependent I am on it
  7. I tried doing a hotswap with my friends NF4 lanparty UT SLI. He doesnt have a floppy so I gave it a go using Tmod's BIOS cd. I tried it twice and twice it froze. It gave a warning message about something not matching I forget the exact words and then it said hit yes to do it anyway so I did. It froze when I tried it. Froze twice actually cause I tried it again. It was such a pain in the A to get my friends BIOS chip out cause there wasnt much room in his case that after twice I said forget it. I probably could have tried winflash but thats why im in the whole mess in the first place probably. I had already spoken to someone at DFI San Jose on the phone this afternoon and he said they could mail me a new chip. I really need to use my PC though so I figured I would give the hotflash a go anyways. Now I just have to wait for DFI. It hasn't been very easy for me to get through to them these couple of days with phone or emails especially with the holiday and all.
  8. Hey everybody, I emailed DFI techsupport Monday with a problem and the email got bounced back to me this morning saying the following: Delivery to the following recipient has been delayed: techsupport-at-dfiweb-dot-com Message will be retried for 2 more day(s) Technical details of temporary failure: TEMP_FAILURE: Could not initiate SMTP conversation with any hosts: [mail.dfiweb.com. (10): Connection refused] I used gmail. I also left a voicemail message at the San Jose office with my phone number and no one called back. I spoke to them on the phone today ((Tuesday again at San Jose office) and told them about my BIOS flash gone wrong) and the guy said to email him with my address and he would mail me a new BIOS chip. I sent the email with my address at 3:00pm Eastern time this afternoon (12pm Pacific) and asked for a return to be sent so I would know that they got it. I haven't gotten an email back yet or heard anything via phone. Does anyone know how long they usually take to respond with these type of situations or if their is a problem with their email system? I've sent emails to other people today with no problem. If they are very busy and cant handle my case right away that's understandable but I dont know if my email is even going through to them. The gentleman on the phone was more than happy to help me but as I said, my emails may be sitting in limbo and I'm here with no idea of what's happening. The office is closed now so I'll have to try them on the phone tomorrow. Just wanted to see if anyone knew anything about the process or about the emails.
  9. Thanks. I wish I could do an upgrade now myself lol. I'll have to see if my friends let me use their board. I know they are not going to be too thrilled when I ask them, especially since their pc's are like a week old. I guess if it's done carefully it's not that bad.
  10. I don't know anyone who has an NFII board for me to flash in. Would I be able to flash my bios in one of the newer LP UT NF4 SLI boards? Two of my friends recently built machines with these boards. :confused:
  11. Thanx for the quick reply. I didnt mention it in my post but I also tried doing the reset button trick with the buttons built onto the motherboard as well as holding the 1 key but they didnt work either. I currently have the clear jumper set and the battery out to try a ridiculously long clear. I guess I'll leave it for a day or two. I doubt it will work, but maybe I'll get a miracle. When I first got the board I used to mess with overclocking and a few times I was able to recover from a no boot witha simple jumper clear. When it didnt boot this time after I tried the first clear I knew it was bad that's the kind of luck I have with electronics; that's why I doubt the really long battery out will help much. Tomorrow I'll try the boot CD but it seems I'll probably have to get my chip flashed/get a new chip. What do you guys think?
  12. Hey Everyone, I recently attempted to update my bios to the latest version using winflash and I get the blank screen, drives and fans powered up, 4 LEDs of death on, situation when I turn the machine on. I tried the jumper clear, battery out clear, insert key trick, and an 18hr battery out clear. All were done according to the steps recommended around this forum and were unsuccessful. I disconnected all components and tried turning it on this way but I get the samething, no beeps or anything from the speaker. The Power LED on my case did not light up either and the HD activity light stayed steadily lit (before I took the drives out, with no drives in, it's off.). All components were working fine prior to the post flash reboot. I've been reading through the threads and Logan's FAQ's and have tried to do what everyone says to try as far as CMOS clearing and what not. I want to try a blind flash but my floppy drive doesnt seem to be reading anything. I inserted a disk but it did not try to read it. My CD-ROM drive spins when I insert a disc so perhaps I can try to make a bootable cd to try the blind flash. From what I can see, the only other option is to reprogram/get a new bios chip. Can anyone recommend the best way to do this? Will DFI do it or should I go through a website? I do not have another pc to do the hotflash myself. Also, would anyone happen to know of anylocal places near Staten Island, New York where I can have the BIOS reflashed or replaced and or the best website to use to do this? I read in the FAQ that it is recommended that all over clocked settings be restored to normal prior to a flash. Now that I think about it, I may have had the memory timings tweaked a bit but nothing major. I was running everything at normal speed otherwise. I also just read that I probably shouldnt go from the shipped BIOS to the latest version. Maybe this caused the problem. Sux lol. I havent flashed a BIOS in a long time. Forgot all this stuff. SHoulda read up on it first. Guess I've learned my lesson. Thanks a lot. Appreciate all the help.
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