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  1. Netgears PCI 108Mbps Wireless PCI card WG311T is a good one. Netgear don't do any x64 drivers though but lucky for me Atheros make the chipset so you can get 64bit drivers off them. :nod: Ive had this card well over a year, and have had no problems with range or reliability. You can get em for £35 now in some retail shops
  2. This has been driving me insane I knew it wasn’t the drives after I got a replacement shipped to me. I was able to use them fine on an NVIDIA board, I can't even understand why it wouldn't let me even flash the drives on the DFI. I’ll try that zip hopefully it will work on my DFI after that. -Edit Disabled UDMA works a treat now "2:30 burn + 4:20 mins verify 4,420MB on DVD-R
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