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  1. expert was 4 quid more for me, so I went with it. Apparently a bit power sensitive, but no 4v jumper and auto SLi switch makes up...
  2. The temperatures reported by my board are higher than from my external sensor. About to have a infared thermometer soon so I'll see what readings I get
  3. I just got (and primed) 2.7Ghz (225x12) at 1.59Vcore. Now just got to see where my max lies between 2.7 and 2.8
  4. I think my safe voltage is around <1.65v, as my temps are very low due to ma cooling. I'm gonna prime tonight at 234x8 at 1.64v (set in bios, but reads 1.62/3 in MBM5). If I can't get stable then I'll try tinkering with different multipliers, try and get close to 2800 as I can. E.g. at the mo it's 2809, but I think I can get it down to 2805/4. I can get past 2.7 easy (I think, havent primed but I'm only getting problems now so) I might try priming at 1.7 and see how long it lasts, I dnt know the temps of each of my cores but I don't think their too high. Thanks for the info, I'll keep you informed....
  5. You've got to tyell me where you got that case!!! It's looks amazing. please tell. Thanks in advance, Buck
  6. Core 2 is also my weaker. What are you stable at? I'm gonna try up to 1.65v, and if that doesnt do it I'll back off a bit. Shame tho, just like seeing that 2.8GHz in My Computer's properties....
  7. Hmm. I still can't get stable at 2800MHz, perhaps I'll try upto 1.65v, but thats all I'm willing to go. If it's totally stable at 1.65v I'll try and see how low I can take the voltage. I don't think it's anything else limiting my clock, I'll check again. Also, my memory good upto 250HTT, so if my final clock is at 230HTT does that mean I don't even have to overclock my memory. If so, should I try 255*11 and push my mem slightly over it's rating. (this is all assuming I can get stable at 2.8) So, if anyone has any ideas or answers... Thanks in advance, Buck
  8. OK, well I'd really like to get 2.8 stable, my temps don't go above 36*C, even on max CPU usage, but I'm running at 1.6v (and the voltage reported by the motherboard is identical to what I set it to, could just be a coinsidence). By running at 1.6v (may have to be a little more) approx. how much time am I knocking off my processor? I'm going to see whether I can get stable at 2.8GHz, as that'd be nice! P.S. First overclock EVER!
  9. UPDATE: still not stable, can anyone recommend any settings, I woukd like to be stable at 2800 MHz, so 234x12 gets that, just need to have a recommended voltage, (1.6v doesn't do it) thanks in advance, buck P.S. could a moderator move this into the Overclocking section, I forgot. Thanks!
  10. UPDATE: SuperPI failed, now running at 1.5v * 104.8% to give 1.575. Running dual SuperPI 32m for priliminary stabalising. 36*C at max load
  11. I'm thinking 1.6-1.65 should be my top. With 1.5v I'm only getting 32*C on fullload (both cores). but only at 230x12 (still stabalising), is 230x12 a bit low for 1.5v, just wondering, (probably isnt even stable)
  12. Hi, I'm wondering whether a voltage higher than 1.5v is safe for my X2, I've got water cooling, and on max load my MB reads 21*C and my external sensor reads 26*c, they sound low for 1.5. but still believable. Anyway, I'd like to get 3GHz (prob. wont happen tho), but can someone recommend a top voltage, taking into account my processor and water cooling. Thanks in advance, Buck
  13. Hi, my battery has dropped from 3.14v to 2.94v after a cleared the CMOS, is this normal, and what happens when I do another flash. If my battery dies I thought I can't take it off cause it will cause over voltage on my CPU and fry it. Any info would be great, Buck
  14. Is there a program that can monitor temps in Windows x64. It's a bit annoying otherwise. Thanks in advance, Buck
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