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  1. Well I am new to this USB rate thing but my understand of it is not like this. How I am told how it works is at default the polling rate for a USB mouse will be 125hz so it will send updates of movement to the USB 125 times a second. I agree this is enough, but many claim the mouse is smoother at 500 updates a second or whatever. It is different to bandwidth usage, it is the Hz that the mouse is running at. It works by changing a value in windows, which I think makes the mouse device send updates at a higher rate. Im not sure if this has any affect on the USB speed/bandwidth itself. The mouse itself would use more but thats nothing unusual and nothing near the 480mbit limit This link explains a little http://www.truecarnage.com/readarticle.php?article_id=1 If you want to have a try I used programs here USB mouse rate switcher 1.1 - google Direct input mouse rate (to check rate realtime) if u can find it, I cant anymore.
  2. Well the more expensive mouse, the G5, runs at 500 I think. So like overclocking anything, this is a way to make a cheap mouse behave like a more expensive one. People are telling me that it makes a difference for getting those perfect shots in games, I think 500 felt better but Id like to try again to be sure. (according to the program my logitec was maxing out at 430hz) I just thought it would be good if somebody with good technical knowledge of the board (usb ports) might know for sure whats safe, as I cant find any decent info other than the rate changer programs warning that "this may damage hardware"
  3. Im intrested in increasing the USB rate with this NF4ultra and Logitec mx510. Problem is the programs that do this warn that this may damage Hardware. Im concerned about the USB ports and board, not really the mouse. Does anyone know if this is safe to do with this board, and maybe if you know also about the other boards like NF3 etc. The rate is default 125hz but many people change rate to 250 500 or 1000hz. Also some mice like the G5 apparently change the USB rate to 500 or so with their drivers and software. This is why im confused because the programs warn its dangerous yet every G5 user must be doing 500hz on vairous motherboards without trouble? I have tried 500hz for afew minutes, then reset and put it back to 125 then soon after playing a game i crashed/reset while at 125hz, but has never crashed again. That spooked me a little but I cant tell what caused the crash for sure. Is 250 or 500hz safe on this board, if you have a good understanding of this please let me know, thanks.
  4. Ideally I would use a proper fan controller but I keep buying duds. I bought a Vantec one tht buzzed horribly, and a cheap thermaltake one that came with four fans, but it had a weird connection and could only control those fans that came with it. So im running a slow 120mm, a 90mm and the 90mm CPU fan off the Mainboard. Previously I even had a 4th fan and was running two from the same header. Cant say Ive had any problems. Consider that the thing comes out the box running two fans. I think AngryGames posted the max draw the fan headers could handle in an old thread somewhere, which worked out to a fair bit more than my four fans combined, and more than one on each header apparently. Also you can compleatly stop a fan with the software if you wanted too, but most hardware fan controllers can only slow them.
  5. Hello. I have recently been tweaking my RAM again trying to get some more out of it. I have found some recommended settings, but I got them from somebody who used the program A64tweaker 0.6. I have a screenshot of their A64tweaker settings. I wrote them down and tried to put them in through the BIOS, but some of the settings are labled differently so it did not work. It crashed my system really bad so I had to do a BIOS clear to reboot. Now I think I will try entering the values though A64tweaker while in windows so that I can copy them exactly as recommended. I have always avoided OC from windows so my question is " Will A64tweaker work properly and does it actully change the values in the BIOS, or just adjust them once windows in booted." Does A64tweaker take over the BIOS settings and is it safe to use. Will the settings I choose be saved into my BIOS. Basically can A64tweaker be used, and what issues might be a problem from adjusting CAS Tras etc though windows. I just want to get an understanding about overclocking NF4 though windows software and what limitations this causes. Chances are I will crash and need to do another BIOS clear so I am trying to understand software overclocking, especilly A64tweaker, before I do anything. Thanks in advance, so I wont bump this thread just to say thanks again.
  6. Ill take a random guess.... Try setting the HDD delay to 2 or 3 seconds in the BIOS. Try putting the HDD on a different port if its SATA. As far as I know ports 1 and 2 are seperate from ports 3 and 4. So if its on 1 try 3. Try a different SATA cables if you have some spare, or just try 1 HDD and switch cables unless you cant becaues of RAID. Check the connection, like maybe some crud and dust went into the connector or on the hdd's SATA port. I guess if its intermitent it could be a connection somewhere that is loose, even a mobo problem but I doubt it. One system I had would freeze up with a error on boot occasionally, I think it was a mainboard problem tho. I opended the case and presson on all the connections, on the CPU etc. but it still happend sometimes, in the end it just stopped happening and not long after the PSU died. So consider PSU but again, its not likely
  7. The CPU test is meant to go really slow. Its done with software instead of your GFX cards features.
  8. I dont know If your are refering to me or bhinrichs, as we have slightly different problems. My problem being that at a certain point, the SATA disk starts screwing up and when I move a folder it dissapears and contents go. I had considered the MFT as the problem for a few reasons myself. It would make sense the the way it suddenly starts messing up. Also because I can copy folders but not move(cut) them properly. I considered that the new location was not being written to the MFT in that case. I will read abit more about increasing the MTFRZ as your link said and so on, just searched for that registry entry and did not find it tho. Im even considering making the drive FAT32 as that uses FAT instead of MFT. I can format a FAT32 drive to 250gig, the only limitation is the Windows format tool that is limited at 32gig so use something else. I know NTFS is meant to be "More secure" than FAT32, but thats not the case if I really am having these troubles because of the MFT. Actully FAT32 is apparently simpler and faster. Edit: Infact I think Im going to go with all FAT32 drives and try my luck with that, hope it never stuffs up again. I cant see why not. This is just a gaming and media PC. No reason FAT32 cant do the Job. Guess I have to leave a NTFS partition for any ISO's over the 4GB limit. Thing is I just backed up a whole buch of data so I need to format the drive and make it work, somehow. I think FAT32 will do it. If it is a MFT problem and I run it on a PCI add-in controller the MFT will still have the same trouble eventully. So Ill try FAT32 on the DFI ports. I could try increasing the MFT size like your link says, its just FAT32 seems a better idea right now. Thanks for pointing me in this direction, I think leaving it as NTFS default on the PCI card would have been a waste of time. Also good that if this works then there is nothing wrong with my NF4 Ultra-D
  9. Yea mine is the same, 3 of each primary ide channel primary ide channel primary ide channel secondary ide channel secondary ide channel secondary ide channel standard dual channel controller standard dual channel controller standard dual channel controller I uninstalled the Nvidia IDE, so assuming they actully uninstalled properly then that is how it should look.
  10. Yea, I thought about another HDD but that would still leave me with these two SATA's that dont seem to like the the Mainboards SATA ports. I looked on Google a little and it's not that uncommon for SATA drives to have issues with the NF4. Also I cant boot from SATA with this ALi HDD card. Only working as second HDD so far. Have to try some more. I might try taking it back to the shop and complaing that If it cant boot its useless. Ok will try that with the RAR test . I had them both almost full (WD sata1 200gig and Sata2 250gig) and then I just get a problem of losing folder contents suddenly when moving files and things. They were both fine for months before that. Actully I just remebered then, that the SATA1 stuffed up before I even had the SATA2. So Im going to have to get them both off of the DFI's controller.
  11. I dont know if they are meant to be there or not, but lots of people seem to think they are unstable and run the windows driver instead.
  12. I just bough a SATA PCI controller card(2 sata 1 ide). I put the drive on that and Im still getting the same problem. Ill have to assume for now that its a little messed up from before and wont be good till a format, but the problems dont show up for ages after a format so I guess I wont know for a while. Another problem is this PCI SATA card wont work as a boot device for SATA, only in IDE the pack says. So I still have to run 1 SATA from the DFI as a boot drive, which is kinda stupid. Ahh computers.......
  13. Yea Im having similar problem I think. The two SATA drives get folders that become stuck and then they contain 0 bytes etc. Data gone. I would be intrested to know what you do if you get them stable and working. You could try putting them on seperate channels(eg port 1 and 3), but that has not worked for me in the end I have errors again. I might try one in a USB hdd enclosure as Ive just about given up trying to make my two SATA's stable in this Ultra-D Edit : And just to clarify, I had these problems begin about the same time these drives went into the NF4, or it could have been when the 250gig 16cache went in that it went bad. Im not sure. My SATA1 first then my SATA2 has error's. I notice we both have the same 250gig 16cache so maybe the DFI nf4 does not like it much.
  14. It seems I can copy things around fine, but if I use cut the folder becomes "Access Denied" at its new location, does that suggest anything about the problem? Event veiwer? ok. thanks edit :Should I turn on S.M.A.R.T capability in the BIOS? whats it do? Also what is SATA spread spectrum? Edit: can anybody tell me the maximum size for a FAT32 partition?, I might convet it from NTFS to FAT and see if it behaves better, but im unsure howmany gigs can FAT32 support? Max Partition size? Edit: So now im thinking its a hardware conflict (hdd) that is causing the files not to index properly. Eg. if I use Copy the folder is ok, if I use Cut the folder becomes "access Denied" FAT32 might fix this as it works differently? what do you think, any other ideas?
  15. This is an old problem that has come back, its exactly the same as before because my folders just go Access Denied. Now its happening to a second drive thats on a different port. When it first happend months ago I scanned the drive with Lifeguard afew times and found no problems. Im sure its the DFI board almost certain. I would like to try running with just 1 SATA drive to confirm that the two drives are conflicting, but unfortunatly that would leave me with no C: to boot at the moment. These errors just started happening but its not the first time and Ive spet ages before mucking around. With my drives almost full with junk, its really annoying. Ill try the western digital forums but ive been there before and no luck with this problem. I think I might have to accept this AMD system cant handle its hardisks and start moving all my disks except 1 into a pentium system with SATA, that BTW i cant afford now. But ive really had it with this. Sorry I really dont expect anybody can help, I think Im the only person with this problem. But actully I did talk to someone in a game of FEAR the other day that said they moved away from the DFI NF4 for similar HDD reasons. I might sound abit negative, im just not it the mood for dong testsing etc with something this random right now. Edit: I wonder how it would behave in a USB enclosure....
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