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  1. Well yes that's correct, but my power supply only came with one FDD power connector, which I need to plug into my FDD. Thus I don't have one to plug into the mother board. Remember the Motherboard allows you to plug 4 different power connectors into it. Including a regular 4-pin molex connector as well as a 4-pin FDD connector. Anyway even though my system is running well without the 4-pin FDD connector on my motherboard, I did get a FDD adapter that will connect to one of my free molex connectors. I'll plug this one into my motherboard to make sure it's happy.
  2. When I built my system I did not plug in the 4-pin Floppy power connector to my motherboard on the count that I needed it for my Floppy drive. My system booted up and is working fine. Now I'm not doing any overclocking yet, and my Bios is still set to Optimized Defaults, but Memtest ran fine and everything seems stable. I intend to get a extra 4-pin Floppy Power adapter so I'll have that pluged into my motherboard eventually.
  3. Try launching your web browser and go to: That's my DI-604 router setup.
  4. Ok thanks, Looks like another trip to the Computer store for me. You'd think that if DFI suggests that you plug in your 4-pin power connector to the motherboard that they would give you the adapter so that you could use a floppy? Do you think it would cause any harm if I un-pluged the 4-pin power cable from my motherboard and used it for my floppy temporarly? That would mean that I would have 3 out of the 4 power cables plugged into my Motherboard. Would this cause any problems in the short term? Thanks.
  5. I know this must be a simple question, and I can't find any answers searching the board, so here goes. If I need to plug in my Power Supply's 4-pin Floppy connector into the Ultra-D motherboard as part of the 4 power plugs that go into the board, then what do I plug into my Floppy drive to give it power? My powersupply (Antec Smart Power 2 - see sig) seems to only have one 4-pin Floppy connector. I'm sure this is an easy answer, thanks in advance.
  6. Ok here's what I want to do. My Sonata II case has a bright blue LED on the front that connects to the power supply with a regular 4-pin Molex connector. I want to instead connect it to a Zalman ZM-MFC1 Fan controller via one of it's toggle switches: This Fan controller connects it's toggle switch via a Black and Red wire (ground and power) So my question is how do I connect my LED's molex connector to this controller via a power and ground wire? My Vantec Stealth case fan came with a 3-pin to 4 pin Molex connector to connect the fan directly to the power supply. Could I just use this and plug my led's Molex into this adapter, and then strip off the 3-pin connector on the other end and just put the bare red and black wires into my controller? I hope it's as simple as this. Thanks in advance.
  7. Ok I'm getting some great advice here! I've now narrowed down my choices to either the Thermaltake Xcontroller A2140: or the Zalman ZM-MFC1: I'm a little worried that the knobs on the Thermaltake Xcontroller may stick out too much for me to close my case door. I have a Sonata II. I also have a couple of questions about the Zalman ZM MFC1. Nitemareglitch maybe you can help me out here. My Sonata II case has a blue light (LED I think) in the front of the case that attaches to the power supply via a regular 4 pin Molex connector. Is there anyway I can connect it to one of the toggle switches? The toggle switch connects to a device with a Black and Red wire (power and ground) as you can see below: Is there anyway to mod a 4-pin Molex connector to connect via a simple black and red wire? Also does the Zalman light up at all? I can't find any pictures of this controller in action? If it does light up does the lighting increase with the intensity of the fan? And would there be any issues if your fan does not have a RPM connector? (like my Panaflo) Sorry for all the questions
  8. After further investigating I discovered that Aerogate II requires that all your fans have RPM sensors on them, otherwise the alarm will be set off and will need to be reset every time you boot up. Since my CPU Heatsink fan will be a Panaflo without a RPM sensor, this just would not do for me. I'll just keep looking.
  9. Thanks for the review. This was just the kind of info I was looking for. I think I will try and find the Vantec Nexus instead.
  10. I was also looking at that same Vantec nexus 3.5" Fan controller as well. I also like that one very much as the NXP-305 also has a light controll. Unfortunately I don't have an available 3.5" bay (and it costs $39.99 CAD over here). If this Aerogate II works well then I may just get it. Does anyone have any experience with it?
  11. I'm shopping around for a Fan Controller and this Cool Master Aerogate II caught my eye: Aerogate II Does anyone have any experience with it? It's pleasing to my eye and it controls 4 fans with RPM and 4 temperature sensors. It uses one dial to controll all 4 fans and I'm wondering if it would be better to get a Fan controller with a individual dial for each fan? Anyway does anyone know much about it?
  12. So if I get this right there is no problem in plugging in your CPU Heatsink fan into a Fan controller and leaving the CPU Motherboard Fan Header empty? The mother board won't complain if there's no fan pluged in there?
  13. Nemlack

    PSU ok ?

    I'm also planning on building a mid-range system using a Sonata II with a NF4 Ultra-D. (As well as a Saphire Radeon X800 GTO2) Like yourself I have decided to go with the 450W powersupply that comes with the Sonata II. One of the reasons that I got this case was becasue it came with a good rated Powersupply and I'm not looking forward to spending another $100+ (CAD) on an additional Power Supply. I've also scanned this forum for opinions about using this power supply, and there seems to be arguments on both sides. There's the blanket response that you need a minimum of 480W, and there are a few arguments from some people that there's no good reason to not use the 450W supply that comes with the case. The way I see it I already have this powersupply so I'm going to use it. If I find later down the road that it's not sufficient then I can always buy a new PS later on.
  14. I also ordered the Panaflo High Speed 92 mm 56.8CFM fan to use with my XP-90, but now after reading some recent posting I've discoverd that that Panaflo fan does not support RPM monitoring, and thush I will most likely not use it with my XP-90. I'll probably use my 92 mm Vantec Stealth fan with the HS and use the Panaflo in my Antec Sonata II Air duct instead.
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