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  1. True, and i might have a spare machine that would work. How fast of an internet connection would be needed?
  2. As of now costs are 2*30 a month for 2 game servers Total 60 a month 10 a month for website 70 a month. We are hoping to be able to expand to 3 or 4 game servers and a website.
  3. Im thinking of renting a dedicated server to replace the game and website hosts i am renting the specs are: Intel Pentium IV 2.8GHz 1024 MB RAM 80 GB HDD 1000GB Bandwidth $105 a month Would this be able to run atleast three game servers (source games ~16 slots each) and a website? And would it be cheaper than getting the previously mentioned from places like clanservers.com?
  4. Im pretty sure the memory timings is whats holding you back. On my setup, with the memory timings on auto they change based on the divider im using, rather than the frequency. Try setting all your ram timings.
  5. The zalman 9500 works fine. All 4 memory slots will remain available. I never had an issue with weight. I had one before i got water
  6. I highly doubt that. Maybe in benchmarks, but benchmarks and real world performance are very different things. No sense in upgrading? IMO, a 6600 to a 7900gtx is a very good upgrade.
  7. Well, I found something that might stop people from getting their rebates. I ordered mine from outpost on the 24th of march, printed out a rebate form (the rebate supposedly expired on the 28th. On the form, it said valid for purchases between 24th and 28th. On the 29th I go back to print another one out, because i misplaced the old one, It was valid on purchases from the 29th to the something. So if you use the wrong one, i guess you dont get your rebate, luckily, I found the first one.
  8. Thanks, all i did on it was the background and text. The lanparty logo was made by kccustom About the memory, Mine comes in the mail today, I'll keep you posted.
  9. For memory, i would go with OCZ Gold 2gb DDR500 from outpost for $150 after mir, saves you 50 and they are just as good in my opinion
  10. theres these http://shop2.outpost.com/product/4754249 i dont know if they ship international though.
  11. I get this error "Although you've entered a valid promo code, your order does not currently meet the code's usage criteria."
  12. Whats the best Video card under $250? From the reviews I've seen its the 7600gt. Is this right? Would it be a good upgrade to go from a 6600gt to a 7600gt? My pc is used mostly for gaming. HL2 and mods, COD2, BF2 are the main games i play.
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