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  1. Hi OP - I have the same processor. And I might have bad news for you - Do you have the 95 W or the 125 W chip? Question two - for the chip you have: does your motherboard support it? I guarantee the answer to the second question is no. If not please tell me because I'm just dying to know what other scenarios could have the same Problem Description edit: another possibility is you upgraded from a dual core processor and your windows is still configured to see dual core. Would have to reinstall windows to fix that, methinks. But I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. edit 2: did some googling Is this your board? http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/mb-ASUS/M4A79_Deluxe.html I don't see Phenom II X4 965 125W in that list
  2. I was curious about that too. I upgraded my motherboard this past month and I didn't have to do anything with windows except reinstall drivers.
  3. I'm stuck at 15000s for a 1900x1200 resolution. I wonder if I can plug in a 1280x1024 and get a higher score (albeit it wouldn't matter bc I could never use 1280x1024) I'm curious because we have the same processor - mine is running stock and I am using GTX480 and QQing about my score.
  4. xD hasn't broke in years I'm going to send it to the shop tomorrow. This is getting too tedious for me to handle. Thanks for the information though
  5. New snag. Should there be a black, plastic square block with this? The only thing that was holding the heatsink seems to be attached to the heatsink itself. The manual refers to it as a retention guide. I remember when I bought the system that I had the people at the store put everything together. So I probably won't be able to get it back if it's a missing piece. Any idea if the store can slap one on or sell me one? xD
  6. And then just push up from the bottom. Got it done. Thanks a bunch!
  7. Hello all. I bought a new heatsink for my P4P800E (Yes old. Yes meaning to replace one day) motherboard, but I am not sure how to remove the heatsink. I managed to find the manual but it only outlines how to install the heatsink, not remove. There's 4 screws (two visible in that image) that hold down the heatsink. I'm not sure how they attach. I'm not sure how or whether I can be walked through removing this. But here's hoping. Images follow: http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/9400/img4199ur8.jpg closeup of one of the screws: http://img108.imageshack.us/img108/8061/img4206rd2.jpg backside of the motherboard: http://img116.imageshack.us/img116/8551/img4208hd1.jpg
  8. =/ 4 million keystrokes would take me about two months to get (I game a lot). I feel for ya. I was wondering why I'm 2mil ahead of #2, but then d3 hasn't submitted for months either...I fear.
  9. I reinstalled windows a month ago, and before that I was out of the country. In that three month period nobody has submitted any TKC keystrokes? Is this community dead?
  10. I might have to find one...how do you say that in cantonese? xD And speedfan doesn't 'detect' anything -- voltage, fans..I'm surprised it picked up the hdd and cpu!
  11. It could very well be something else, like a psu issue, but in any case, if I were to say 'my laptop shuts down randomly...and only when it goes over 60*C', then what?
  12. But it doesn't have anything about the fan there
  13. Is there supposed to be a setting for it, because I can't find one there. edit: I remember updating the bios but there's still no fan control/temp activation option. =/
  14. Yes, so anyway, I was loaned this thinkpad x30 so I could work. When I was loaned this laptop, it would shut down randomly -- this is expected, as my uncle (who loaned it), had this problem. Well for a month the darn thing would shut down randomly, driving me insane as it is required of me to use a laptop during work. This continued until I broke down and installed winXP over the prior win2k OS. Everything runs smooth...except the initial problem: The cpu/case fan doesn't run. I mean it does, in that it runs during power up and then stops after about three seconds, and will not run until I play ragnarok online or some game that requires full system resources. So we're talking about a laptop that will start at 48*C and go hot hot hot until it goes above 60*C and then poof, instability. Is there a way to force the fan to run while the cpu is idle, or failing that, if I were to buy a usb fan, where would I put it? Or what else can I do?
  15. Take note of the last submit date of a lot of you -- it's scary. I average 50k per day unless I don't feel like gaming. Regardless, if we all submitted, we'd jump 2-3 levels up ;D
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