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  1. The graphics card shows mild artifacts during post but that's it. I switched my graphics card, and now windows is working WITH the drivers. It seems it is some really strange failure of the graphics card. The card that was not working right was a 8800gtx, I swapped it with a g card from my other machine (8800GT) and now it works. The other machine runs ubuntu. I put the failing 8800gtx in the ubuntu machine from which i got the 8800gt, and ubuntu hangs in the login screen. WEIRD. Time to get a new g card. Sucks, somehow I loose a psu and a g card, hopefully my mobo is still intact.
  2. I installed via dev man. Same symptoms. Did not work.
  3. I replaced the psu in my machine after the old one died. Windows wouldn't load (only safe mode) with the new psu. So I used driver sweeper to clear my motherboard and display drives, and then windows started to load and function. I installed the chipset drivers and restarted, and windows functioned correctly. Then I installed the nvidia display drivers, and restarted. Windows would start to load (the logo would show) but where the login screen should show up, nothing shows up and eventually the pc restarts. I login to safemode again, and remove the display drivers, and then windows starts working again. Also during post (only during post) there is some weird pixel pattern over the whole screen. As if the graphics card is failing. But everywhere else (including bios, and other text screen there is no pattern. So basically windows only loads with out display drivers. I have tried reinstalling MANY times, with new and old drivers. How do I get windows working WITH display drivers?
  4. Habu on a cloth Steel QcK+. I would think everyone would notice this problem who had a Habu. It happens on white a4 paper too, but maybe, MAYBE, not to that extent. MS has some solutions I am going to try, like uninstalling old mouse software, I just hope it doesn't make my media keyboard useless.
  5. The brown line is me trying to trace the path I made with a shape/line tool. I don't have any nerve/muscle problems or degeneration. It is my mouse, mouse pad, or software.
  6. I wipe it twice a week with a moist cloth and a micro fiber towel. After that its super clean.
  7. pc+360 controller. What do you think about that?
  8. I tried Firefly, (started watching the pilot I think) but it just didn't grab me.
  9. Aliens in America House Freaks and Geeks Arrested Development Undeclared South Park Family Guy Scrubs Mythbusters The Riches Top Gear The Office (both) Lost 4400 WAS good, but season 4 (and 3) I lost interest Discovery Chanel anything Dirty Jobs (love it) Heroes Prison Break Drawn Together Weeds Numb3rs (not really following it) Dexter (I liked the plot) Reno 911 (It is just hilarious) The Green Wing (This is good in so many aspects)
  10. I got rid of that egg bezel thing, and just use the heat sink and fan. Much smaller and lower, now my g card actually fits.
  11. I just use silent fans, also my antec fans come with 3 fan speed switches. The cpu fan is software controlled with smartguardian as is the chipset fan. It think your ninehundred comes with fans that have the same 3 stage switch as my antec fans.
  12. I did a test run with some deodorant, works great, a little too volatile, but now I know my lantern fluid was the problem. Time to find zippo fuel.
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