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  1. just a follow up-- i bought the vc-re and it's working great. no more annoying sound when im trying to sleep!
  2. im going to take your advice and order me the same one. dont want to go the hassle to send it to cali for 30 bucks + shipping, wait a couple weeks then get it back when I can just do it myself for 12 bucks. thanks.
  3. that looks like a cpu heatsink to me.... maybe im wrong?
  4. I contacted DFI tech support, and they want to do an RMA for $30 plus shipping. I asked about just getting a replacement fan, but they didnt say they could do that. The noise is so annoying I had to turn the computer off and work off my laptop, but I sold the laptop so I won't have access after Monday unless I use the noisy computer. Any other input?
  5. I had no idea it was just "replaceable". What happens if it actually does flake out before I get a new one? Should I email DFI tech support to see if they can send me one?
  6. About 3 or 4 days ago, my computer started making a really wacky noise. After inspecting it not so thoroughly, I thought it was the fan on my zalman 9500. After messing with it a little bit, I found out it wasnt the problem. I stopped the fan while the computer was running, and there was still a noise. I then checked on the case fans, stopped them -- still the noise. Then I thought it might be the 7800gt -- stopped that fan also and still the noise. My last option was the northbridge fan... and what do you know -- I finally figured out the problem. It makes a loud humming noise and when I stop the fan and let it start going again, it will sometimes sputter and not be able to spin at full speed. I don't have any warranty on the board still, but DFI was pretty helpful last time I had a problem. What do you guys suggest? Could maybe someone explain to me what this fan is even meant for? Thanks.
  7. Hey all. Right now I am currently using a Silverstone TJ02 case. It's too small for my setup, and I'm having overheating problems. Everything is pretty much jammed in here. You can see my system specs in the signature. I'm running 48-50C idle on my current system and I am led to believe it is because there is no room in my case for air circulation. I'm not looking to spend a boat load of money, but I also don't want a piece of crap. Since aluminum cools better, I'd probably look into that. Any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. a follow up on my previous threads... my temps are now now 52C idle with 2 exhausts @ 80mm, 1 intake at 120mm... and i reapplied the arctic silver 5 paste. i have NO clue why these temps are getting so high. there should be no reason with the heatsink im using. should i be concerned with low 50 readings?
  9. and if this helps at all, since i'm sure it does... i had 4 solid red leds on the bottom left of my motherboard. ahh forget it! i reseated my cpu and its working fine now.
  10. ok well it seems as if i have a problem right now. i cleaned my heatsink and cpu off with isopropyl rubbing alcohol 70% since i didnt have anything stronger. i put the cpu and heatsink back in place, and now im getting no signal to my monitor. i know its not a bad monitor because im hooked up to it right now on my laptop. what kind of suggestions could you guys give? its a pny 7800gt... brand new. ive tried switching pci-e slots and also switching the power supply cables to the card.
  11. yes, right now... doing absolutely nothing, it's 47C. when i play games and tests, 49C.
  12. what should i use to remove the artic silver
  13. yeah, i was also pretty generous with the artic silver. i got an opteron cab2e stepping. i have a 120mm intake. im thinking about getting a 120mm exhaust. i dont know what else i can really do. zalman heatsink costed me almost 70 bucks... it should do better then that
  14. Right now I have a Zalman9500 heatsink sitting on top of my opteron 148 running [email protected] - I have one intake fan, and two exhaust fans. Both are just 80mm fans. My temps are running about 47C idle with my side panel off. It doesn't really go past 49C on 100% load. It seems a little too high for me. What type of suggestions could you guys give me? A 120mm exhaust fan? If so, any links to top of the line ones that will definately help lower my temps? A new heatsink? Aghhh help =]
  15. I don't know my stepping. Probably should of logged that down. For some reason I added 2 more case fans to help with the heat, and it only made it worse. My CPU is 50C right now and i'm barely running any apps. I lowered the HTT/FSB so im running at 2700, but still didnt change anything. Not a damned clue.
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