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  1. Hi all, Ok, i have a budget of $150.00 to get the best 1GB of RAM availible for my nF4 sli-DR...the only problem is that i live in Cape Town (South Africa)... Do any of you guys know of a online US store that ships internationally..? Thanks skuzzy
  2. are they not both gigabit LAN? Im sure mine are...
  3. almost every motherboard these days comes with 2 ethernet ports...i still have not found a use for the other one of them
  4. well i cant wait to see the end result good luck...
  5. Just to add a little tip..: Should you acedentally get a little bit of compound squishing out onto the chipset, i would recommend using a small flat head screwdriver. You must get some toilet paper (enough to cover the head of the screwdriver, maybe fold it over twice) and put it over the end of the screwdriver and to secure it, wrap some tape around it. You now have a small stable tool to CAREFULLY wipe the excess compound away with That is all
  6. Hi, I have in my possesion a Rosewill 500Watt ATX 12V 2.0 Series PSU. Before i open the box, i want to know if its OK for my setup... Heres a link to the product... Thanks for the help /skuzzy
  7. Thanks, after some research i have also found out what i need to know.
  8. hi, just wondering (im really confused about this whole thing) I have a DFI lanparty nF4 sli-DR, and apparently you guys are saying that i have to plug 1xmolex connector and 1x FDD connector into the slots on the mobo...correct? I always though that they were extra power slots for you to plug you hard drive into ect... Also, with my RAM...which slot do i put them into, the yellow or orange? Thanks skuzzy
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