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  1. set the boot priority of the specific hard drives in bios.
  2. You really do need 2 gig of ram for gaming now. More and more games make use of it, and more are coming. My neighbor just got a 2 gig kit, and it changed his BF2 world. He's so happy now. BF2 used to suck according to him. But now, i never see him. He had to buy a 2 gig kit because his oem system only had 2 slots , but I bet that the best way to go anyway. Good Luck
  3. Have you called EVGA? they have masde it very easy to RMA 7900's with problems. Obviously not all problems are card related, but it may be worth you cross shipping a rma. Then you can try both cards to see if there is a difference before you return the original. Good luck
  4. Its a new card, I'll change my sig. I haven't run the system at default, but I have duel primed the system overnight with no errors, although not with this new card. I have also unplugged the optical drives, the floppy, and the 3 hd. So at that point, in addition to the video card, that rail had only 2 led fans, and the mobo connectors. That’s why I was asking about the extra mobo connections. Any idea what they are puling off that rail? Does speed fan log the voltages? They are also fine when I tab out and check, but does that do any good? I just fired up 2X prime95 and the 12volt goes from 12.22 to 12.16 when both cores go to 100%. Seem pretty solid, but that’s not gaming. Anyway, I’ve got a few days before the rma card gets here. And BTW, the problems on by card is similar to other I have seen posted. Like artifacts after playing for a while, you’d think it’s overheating, but the temps are fine (38-50c), sometimes you get a flashing desktop upon exit of games. HL2, bf2, fear, COD2, all do the same. Underclocking helps, but only for a ~day, then you need to underclock some more. It's like something is degrading. We’ll see what happens when the new one arrives. Still, I have been questioning this power supply since I added in the extra hard drive and dvd drive, I know I am at least being to push it. I’ll likely get another, as my daughter is about ready for something new, and It will make a good addition to the extra parts pile. Even though, I’d still to get some get solid numbers on how much power is actually being used. I think t will be helpful to others as well. Thanks
  5. My psu is good to go according to the power calculator I used, ( Nott as good as I would like, but still ok.) , but I'm having some video card issue with a new 7900gtx. I think it’s just a bad card. but if the rma card has the same issues, I may want to try a new power supply before I get into a rma wibblywong. But then again, it wouldn't be the first time someone recieved a second bad 7900 card. I have 2X12 volt rails (18amps each) , so I'm trying to figure the load on each one. They are split where one rail gets the mobo and the sata's, and the other get the rest. I have found some information on the power draw of the video cards, and also some other components, but if anyone has a good link to some thing that shows the power requirements of alot various components, like optical drives, HD's, sound cards, etc., that would be great. What I really need to know is how many amps the pci-e slot provides to the video card, and how many do the extra power connectors on the mobo pull? I haven't been able to find that. I'm concerned that since the extra connectors mean the mobo is drawing off of both rails, that is causing a shortage to the video card. Thanks for any help or input.
  6. Slingn

    Sharp Aquos LC-45GD7U

    I just purchased a new hd tv. I did a ton of research. the best place is the avs forums http://www.avsforum.com/ To be honest, even though that sharp is considered one of, if not the best lcd tv on the market, I didn't think the PQ was that great, even with its higher resolution. I saw alot of screen door effect. They also have a problem with it accepting the 1080p signal, so that should not be your main factor. In fact, the older model with the external box had an easier work around. Of all the tv's i looked at, both lcd and plasma. the Panasonic and pio elites had the best pq. I ended up with a 50" panny plasma that I bought from Costco for a great price. (less than 3K) and that was better than some of the online deals. Too top it off, if it breaks, I have a store to bring it back to with the best return policy on the planet. Do some reading on that avs forum, they can explain more there. Good Luck
  7. Slingn

    Power supply for 7900 gtx

    thanks man, that is a great link
  8. Slingn

    A Well Built Case From A Well Known Company...

    I love my case. Its steel, very heavy, so you will not be moving it around much, but it does have lots of room. If you can still find them. http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=90511
  9. Slingn

    Power supply for 7900 gtx

    Thanks AG, thats my plan. I'm still alittle confused as to how the duel rails work. One guy told me that if I got a 2 into 1 molex adapter, that i could span the 2 rails. but i was under the impression that the "duel" rails were an internal feature, and not 2 seperate lines coming out of the psu. I'm just a psu noob, so it is only speculation on my part. If anyone has a link or can explain this, I'd be thankful. I have also had a mod in another forum indicate to me that if the card requires 22amps on a 12 volt rail, then both my rails need to be 22 amps to support it. What I find odd about that is only very hi end supplies seem to have that much power on the individual 12 volts rails. I find it hard to believe that a very common card will only work on the most powerful, and expensive psu's available. Now, i can possibly see that with 2 cards, but with a single card? Anyway, Thanks for the thoughts. We'll see how it all works when i get the card. I'm at # 16 in the step-up queue, so it should be pretty soon. I've been in the queue for awile. First in the superclock version queue, which never moved, and now the standard gtx model, which they alllowed us to switch to because of the delays and short supplies. Thanks again.
  10. Slingn

    Power supply for 7900 gtx

    Thanks. Yeah, I plan on trying what i have first. I also understand that you lose an amp or two when you add the 2 rail. I'm not sure why, but i see the same thing. 18 and 18 add up to 34. BTW, according to some of the mods at the evga forums, the new 7900 gtx's, as well as the 512 version of the 7800gtx, are very power hungry. More so than my current 7800 gt. I assume it is the 512 of ram that raises the power requirment, especially considerign that the core, with its new 90mm manufacturering does require less power than the older larger cores. Thanks again. If anyone else has any thing to add, please do so.
  11. I'm stepping up my current 7800 gt co thru evga's step-up program, and I am wondering about my power supply. The card calls for a supply with 22 amps on the 12 volt rail. Mine has duel rails. 2 X 18 amp 12 volt rails. So does that mean i have ~36 amps on the 12 volt, or do i need each rail to have 22 amps. I have seen different opinions on this and would like some from you guys. I'll likely stick with it, and try it before i go get a new supply, unless any of you guys know for sure that it will not be enough. My system is pretty power hungry, and i think I'm already pushing the limits of this supply anyway. Most of the psu calculators come up with about 475 watts, So needing a new supply will not be a big surprise. Thanks for any input.
  12. Slingn

    Quick IRQ settings

    my vid card and sound card share an irq with no problems. You might want to look elsewhere as well.
  13. Slingn

    IRQ Sharing?!?!?!??!

    IRQ sharing is generally not a problems with XP. My vid card and sound card share an IRQ. This used to result in major issues, but I see none. My sound is fine and my games work great. So if its not broke, I'm not going to worry about it.
  14. Slingn

    what do i trust?

    My bios says 1.41xx and smart G, speedfan, and cpuz say 1.39. I always believe the bios, but its out numbered and those others agree, so i confused too.