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  1. Andy, Welcome back, always nice to meet a fellow guitarist. OCZ makes great products. has wonderful support and helps us here at DFI Street. Just read the welcome messages and most have a negative comments about rebates. I just quit buying OCZ products after dealing with your rebate company. I think you could really make a positive impact on OCZ by cleaning house at the rebate center. Now it's doing more harm to OCZ than good.
  2. 05 Acura TL, 6 speed, nighthawk black pearl, navi system. Acura is a good car and I'll stick with them until I get too old to shift gears (probably another 2-3 years) Then I'm getting one of those battery powered carts, "hoveround"" or somehing like that, that you see on TV and a dell computer but I'll keep the young girlfriend!!!!. :cat:
  3. I have 2 OCZ 700W GXS PSU's and both are silent. If I had a noisy unit, I would RMA that bad boy and get another in a heartbeat. OCZ (in my experience ) is a good company, except for rebates, and will quickly replace the defective unit. Good luck. :cat:
  4. Best one word reply of the year. Seriously, hope no one was hurt.
  5. Just talked with Corsair RMA dept and they are trying to get my ram out the door today. I have to compliment Corsair on it's quick turnaround and excellent tech support. It's always great to get a computer up and running and all of you know how it feels to be waiting on a part/rma forever. Thanks Corsair!!!!
  6. A new one to me too but CorsairTech support told me about the refurb ram after I asked them directly if they were sending new ram to replace rma'd ram. If you find out something different please post.
  7. I am having a issue with Corsair on my conroe machine. I called the tech support number at corsair, (the tech's seem easiest to reach in mid-afternoon EST) I explained the problem and was given a reference number, I entered the number with some system info on the Corsair website and had a rma number and written directions within 24 hours. I ups'd the ram to corsair and am waiting.now. The Corsair staff claim a 24/48 hour turnaround + shipping time to get the REFURBISHED but tested replacement ram after your ram arrives at Corsair. If they aren't bull crapting me I should have the replacement mid week, with a complete turnaround in a total of 9 days. Good Luck
  8. Sorry about the error of the patient's ., I was typing from memory and experience and not from wikipedia. Whatever.
  9. Depending on what part of the country you live in, raccoons have a high percentage of "raccoon rabies"" Wonder were it got that name duh?. This differs from regular rabies because the animal can appear healthy for a long period of time despite being a rabies carrier. I think around 45% of rabies cases in the USA come from raccoons. THis can be transmitted to dogs, cats and other mammals. It is amost always fatal in humans.(one guy survived somewhere in the usa after being put in a medical coma for a month..) THe best advice I can give you is to NEVER feed the coons in your yard and call animal control to put out live traps to catch and move the animals. Make sure all of your pets have rabies shots. Avoid exposure to the raccoons. In short, let animal control take care of the problem. I had raccoons and never got rid of them despite trapping and not feeding. them. THey're a big problem. Being a redneck, I can get rid of them the ole country way (.22mag and a q-beam, works for deer too) but it pisses off the neighbors. Animal control is the best option. Good luck :cat:
  10. I'm with you on the cables. When I bought the Gateway and found out there was no cable, I went to Compu$a and almost had a heart attack when I found out that a DVI cable there was $80+ !!!! Luckily I checked good ole walmart and found a good cable for $20 something. WM saves the day again. Like you, I was relieved to find a DVI and an analog cable with the Dell.
  11. I recently started getting an error message with my hotmail account. "√únable to perform requested task- unable to download email messages from hotmail" (or something close to that.) THere is no info under details. I am able to get my email messages after clearing the error messages,. THis is a "hotmail plus account" meaning I get extra storage and can use outlook express for a few bucks a year. M$ suggested that I join MSN so I could get premium phone support. I thought "no problem" and started the tech support route, and to make a long story short, I've been passed to every department at M$, like a "hot potato"". Everybody talks a good game but nothing gets fixed. I get the same error on all computers meaning the problem is probably with M$'s servers. I'm usually sucessful fixing these problems but trying to talk with the Phillipines, India and other parts of the world and getting something done is impossible. THere is no central office at M$ to complain to. An error message is just a small thing but I take pride in my computers and I'm already getting script error messages that can't be fixed and just don't want more fricking errors. I've had this hotmail account for >12 years and hate to lose it but I've just about had enough of M$'s .. It's sad to see a good company in such decline. I'll start researching other operating systems and will be dammed if I'll upgrade to Vista or pay M$ another cent.
  12. I saw the E207WFP 20"WS on Slick deals .net and ordered one. I think it was $241 OTD. UPS delivered it yesterday and I was suprised at the quality of the monitor. I have it side by side with an expensive wide gateway and with my poor eyes think the Dell's picture is at least as good as the Gateway. I really think it's an exceptional value to get a widescreen 20" with a 3 year warranty for low $200's. I read about the monitor before buying and know there some issues with viewing angles, cheaper panels but bottom line: It looks great to me and that's what counts.
  13. THanks for the suggestions, Montreal would be my number one choice but, I think I'll stay in the USA. I drove through Lake Placid and upstate New York and loved the country but the heavy snow and hills might be a little much for my southern USA equipped car. I was thinking about the Twin City area but have to check to see what there is to do there. I'd like to see the Mall of America. Chicago is also a good option. I'd like to go back to Las Vegas but the hookers nearly killed me last trip.....(kidding) Keep the suggestions coming. Any places in Az, NM or in western states? I think Colorado is expensive with the ski areas.
  14. After working for the Feds for 20+ years , I am able to enjoy a well earned hazardous duty retirement. I try to get away from sunny north Florida a couple of times a year for a month at a time. I've found out that traveling "out of season" I can stay somewhere as cheaply for a month as I can for a week in a high season resort. I would appreciate any suggestions for places to visit during December and part of January. I would like to see some snow (not an absloute requirement) and want to avoid expensive resorts. I just want to rent an apartment or condo in a nice area that is safe, has some places to see and has good food. I'll be driving from Florida so Northern California and the Pacific Northwest may be a bit far. I know we have people from all over the country and I would appreciate your advice. Thanks!!
  15. I'm an ole tabacco chewing, pickup truck driving, .308 shooting "red neck" from the north florida swamps and can always can use some fresh "gator bait". I'm probably the only true redneck in the state that builds computers. Instead of using a hot coat hanger, I prefer to use a live diamond back rattlesnake...I hate to waste a perfectly good coat hanger.
  16. I'm not sure if you can have a credit card company call you to approve each individual charge but if illegal charges are made the card company will refund your losses and investigate. I think the law is such that you are not responsible for fradulent charges. THink about it, it would be a nightmare to have a credit card company call you before charging something to your account. It would set back online orders a week.
  17. I check my finances online every day or two and recently found 7 fradulent charges to "Yahoo Talk" for a total of $300+ on my amex card that occured in a 3 -4 day period. I called Yahoo and they tried to say the charges were made by me which makes no sense because each charge is a year's worth of the yahoo talk service (whatever that is). Finally, after taking names and mentioning the word "lawyer" numerous times, they dropped the charges figuring it wasn't worth the effort. I will never enter another yahoo sponsored site again. Kiss my axx yahoo!!!! I seldom use my amex except for internet purchases to newegg, ZZF etc. Needless to say, I have a new amex card now. Since that episode I got phishing email that used my real name. I could tell by the way the letter was written that is most likely generated in Nigeria. I'd suggest to all to keep close track of your credit cards, paypal etc. I have security to the max with virus, spyware programs and firewall. Any suggestions to increase security? Good luck Ace Goober with your problems and I hope you can resolve all soon.
  18. Thanks for reminding me. There are just too many Paypal horror stories circulating now. I really think it's a bad idea to let a company that's hard to reach or find somebody in the company that gives a . to be able to control my bank account. Paypal account closed.
  19. THey need to work on the shipping calculator, I got the same price to Florida..kinda expensive...:eek:
  20. I live a few hours down I-10 from you and didn't feel a thing. I read about the earthquake and was suprised. Between the fricking hurricanes, sharks, earthquakes, alligators, stingrays, cottonmouths and HUGE diamondback rattlesnakes the northern gulf coast is getting to be a dangerous place to live!!!! :eek:
  21. Office Depot has Win XP home Sp2 upgrade for $100 - Coupon 25828894 -$20 and -$70 Rebate with free shipping making the price for the program a whopping $10. Please read all the info before ordering to make sure the price is as stated above. http://www.officedepot.com/ddSKU.do?&id=774400 http://forms.young-america.com/49535_OD7102107-08292006.pdf
  22. No doubt, these are nice mouse pads and I'll buy near any computer related product. The UPS and Fed ex guys have killed the grass in my yard bringing packages but somehow I just can't see the way to shell out 35 bucks for a mouse pad. Maybe if it's attached to a new mobo.
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