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  1. Hmmmm... Disabled shutdown temp in bios, and problem seems to be gone :confused:; have not had a shutdown since. Thats weird though, cuz shutdown temp was around 75c, and my cpu never exceeds low 60's. Hopefully this was the problem and I wont get any more random shutdowns. If it starts happening again, Ill post back here. Thnx guys
  2. I just thought of something that MIGHT be causing the problem.The option for shutdown temp in the bios is around 75c. I am thinking it might be doing something screwy and shutting down the pc when it shouldnt (even though I know my core temps never get higher than low 60's). I disabled it from the bios, and Im gonna see if the problem persists. If it doesnt help, then ill try hitandrun's method.
  3. Again, this all started happening after I removed the IHS. Before I removed it, I was dual prime stable for 8 hours @2.7 stock volts, and also 8 hours dual prime stable @ 2.835 1.48v. I assume that it should stay the same without the ihs though, since I did not change anything in the bios. I primed earlier today, and it went for 2 hours with no errors, so Im pretty sure it is still stable as before, but that there could just be something wrong with the cpu, thus causing random shutdowns. I want to switch out the cpu, put in my single core, and see if the shutdowns stop. Would I be able to do this though? Would I mess something up in windows?
  4. Kind of a long post, but please bear with me. Ok so before I explain anything, let me say that this all started happening after I removed the IHS from my opteron 165. I underestimated how close the capacitors were to the edge of the IHS, and accidentally chipped the corners off of 3 of them :eek2:.. I installed the cpu back into my system anyways, and it seemed to work fine, and ran cooler as well. Everything was fine and dandy for about a week, when all of a sudden I started getting random, complete shutdowns (shutdowns as if I had unplugged the pc from the power outlet). They were completely random; sometimes it would occur when I was torture testing, sometimes when I was at idle on the desktop. My first thought was that it was probably the heatsink that was not mounted correctly or moving around, causing the cpu to overheat and shut down. I checked it and it was firmly seated, and my temps never shot up when I moved the hs around. My next thought was that it could be my power supply, since I have had to RMA it once before, after I started getting shutdowns and eventually a smoking psu. I decided to install my new OCZ 700w gamexstream psu that I had just bought for my next build. For about a day after the new PSU was installed, I hadnt gotten any shutdowns. The next day though, I got another shutdown :confused:. So I still got random shutdowns, but they seemed to be more spaced out from each other. I decided to set my CPU back to stock volts, and lower the clock to 2.7ghz, even though I knew that my overclock was Prime stable before I removed the IHS. Nope..... didnt help... So now im thinking that it is my cpu. I have my old 3700+ sand diego sitting around, and I want put it in my system and see if the shutdowns stop. Just one thing though; will I mess anything up if I switch the dual core with the single core? I have the dual-core optimizer installed, so I dont know.. Also, what else could it be besides the CPU, if anything? (what do you mean im in denial?!? lol) Thanks for any advice.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. Just did some research, and the abit board seems like a good choice, plus it's about $60 less than the asus pk5 deluxe. Looks like Ill probably get the abit instead.
  6. Are all of the e6850's selling right now G0 steppings?
  7. lol i did! I just wanted to make sure I didnt miss anything important.. Anyways, thanks for your help everybody!
  8. Whats the difference between these two boards?: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813131185 AND http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813131182 from what I can tell, the only significant difference is that one has wifi and one doesnt (dont really need that). Is that correct? Which should I get?
  9. So you're suggestiong I go p35 over 680i? If so, which board do you recommend? My price range is under $250
  10. Right now I just cannot decide which motherboard would be best for my needs, an evga 680i or an asus p35. Ive researched the hell outta this, but I cant seem to get a definitive answer. Basically, which board would be best for both cpu and memory overclocking? I will only be running one video card, so I dont really need sli. I will be running an e6850 cpu and for the memory, ill be running this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231065 (actually, I've already bought it, couldnt pass up this deal hehe) So yeah, which board do you think would be best for my needs? Any advice appreciated.
  11. Ok thanks for the info. Btw, is there any way this could be repaired?
  12. About two months ago, I bought an evga 6600gt off of ebay for use in my backup pc. Before I was even able to open up the box, though, I accidently dropped a huge room fan right on it :mad: When I opened up the box, I checked the board for any physical damage and found two capacitors that were located right where the box was smashed, and they were bent sideways and looked like they were sticking out of the board a bit. I proceeded to install the video card to see if it worked, only to discover that it works partially. It works ok as long as you are not doing any graphic intensive work, ie. surfing the web, but as soon as you start any sort of 3d game, the computer restarts itself. I am guessing that the two bent capacitators are causing this problem. I was just wondering if anyone could give some input as to what the problem could be, and if it can be repaired. Here are some pics I took of it: Thnx for any input.
  13. do you have your ram on a divider? if u are running 1:1 with ram, thats probably ur problem.
  14. read the a64 overclocking guide provided on these forums (http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28049), and it will teach u everything u need to know. You have to find the max of your ram and cpu individually first (shown in the guide) before you can start mixing different combinations of settings, so you know your limits.
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