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  1. By the way, whatever happened to those motherboards with 2 CPU-sockets? I know there were some a few years ago. Imagine 2xPenry's on one board ;D -insert "no that wont boost your performance" here-
  2. was that an insult or just e-luv? I've decided to be patient and wait until Q1 after all. My gamingsituation atm is kinda f:ed anyway, since my 1 month old asus 8800GTX makes a VERY LOUD sound when the PC turns off, and sometimes when rebooting, the sound doesnt go away. It's the kind of pitch and volume on it that could easily make babies deaf. Hence the RMA I just did. Can't really play any new games with my 7800GTX :/
  3. There are rules saying u cant practically give away ur .? ;P
  4. Angry, the Q6600 is the best bang4buck? Wouldn't the similar model with Dualcores be better? Everywhere you read, the Quad-series bring less DPS, but it unpacks .rar's and crap, alot faster. Sure, solving problems and unraring is a part of what you want to be done fast as well, but for gaming?
  5. Haha, yeah.. I lol'ed at that Detroit-part How is really the quality and stability of the Intels? My friend is a hardcore-overclocker, but unfortunately, he is a real AMD-fanboy, and he doesnt hold back on the hate when he talks about Intel hehe. He doesn't give an objective view of Intel when I ask him, and he says that "Intel put every last bit of technology into their CPU's and did a poor job testing them for errors, which means that people end up with unstable rigs" etc etc.. calling people retards for not choosing the right components etc He claims that if you want quality and stability like nothing else, then go AMD. I normally wouldnt listen to a Fanboy like him, but seeing so many people on Crysis-related forums saying that their games crash and they dont get the sause out of their systems that the benchmark indicates, im beginning to wonder. When looking at this: [ATTACH]6249[/ATTACH] .. I wonder which one that will be the best clocker. My money is on the 9450 or perhaps even 9300. If those estimated prices ends up being definate, there is really no question about it; im getting one.. A question though, when looking at the L2-cache info, the 9300 is @ 6mb, the 9650 is at 12 mb, but the two in the middle say "A 2mb". Does that mean that each core will be @ 2mb, 2x4 = 8mb?
  6. Yeah, and while thinking about it, the thought of leaving AMD hurts my soul :/ Angry, you know if there are any recent Penry-benchmarks out there? Tbh I havent seen any at all. Have u bought any Phenom yet to see how it's clocking? Regards
  7. Hey there. First off I want to thank you people @ the street for giving me the basic knowledge of clocking. I currently own a opty 170 which I clocked to 2600mhz on stock vcore, all because of the fine tips I've been given here. Now, I've been torn between abandoning AMD and going Intel, simply because Intel is faster than AMD these days, and that nothing in the Phenomseries, not even the things being released in 2008 seems to be able to beat Intel. I recently bought a 8800gtx which greatly improved my fps and performance overall in most games. Im a Crysis-junkie, and I want to get most out of it. Also, I have cash to spare, so Im very much in the place where I want to buy something. I've been reading alot but I cant make up my mind wether I should go for Intel Dualcore or Quadcore, or perhaps stick with AMD and get the 6400+ which is ridiculously cheap, and it comes with an unlocked mult. Looking at some benchmarks, the Intel E6750 still beats the 6400+, but an unlocked mult, thats just crazy. The Phenom seems to be a no-go unless a not too expensive one comes out Q1 2008 that beats most Intels. Which is very unlikely lol. The last choice is to wait for the Intel Penry, which seems to be insane, 16mb cache and all. If someone is still reading, perhaps you could tell me what you think. I dont want to buy anything right now since there are still some very interesting things to happen in Q1 2008. Thanks a bunch.
  8. I realize to say it was due to memory error was dumb because what happened twice during 24h was that the game i was playing froze up, and every 10 sec the mouse responded to its movements.. the second time was when I was inside the riva ntune-settings.. I realize that this could be anything really, because Im among other things using a beta GFX-driver to improve performance in Crysis. Sorry to draw attention to that before actually having proof. Hemidare: how the heeeell U have a 144 and you reach 3ghz. You also OC'd your RAMS, which are identical to mine, about 15mhz above mine. One thing tho: Chip Set Voltage Control...................... - 1.52v DRAM Voltage Control.......................... - 2.71v Does the chipset voltincrease help for both cpu and ram stability? And most important. How the hell can you put the ram to 2.71 lol and still get them up that high? I tried mine at 2.8 and they were instable at 250mhz. I mean, very instable. I've obviously reached the limit that my CPU can handle while being stable: 2.6ghz @ 1.375V. I tried to set the volt to 1.5 and reach 2.8 which isnt that much of a big step from 2.6, and it failed ORTHOS after 4 seconds. I dont dare to go higher with aircooling so I thought that CPUs could clock as high as they want until the volt blows the CPU. I was wrong perhaps
  9. btw.. WOW I just did what you said wevsspot. I put a 1x1cm heatsink on the PWMIC-chip and just that lowered the temperature from about 65c to 55c. Now I installed a big 120mm fan at the front of the chassis so It's helping out ofc, but my CPUtemp is 44c during load and the PWMIC is 48c. great thing. Im going to use the method that you spoke of as well, using prime95 for some time to let the adhesives stick to the chip. I didn't clean it or anything because i dont have more thermaltape. It's been in a box and still sticky after 3 years so I just put it on and it seems like it's stuck pretty good =) This will definately allow me to OC some more because now the CPU-fan actually gets fresh air to blow on the CPU, and not warm air. So stupid of me to never think of this before
  10. hmm.. got 2.5-3-3-5-8 2.8v (2.6 standard) and passed all tests according to the guide but the pc just hanged anyways due to ram-error... *crai*
  11. That is a good idea. I have some old ramsinks from when I had watercooling on my 9800xt. Dunno if I have any thermal tape, but I could stick to glue lol by the way. Im done with my clocking now and I reached a 260fsb x 10 multi with a 183 divider. I dont know if something happened with my gamefiles during the days when i was clocking, but after the 600mhz increase, I had 33 fps in Crysis on Very High-settings, compared to 19 that I had before lol!
  12. Yeah I've accepted the fact that I will not be able to get the CPU as close to the RAM-mhz as I wanted in the beginning. My CPU is going to be 2590mhz and my goal was to get the rams to be 259mhz since I use a x10 multiplier while using 1:1 divider. The mats is so easy with that one But I guess I will have to settle with 9/10.. 183 divider, multi @ 10 and HTT @ 259 which leaves me with 236mhz RAM. I shouldn't be disappointed since I didn't know squat about overclocking more than 3 days ago or so =)
  13. I thought I was stable @ 250mhz 2.5-3-2-5 but obviously the memtest I did in dos was lying. Now I tried 255mhz with the same timings, and it didnt work, so I tried upping the vdimm to 2.8 instead of 2.6... didn't help much really. I backed down to 250mhz again and Im going to try to make it work. Changing CPC from 1T to 2T will be the last resort since it's obviously slowing everything down quite much :/ Im a real newb when it comes to timings, and no matter how much I've read about it here and other places, I cant figure it out really. I've been adding higher values at random but it doesnt seem to work lol. I tried 2.5-4-4-8 as well as 3-4-4-5 but it just crashes. According to other people these RAMS should be easy to get to at LEAST 250mhz.. so either Im doing it very wrong, or I've already reached it's maximum. Also, Im using the rams in slot 2 and 4 on the mobo for some reason, don't remember why. Does it make a diff if I put them in 1 and 3?
  14. Thanks for the pic, I now know where the pwmic is. very useful information. Im going to buy a few of these to use in the chassis instead of the stock tri-cool of whatever they are called: Noctua NF-S12-1200 120mm • Airflow 81 m³/h • lAirflow with U.L.N.A. 41 m³/h • iAcoustical Noise 17j dB(A) • Acousticali Noise with U.L.N.A. < 6• dB(A) I've discovered that my CPU maxes out @ 2630mhz @ 1.375v. I don't want the temps to go any higher now since they are about 52-55c in load with both doors on the chassis opened. Im currently testing my OCZ-ram which as of now is on 250mhz with no voltincrease, and still using standard timings @ 2.5-3-2-5 1T. Will continue to push it as far as I can go. If I hit a bump and need to alter my timings, would it be ok to try 2.5-3-3-7? Regarding the exact number on my ram-sticks, I dont know what numbers you mean, and if I can even see them, they have heatspreaders all over it. There was a sticker on top of it that said: OCZ 1024 Platinum Edition EL Dual CH 2-3-2-5 (strange because CPU-Z says 2.5-3-2-5 and its on auto in bios) and a serialnumer: OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K. They came as a KIT and im using them in slot 2 and 4.
  15. BigBloke: I'm using the Zalman 9700 for CPU cooling, I also exchanged the mobo-fan to the one Angry_Games and DFI recommended since my stockfan broke after about 1 year. My CPU temp, probably because it's almost winter now, is @ 55c in full LOAD on both cores, although, I removed to door on the chassis. The PWMIC is @ 64c which is bothering me, but my friend which is very educated within clocking, said that you can let the PWMIC reach 85-90c and it still wouldn't be a big problem. Chipset @ 44c. Since Im testing the CPU max capacity at the moment, Im using 01/02 100mhz memory divider. I am currently testing how far I can go during the cold period between november-april/may, with closed door on chassis. If the CPU-temps reach 58 degrees @ 2000RPM, it's not optimal, but Im not going to be bothered by it. Thank you for the pics. I just tried 2700mhz @ 1.4V and it failed in Prime after 5 min, so Im upping it to 1.45 to test again. For anyone reading this, this thread will be kinda like a blog. To keep notes for myself, as well as consulting wise people about how to do etc. Don't be confused. Learn from my newbie-ness =)
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