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  1. alright, i think stable 2.7ghz the highest i'll be able to go for now. on another forum i was told to put my ram at a divider.. well i just thought, "what the heck" and put it at 1/1 ratio @ 2.8v 3-4-8-4 and its running just fine @ 270! I'm going to work on tightening those timings (which im not very good at.)
  2. thanks for the BIOS definitions guide.. too bad it'd take forever to read and learn all of them! i'll read parts the look familiar, then try the BIOS options of people with the same board and proc. Thanks, Demo
  3. how do i check my full stepping (like CBDE or whatever) its perfectly stable right now (10x270) i was wondering, since i probably can't get any higher without swapping my watercooler from the other computer to this one.. should i enable 32 bit granulity (to improve gaming)
  4. i could try lowering it some more... i thought opterons needed a lot less volts.. like 1.5 would get me to 2.7 or higher it appears you got a 170 up really high, would following your BIOS commands help?
  5. Hey, The highest i've ever been able to get my opteron (to boot to windows) was 2.8ghz, and that was VERY unstable.. i think the main problem is.. i don't know what all the Dram configurations mean (the ones like DDQ skew control, etc...) Here is my rig, and my settings so far. AMD Opteron 170 Toledo (don't know the entire stepping, just in CPU-Z it says "revision JH9-E6) DFI UT NF4 Ultra-D OCZ gold DDR500 Xion 600W with dual 22A +12V Xp-90 heatsink. My settings for my overclock (now at 2.7 from 2.0) are: Vcore @ 1.55 Dram @ 2.8 Chipset @ 1.6 My ram is not great for overclocking, so its at a 2/3 ratio @ 3-4-4-8 everything else is just left alone as i really don't understand what they mean. i had it @ 2.8ghz yesterday http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y56/Demon...ndoverclock.jpg but it was VERY unstable, (did a bunch of stuff, then crashed when i used notepad). any tips or help that would allow me to overclock higher? (Would following this guys Dram configuration help me?) http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...1&postcount=253 Thanks very much, Demo
  6. oh... well... IM HAPPY! i replaced some crappy LOUD butt fans i had with some panaflo 35db ones. AMAZING! im hitting 25C now! with a clawhammer!
  7. wait... what do you mean CPU + low temp + high volts = dead CPU?
  8. i can put mine @ 1.85 v and it goes to like 39C watercooling for the win. EDIT:: i have a clawhammer though.
  9. Don't worry. Mine does the same thing. AMD 64 3700+ @ 10X270 DFI lanaprty nf3 250 gig the voltages are always a little higher than i set it at. I just adjust accordingly.
  10. are you having problems with it now? what temperature is it at now / load? If you are having problems with heat.. most people don't go the PCI-FAN route. you should have good airflow with your case fans, then get a good heatsink (or keep stock) and oc it.
  11. a game. If you play a game and it looks fine... then your golden. You know its getting too high (Temperature AND core) when you artifact. if you don't.. nothing to worry about.
  12. your fine PSU wise. though you won't be overclocking if your prescHOTT is hitting that degrees. You try overclocking any more and its going to melt if you add voltages.
  13. thats why. for good overclocking you need CG stepping.
  14. interesing thread there Trush (nem0 says hi from the grave) So what do you suggest the average gamer do where his fps may sink to 30? set his monitor refresh rate to 75?
  15. whats the stock multi for your proc? (cause i don't know) did you set your RAM to null when doing this? i know you have XMS (which i don't remember, but i think is good) but you want to set a divider for it just in case (like 1/2) you can't really trust cpu-z's volts.. try everest home edition (you can find the download at majorgeeks.com) If you follow the guide exactly then it should be a snap to do! you might have trouble when it comes to isolating your RAM (as with timings and temps and volts)
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