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  1. Yes that is the Dangerden pump and I run 2 of them nice and quiet and pumps 540 liter an hour. Same price at www.dangerden.com great service and shipping.
  2. OK could you post your BIOS settings here and was the rig prime95 stable?? Thanks....
  3. Just so you all know this is not for just people that run the cool and quite option in BIOS. I had problems with shuddering and getting booted out of games after playing for all different amounts of time and the fix worked. I have not had a problem since so it is worth trying. There are complete details on removing it all if it does not work. Quote from the author of the thread further into the thread. "No its not only for CnQ users, windows xp sp2 has issues, we all know, and if your dont have these drivers and the hotfix installed, you might get speed ups and slow downs after hours of gaming, like i did, and following these steps makes sure you never have to deal with it again, and after doing all these steps my gameplay was alot smoother than before, if your not having any issues i guess you dont need to do it, but i recommend anyone with a dual core cpu to follow these instructions to ensure best stability and performance, weather its a AMD X2 or a OPTERAN Dual Core." Just thought it may help someone and do not want to hijack anyones thread just help.
  4. Exactally what I have been running with no problems.
  5. Get a hold of CPUKiller here in the forums. I have had real good luck dealing with DangerDen on the system I run and a system that I got screwed into putting in for a client. The client did not know what he had and it turned out to be a system that was all 1/4 inch tubing one of the so called great deals you can get on the Internet. Well it was junk for what he wanted to do and we end up with new blocks, radiator, pump and tubing from DD. Much better system and not hard to install at all and it is all inside the case now. Just my personal experience, but I will go to DD for my WC supplies.
  6. I spent over 2 1/2 moths of reading and asking questions before I bought anything, more reading here at DFI than anything else. When I bought you can see what I purchased in my signature. I followed the build guide which is a sticky to the letter and had NO problems at all, NONE!!! Remember if you are not a patient person or get fluster easy then this is not a task you should under take. But if you are a patient person and love a challenge and can follow all of the guides presented in these forums you have a great chance of having a blast building one of these DFI boards. I have played with Asus, Abit and MSI boards in the past and they were fun but there is nothing else on the market that can compare to the DFI and all of its options in BIOS. Thamks Rgone, Angry, and ExRoadie just to name a few!! Thanks for making this a blast!
  7. More power stability for the motherboard is the way I understand it....
  8. OCZ Gold Edition 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 500 (PC 4000) Dual Channel Kit System Memory Have had no problems at all with the build thanks to all of the great information in these forums. Did not have any problems at all but spent almost 3 months picking out the hardware.
  9. OCZ OCZ600ADJSLI 600W Power Supply Really happy with it and found it on sale at Xoxide for $175.00
  10. Well the OCZ that I'm running in the Expert is the following and got them from Newegg. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227219 They are the Gold Dual Channel Kit PC4000.
  11. I understand it to be inside diameter buy 3/8" inside is 1/2" outside so I'm going to purchase the 3/8" model my tubing is 3/8" or 9.5mm ID inside diameter. Hope this helps.
  12. Within 2 weeks there will be a water block available for the chipset on the Expert that will not interfear with either of the PCIe slots. This is the reply that I got from Dano at Danger Den it will be available in 3/8 and 1/2 inch connectors. His email address is listed below hope this helps. [email protected]
  13. Thank you that is the way I have it. Does anyone know why the molex connector has been removed??
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