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  1. Hi.. been having a problem with my system for a long awhile. It hasnt affected anything criticically so I havn't put much effort into solving it. The problem is: I'll turn on the system, after seeing the LanParty splash screen (sometimes i dont even get that far), the system will reset and proceed to boot normally If the system does not do this mysterious reboot, then the memory will show up as 700 or 800mb (out of 2gb).. which is really strange because I have two 1 gb sticks. My voltages are as follows: Vcore + VID = 1.6 (to accomodate stable high clockrate) LDT = 1.26 DRAM = 2.82 3.3 Rail = 3.33 5 Rail = 5.05 12 Rail = 12.34 Battery = 3.02 The rail voltages are adjustable because I have the ocz power stream.. but the voltages seem in the norm. Anyone have any advice? -w
  2. If I lowered my multiplier to 10 would it put less strain on the cpu and therefore require less voltage to run stable? -w
  3. Right now the heatpipes are facing the ram.. Can barely get my pcie video card in the 16x slot, but it blocks the port above it. I'll look into that fan. -w
  4. Is this a good thermal grease product: OCZ Ultra 5+ Silver http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/Sea...83739&CatId=503
  5. It's winter here too (north east of Toronto, Canada) I'll see about getting that thermal grease and re applying it and possibly getting a new fan too. The reason the vcore is so high is because is that is the minimum voltage I need to achieve prime95 stability.. otherwise it crashes on a torture test after 20 mins. -w
  6. I've thought about reseating the heatsink too.. i thought I did fine, used a razor and everything, but I haven't applied too many heatsinks so i may of squished around too much. How much goo is enough? I bought a cheapie led light 92mm fan.. just for looks and because I was broke. Can anyone recommend a better one (quieter the better). Chipset stays at a cozy 45C during the prime95 test. Stock cooling. -w
  7. Hi guys.. I recently built the machine listed in my specs (damn x800 is on RMA). I've been playing around with oc'ing and I think I've hit my max. My VCore is currently at 1.57V Chipset is at 1.66V DRAM is at 2.82V FSB: 246MHz no dividers 3700 has a 11 multiplier so I'm running at 2706MHz I am currently prime95 (12 hr and counting) stable and could push it further but my temps aren't the greatest. Idle sits between 35 and 38 and my load is anywhere from 44 up to 50 C.. then my BIOS gives the CPU fan full load and it stays below or on 50. a) Does this seem high for the heatsink I own (XP90Copper)? B) Should I have the CPU fan go at full throttle at a lower temperature? c) Anyone with the same proc want to give me their voltage settings for a 2.8 GHz oc? Cheers, -w
  8. Well, the powersupply fixed my issue with oc'ing.. wasn't able to achieve any sort of memory overclock despite what settings I used. Now running at a cozy 2.5ghz. Seems my 2 led problem was in fact a video problem.. I'm using a cheapie PCI radeon I have and have had no reboot problems since. Filled out an RMA for my video card.. it was refurb'd from ATI so I guess I got a badbad apple. Appreciate the help. -w
  9. I think I'm going to go for the modstream instead of the powerstream because it looks better. Yeah I know that's vain but this is for my 'show case' (acrylic).. and I don't want to sleeve every powerstream cable. Should this PSU be able to perform fine with my 4 hdd's, 2 optical devices, one pcie ati x800 pro and one pci sata controller card.. as well as give me some room to oc? Basically I need something for the system in my signature, I want to overclock it. -w
  10. Nevermind everyone.. I found a post by an OCZ tech saying they're the same thing and the same timing settings are used. Post is here: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17370
  11. AG made a post in the stock speed database with the model below the memory in the thread name: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27308 It looks exactly the same except it doesnt have this EVP technology (allows you to up the voltage to ~2.9V within 5% and not void the warranty) and has different heat spreaders (XTC tech)... Can't tell if it's the same otherwise since the heat spreaders are glued on. -w
  12. -AG Could anyone explain this in more detail? What kind of problems (other then the speed decrease 16x to 8x.. or is this the only one?). I moved my Radeon to improve air flow since it inconveinently sits right over top the chipset fan (why was it designed like that?). And it's 1/8th of an inch away from my heat sink.. also the minidrive connector is damn near impossible to plugin or takeout with a video card present. -w
  13. Anyone have thoughts about the compatability of this RAM? http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...4mb_gold_gx_xtc
  14. I just remember it saying in the manual that those extra power connectors are to complement the motherboard to keep it more stable. However I dont have any issues once the system is booted up. Only when initially booting up. I think it referred that it helps stabalize a system if SLI is enabled. Anyway, initially I plugged it in and still had the problems.. I took it out when I needed to use my floppy drive to flash some hardware. I took apart my machine and came home for the weekend.. going to get the OCZ Modstream 520W that's raved about. As well as some new RAM which may or may not of been fried because of the lack of a 24 pin mobo power connection. No, I didn't read the manual through and through, I've built my share of systems and had a friend build a UT Ultra-D NF4 board with the exact same PSU as me without any problems (I let him know mine of course). Anyway, hopefully there are no permanent problems with the mobo because of all this, but I doubt anyone would want to comment on that. New hardware will be installed on tuesday and I'll post to this thread. -w
  15. Damnit.. alright.. I'll get a new PSU but I won't be able to post about it till next tuesday the earliest... thank for the help.
  16. I don't have the fdd power connection in, but it doesn't make a difference.. Since I don't have sli. Did a memtest on a higher voltage, got even more errors. What does a hang at two diagnostic lights mean? This is my most common boot problem.
  17. Just read angry_games angry thread about PSU's.. Suppose I'll have to upgrade again. You don't think 20 pin psu's could cause any permanent damage to the board do you?
  18. I'll try upping the voltage on the RAM and rerunning the mem test for awhile. I'm using a 20 to 24 pin adapter for the mobo.. this is a problem? Rail voltages appear stable, according to my cheap multimeter anyway. What about the two diagnostic light boot problem... what could that mean, is it video related?
  19. Well one of my hdd's is definitely screwed (funny how I rma'd a hdd and got this one 6 months ago.. bah). My memory fails a mem test.. after about 3 hours it had about 63 errors near the top registers 0x0F... range. So I gotta return that. On top of that I think my video card might be a little funky since my system hangs at two diagnostic lights 1 out of 3 times I reboot. (but operates fine once it's up and running).. God, when it rains it pours huh? Sean
  20. Also, temp's seem to be down, ~30 cpu ~40 chipset. Unplugged the two SATA hdd's for now, couldnt chkdsk one of them. Still having this rebooting problem though.
  21. Hi.. I know I must seem like a whining newb but I've been having a lot of issues with this board.. and as a financially challenged student who sunk a lot of money into this system it really gets to me =/. Problem: Initial Boot I am having a hell of a time booting up. "Optimized Settings" are loaded in the BIOS. Out of every 10 times I turn on/reboot the machine it hangs at: a) Splash screen. B) No screen, 2 diagnostic lights (fan whirring like nuts). c) Reboots right after splash screen to either a, b, or c. When I do finally boot up things seem to go alright for awhile. But once or twice a day I will get a random BSOD that flash by too quick for me to read. One was something about IRQL but I can't be sure. All the hardware except the storage devices (2xDVDROM, 2xIDE HDD, 2xSATA HDD) is brand new. The storage devices did seem to work fine in my old system (MSI K7N2 Delta w/ AMD Athlon 2500 XP). Could really use some helpful advice.. I'm getting depressed since this new system was such a large investment for me =/. -w
  22. I'm 99% certain a pci sound card would work.. the problem with the karajan module is it doesnt even recognize the device is there (doesn't show up as unknown or anything device manager).. ive resat the device.. uninstall/reinstalled drivers several times already. I'm going back to school and I want this prob remedied asap so I'm taking it into the shop i bought it at (along with my UV acrylic case.. what a bitc*..). The fact that it did work for a couple days after the build and then just disappeared leads me to believe it's a defective part because I hadn't made any system wide changes in that time. So thanks I guess.. sounds like a lot of people have been having issues with this module.. perhaps DFI should think about taking a look at this issue. Cheers, -w
  23. I know I havn't gotten too many meaningful peeps either. I guess I'll have to return this board, I've tried everything I can think of: 1) flashed the latest mobo bios 2) unplugged and resat karajan module (several times) 3) reinstalled ac'97 drivers 4) reinstalled nforce4 chipset drivers 5) got latest versions of chipset and ac'97 drivers.. no dice I even yelled and screamed at it for a bit.. but that didn't help =/. Friend of mine returned his board and the RMA turn around process took nearly 2 1/2 months.. dangit. Can anyone think of something else I could try? -w
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