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  1. Thermalright Ultra-120 CPU Cooler - NEW ! Price $49.95 - Shipping via US Priority Mail = $10.00 This is a brand-new Thermalright Ultra-120, in it's original retail package. This model will fit Intel Core2Duo (Socket T/LGA 775) & AMD Socket 939, as-is. To install this unit on an AMD Socket AM2 requires a Thermalright AM2 adapter bracket. If you need one, I have a new one I can include for only an additional $6.00. (Selling because I decided to go with an SI-128 instead.) Payment must be by one of two methods: 1) PayPal, from a Confirmed Address & eligible for Seller Protection. 2) USPS (United States Postal Service) money order. Will ship within 1 business day.
  2. So daddyjaxx, how to you like your 975x/g Conroe setup compared to your DFI Expert/x2 4400+ setup. Please elaborate.:eek:
  3. So hopefully they have the board & just have the wrong pic. I can't even find the LP CFX3200-M2R/G on DFI's site. Keep us posted.
  4. My bad, I didn't notice the fan in the 2nd pic.
  5. I just ordered one. I had ordered a UltraII M-2 & was able to refuse delivery. I wasn't excited @ the UltraII, but thought the NF590SLI-M2R/G was too expensive. THis board seems just right. (Reminds me of a nursery rhyme.) I haven't read a thing @ this board, but am confident, (hopefully confident), that it will be a great board. If not initially, eventually!
  6. Looks like a HR-05 SLI, would be a better solution than the regular HR-05. That way you could turn it 90 degrees & capture a bit of the case's airflow. Wish I would have ordered the SLI version.
  7. It's this : http://www.scythe-usa.com/product/cpu/026/scnj1100p.html ANyway I went & ordered a Thermalright Ultra-120 & the AM2 adapter. Had a heck of a time finding one! AM2 Bolt-Thru Kit for Ultra-90, Ultra-120, and HR-01 :
  8. I realize that Happy is the man, and I highly regard his opinion...but I was hoping for some additional feedback from others. There's alot of knowledgeable folk here!
  9. Do you think the pushpin setup on the Infinity is adequate to support a beast like the Ninja Plus (Rev B of course)?
  10. I searched & didn't see anything on this... Ninja Plus, Ultra-120 or ...??? I like quality, but appreciate value!
  11. Sooooo, besides the colors, will I be giving any thing up by using the ULTRAII-M2 w/x2 4000+ instead of the Ultra-D w/Opty 165?
  12. What board did you have b4 the Ultra AM2?
  13. I ordered a 170 from monarch @ 1 wk ago. It's a CCBBE 0615DPMW ! Ordered a 165 from NE 2 days ago. It's also a CCBBE 0615DPMW ! Guess I'll keep the 165.
  14. Just updated my CPU inventory to a 165, from a 170. I ordering one from NE & was waiting to see the stepping. It arrived just now & it's the same great stepping! I'll keep the 165 & off the 170 on eBay. Guess the odds are looking even better now for sticking with the 939 platform. That is, unless I decide to go AM2.:eek: (What a burnout.) Sorry, 70's jargon.
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