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  1. Oh sorry....Yes i am using memtest and it says 201 mhz (DDR 400) anything above that stalls boot at post.
  2. i did change the timings to the ones in the article cited in the complete guide to OCing. which for my brand Geil Ultra-Platinum PC 3200 2-3-3-6. Setting the timings instead of using auto didn't seem to make a difference. When you say should run at or around 220 where can you get that because in my bios i have the option to go from 100-200 (100, 120, 133......200). Sorry I'm a noob and showing it bad. Zane
  3. thank you all for your replies. one of my problems i figured out was i needed to move my dimms to slots 1 and 3 to get dual channel instead of 1 and 2. but that still hasn't fixed my problem with not being able to bring my FSB up above 230 when it was very stable at 530. i now have my ram at 190 and LDT at X4.0 which seems to make a difference. I'll try the clear CMOS maybe that will fix my problem with the CPU speeds. Zane
  4. I just finished building my new rig as posted in my sig. after i got it up and running and installed xp i followed the directions in the thread complete guide to overclock. I first did the part where you find the max CPU speed that was stable. after finding that i ran several of the tests posted in that thread everything was working great no stability issues at all. i left it that way for a couple of days not having any problems, so i decided to carry on with the next step in the complete guide thread. So when i go to overclock my memory i start with the first speed available other than "auto" in the bios which happened to be 100mhz ran memtest worked fine machine booted and was stable. i then bumped it up to 120mhz ran memtest was fine. after that i moved it up to 133 mhz and it would not boot or do anything, finally i moved safe boot jumper to safe boot and had to remove one stick of ram to boot the machine. took all the bios settings back to factory. the machine booted but corrupted my xp boot cfg file so i reinstalled xp. once i finished that i reclocked my CPU to the setting where i ran it on all the tests and for a couple of days use, but this time my computer would just keep rebooting after the detecting all the hardware. so i went back through the cpu OC process and now my processor max speed has decreased by 400 mhz and i'm still having a B.S.O.D. once in a while where it reboots my machine at the lower OC speed. and i can't get my rig to boot on anything but the stock ram settings. I've searched and searched on these forums for a similar problem and haven't found any answers. Please Help. Thanks Zane