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  1. thankyou..... all sorted , yet again TY wil for the PM and many thanks to hit and run aswell..... yes was trying to run 1t
  2. Ok chaps... finally swapped the BH5 for some TCCD... BIG BIG thankyou to Wil for doing a great trade overseas now i have 4 sticks of One S (4x512) i test 2 sticks at a time in pc great all for sticks bios just beeps.... ive declocked the ram and cpu 200x10 and the ram is set to 1/1 ddr400 why wont my pc boot with all four sticks ? what should i be looking at ? simple bios setting or a flash required ? Any info you need just holla regards Ian
  3. Hi Angry.... the Post office didnt get me a shipping recipet as it went on regular post... got all the pms, but just had a quick chat to the guy ( thats why i didnt mention ANY names ) i think hes genuine.... No money involved as hes swapping his ram for mine so i sent mine 1st as his is currently running his pc... im sure we will work it out, im just paranoid at mo.... you can delete this is if you like m8... Im gonna be back shortly to get some timings from you guys soon... i want to push the boat out on my pc shortly regards Ian
  4. Get ripped off on ebay .... then come here to trade , work out a deal.... i post the stuff but was asked not to insure it cause it will cost him money.... get a pm from him saying i havent had ram i spose youve changed your mind.... GOD DAMN IT........ im fed up with losing money..... And i thought peeps were genuine.......
  5. TRADED TRADED TRADED..... all sorted ty guys
  6. Hi m8... ok 1st run pass 1 : 0 errors cpu @ 2701 (270x10) Ram @ 225 mhz DDR450 (166 div ) 2-2-2-7 @3.2 v 2nd run pass 1 : 0 erros cpu @ 2600 (260x10) Ram @ 236 mhz DDR472 (180 div ) 2-2-2-7 @3.2 got the pics on my digital cam if you want them Not sure if this ram can go faster.... i dont really understand all the timings tbh....
  7. Well i can tell you that i took out my Geil One tccd and put these straight in, booted first time..... Running opty 146 fsb at 270 on a 5/6 divider Post states that its DDR333 at cas 2-3-6-3 i think it was running at 2.9 volts on the ram, alot lower than they suggested ( 3.4 - 3.5 volts i think these are rated as ) TBH honest with you im not a hardcore overclocker.... i seem to get timings all wrong..... Maybe someone on here can tell you how good these BH sticks are....
  8. Cheers m8.... although i dont think he will post out to the uk !!!! i feel sick :sad:
  9. Ok , as per other thread , thankyou Angry Games btw , i have this matching fully testing and superb kit for sale. Reason for sale is that the dual kit i already own is the S tccd ram and the two DO NOT MIX. Im open to offers but am also looking for 2x512 of Geil One S tccd. Trade Welcome The kit is fully packaged in its hard plexi glass case I paid £60 for this yesterday so id like to recoup my money Im in Devon UK I can Shipoverseas although ive never done it before and i only deal in Paypal as its nice and secure. Email admin note: don't post email addresses openly in forums. spam bots eat them up and spit out bazillions of spams to it... I have just read the thread on BAD TRADERS so plz DO NOT APPROACH me as i will vet you 1st to find out if your leggit.... ive had my share of bad dealings TY
  10. Ok ty guys for your superior responses.... i Paid £60 GBP for this 1gb BH stuff..... Gonna have to sell it i spose.... bummer.... I could do with some Tccd though if anyone knows any for sale or who wants BH instead of tccd gimme a shout chaps Ian
  11. Hi Guys, not really had much input on this forum as my pc has behaved well BUT i have just bought 1gb of Geil one BH5 W from ebay and tested it, perfect... until i put my Geil one in with it.... i got bios beeps no boot screen.... I have found out that my original Geil is the S Tccd Ram... and i think my Bios is set to the TCCD.... im not sure what Bios i have installed ( i know its a woo ) do i need to flash my bios with one that will work for both types of ram ? Should i resell the BH ? Damn i really need to get my machine at 2gb Any offerings mucho welcomed Ian
  12. Well youve answered your question me thinks !!!!!
  13. i made that mistake with my opty the other day forgot pump and pc shut down... turned pc back on and it froze.... then i realised pump was off. thought i was dead but woooohoooooooooo :nod: love it and bios wasnt enabled to shut down either
  14. Scan have some opty's in stock ( retail ) not many but if you need one get there !!!!
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