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  1. My son uses a Blue Yeti with a pop filter
  2. I got the new side panel install and the 1 fan blowing out and a few wires out of the way . It seemed to help. Spike Saprano thank for the input
  3. It is a Lian Li PC-A70F. Its so big that I am afraid if I cut the bar it would spring the case and possibly make un-square. It kinda bothers me that Lian Li made a side panel with fan hole that fit that case and didn't consider the upper cross bar
  4. my son's side panel was getting very hot due to the GPU(MSI R9 390) blowing the hot air in that direction. So I got a new side panel that has 2 140mm fans. Well the fans were too thick so I go 2 15mm x 140mm fans and only the bottom one will fit because of a case frame bar. My question is should I cover the top side panel hole or leave it open. I have 2 front 140mm fans blowing in, 2 120mm in back blowing out, 1 140mm side panel blowing out and one open side panel hole. I would like to keep the side panel fan blowing out to keep the hot air that comes off my GPU from going back thru my CPU fan. Any suggestions?
  5. It went down just like Madman said it would. I check tracking today. It was delivered to Lyman,SC 29365. I live in Missouri. Paypal gave me my money back. Oh well
  6. I will try it . Thanks ccokeman
  7. bp9801 I got 1.28v on CPU and 1.2 on the ram
  8. Thanks again bp9801 Feetsfats, the cases is huge Lian Li. I had a hard time stretching the wires from point A to point B so its not a build to be proud of. So no, no pictures. I didn't want to build a new computer. I tried to upgrade the graphics card and PSU but the mobo didn't like it and I had too much cash in the new GPU & PSU to turn back. I didn't want to buy a new mobo that was out dated so I moved forward. I was able to use the case and 2 hard drives for the new build. But yes my son digs his new rig
  9. Do you know what a good voltage would be?
  10. Black64, I used default setting. It would be easy to overclock but my boys room is so hot. He likes it that way. I had to en-able XMP. But, on the mobo, there is a XMP switch. I left it alone. But yes it runs good
  11. Built new computer for my son last night. Everything went well. This morning I tried to download some things. Internet running slow. Reset modem. No help. I notice Steam was running in the back ground. Exited out of Steam . Internet speed went back up to were it supposed to be. I live in the country so I only get Uverse 18meg down. With Steam running I only get 3.5 meg down. I want him to game but at that speed I don't think he will be able to. Is there a fix for that?
  12. Yesterday China Post said it was in U.S. station. Paypal has not decided on giving my money back or to see how far this goes
  13. Got the last of the parts today. I7 6700k cpu & NH -U12S heatsink Asus Z170-A mobo MSI R9 390 G Skill 16GB PC2400 I think Samsung SSD 850 250gb and 2 other harddrive EVGA 850 PSU Its up and running. Seems to run good. I would like to overclock but my son keeps his room to hot. Is there anything I need to enable or disable in the bios? One other thing, the Asus mobo is nice. I really like the lay out
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