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  1. It is a VGA system. Only one.. stock is set at VGA, so no need to change.
  2. I tried pushing in all way.. still red light is on (this time I got it in good)
  3. Videocard was in... Maybe I should try to put videocard in better. Was kinda hard. Didn't wanna sit down.
  4. Erm, I might not have set my HDD jumpers right. Could that be the problem?
  5. I have everything hooked up, and in my case. I attempt to turn it on using the switch on the board. (Two orange LED turn on (by ram, and butom right corner.( It starts up... then a second pasts and a long (1.5 scond) beep goes. The CPU fan shuts off after. I see four LED red lights on the buttom left. Then 3 of them go out, and the farthest left one stays on. Little help? :cat:
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