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  1. gday, it could just be a crap drive. i had the same problem with my current pioneer dvd burner on my old asus ai7 (p4) but on this system it works fine heh have you tried another drive?
  2. ive run sli 7800GT's with my previous TT 430watter that came with my case for 2 months without a problem. even put my multimeter on the 12v rail and measured what the volts were.. idling it stayed around 12.25, during fear or some other game, it woudl drop to around 12.15-12.2 volts. perfectly fine in my opinion. i just bought this 600watter for the modular plugs heh
  3. man, i would disconnect all peripherals from the pc and see if it still does it. anyway, check your power outlet with an outlet tester, these things cost about 5bucks and have 3 lights on them. it sounds like you have a ground leakage where some of the hot voltage (mains) is getting into the ground somewhere. you might wanna check the voltage between the pc case, and ground terminal on your wall socket with your multimeter.
  4. hey thanks i found my old 98 cd so i just booted off that and flashed my card using another cd. i didnt notice any difference in games going from 500/1200 to 560/1200 except for more heat. so i just put it the original bios back on. thanks for your help
  5. how can i flash my video card bios? i have NO floppy drive no usb memory drive things ive tried the winxp dumb recovery console and it wont even let me change dir's pfft.. how the hell can they call it a recovery console when u cant do jack with it? any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. you bought all that stuff in your sig, but you cant afford to buy a 50buck waterblock? lol if you really wanted to diy, you would need a drillpress. and that would cost more than 50bucks! i don't think it would be worth it
  7. hey guys, i've bought the complete aquabay setup from thermaltake. the radiator, flow meter and res, and the bay res. what would be the best way of hooking it up? i've also got a hydor L30 pump, and a zalman wb2 waterblock. thanks
  8. yep, i got it going sweet. i just needed the updated bios. thanks for all your input guys
  9. hey i flashed to the bios you suggested, and now mbm starts up fine! everything reads 0 but let me play around with it a bit, i'm sure it'll work. hey you may like to add in your faq that mbm has problems with the original bios?
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