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  1. Hey, I'v been going all around this forum makeing sure all my parts are compatible, right now this is the last one that has not been answered... So I'm getting 1 gig of platinum OCZ 4001024ELPE... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227209 it's good stuff... I will be getting another stick of it once I build my new computer... I'm not to sure how good this is, but you can overclock it to 2.9v without breaking the waranty... So yeah good stuff... I'm wondering if it is compatible with the Ultra-d Lan party... I pm'd RyderOCZ (I think that was his name)... I got no response... Hopefully someone can tell me or direct me in the right way... Thanks a bunch
  2. I have been looking at the soundblaster X-fi, it looks very promising, does anyone know how well it operates with the Ultra-D... Or does anyone have any other soundcard recomendations for that mobo? (advent music listener(not just rock and such), but not going to record music or anything)
  3. Thanks for all the sugestions, I like the Si-120, I also saw the xp-120... any difference, is the xp a newer model and possibly superior?
  4. I was just cuirious if anyone has had the two pieces of hardware in the same rig... Or if anyone knows they work together... The heatsink guide does not list them, but I keep getting recomendations from people off this board who say it should work... Does anyone know any more information? Thanks a bunch
  5. Sweet well I pm'd 1gb RyderOCZ, hopefully he can tell me if it is compatible.
  6. Yeah I will be getting another gig as soon as I can afford it... Thanks for the tip on Pm'ing him... I guess he is an ocz employe? Also I was cuirious, is it just that the mobo needs good ram to function up to it's standard performance?, if so, my ram is pretty decent timing?
  7. http://www.newegg.com/Product/CustratingRe...N82E16820227209 that's the link to the 1 gig of OCZ4001024ELPE ... It would be rare that someone actually had this ram... But does anyone know if the two would function well together?... The guide on this site sugests exteremly good latency for the mobo... the timings on this are 2-3-2-5 and are made to be overclocked (ocz allows up to 2.9v without breaking the waranty). Thanks a bunch, gabe
  8. hehe yeah... I didn't know crap about psu's tell someone on overclock.net kinda pointed me in the direction of the reasoning behind them... he ended his teaching with a holy bow down to the hiper R... I am pretty stoked for it, my wattage need is not that high... But I researched this computer with three words in mind: quality, endurance and expansion... and just looking at the picture makess you drool
  9. This is my new rig (parts not yet ordered) (in my sig) Well I was told this was an expert site to go and see if my parts would work with my suposidly picky dfi lan party ultra-d mobo... I'd really apretiate any help I can get... even if it is just a mere link to somewhere else... thanks, -gabe
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