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  1. http://www.barrys-rigs-n-reviews.com/revie...em/pnymem_1.pdf This is an interesting review (old by todays standards) of some PNY DDR 600 memory. What caught my eye about this review is the comparison between an Athlon64 at 2600 MHz with memory timings of 2-2-2-5 (low latency typical high priced overclockers ram) and 2.5-4-4-7 (average latency). Most of the benchmarks show a "gain" of Enjoy,
  2. 2 gb single piece for $34, 4 gb for $68 + shipping and no rebate http://www.ewiz.com/detail.php?name=T8UB2GC5 We have Microsoft's Vista (or the lack of adoption) to thank for these low prices.
  3. The latest bios was released in Dec, 2007, so they are still actively supporting it. Note that it does officially support the G0 1333MHz FSB cpus, so I think there is a good chance it will at least support the Wolfdales, similar to the 680i situation. I would think that it would boot and run fine with the Wolfdales, but it may think they are 65nm cpus, but who cares if it runs and overclocks. The Yorkfields may be another matter, since they changed the internal circuitry (which is causing the problem for the nvidia chipsets) I may be mistaken, but I thought in the early days of the RD600 chipset release, it was touted as having 45nm support. :confused: Of course, DFI would have to allow it in the bios, but as before they already have 1333 support, so it is not that far of a stretch.
  4. www.motherboardpro.com has the DFI LanParty ICFX3200-T2R/G for ~$82 +8$ shipping. This board went for > $200 about a year ago....Be warned ...it is not for novices, (read some of the threads on DIY street and you will understand) and it might not support the new 45nm cpus, depending on bios updates. I was tempted to get one and wait for all the Intel fans to start selling their 65nm G0 cores for bargain prices. However, now that DFI has released the lower cost LP 790fx DK board, I think I will give AMD one more chance with the B-3 stepping of Phenom.
  5. Twice, I made the mistake of ordering from case-mod.com. They have really great prices on seasonic power supplies, but each time the order would be placed on a Thursday/Friday, and still had not shipped by Friday of the FOLLOWING week, resulting in me having to send a nasty email on the next Monday morning, always getting some lame excuse reply and the item being shipped a few days later. Total time to get an item would usually involve three weeks minimum. I later found out that this is a part time business for someone, and they run it on the evening and weekends. I guess that at least explains the low prices. LOL. I did not mind the three weeks so much as having to get upset and use a cattle prod to get an update. :mad:
  6. You are completely right about this one. You can't even read through a single Phenom thread without two or three people jumping in and saying "core 2 is better", even after the everyone acknowledges that it is better according to most benchmarks. I sometimes think the only . life some of these guys have is when they jerk off to their Intel Inside sticker. If you take the time to read through the threads, you will notice that the phenom is slowly getting better and better as the bioses get better, whoa :eek: big suprise. As to the two people above who commented about AMD releasing a defective chip, I find it very fascinating that not a single review site or any of the many users on XS (who are pounding the crap out of these chips in testing) experienced the TLB lockup. Some have had crashes which they initially blamed on the TLB bug, but eventually it was shown to be a either a bios or Vista problem. This shows how rare this bug is for desktop users. The main problem with Phenom is it doesn't overclock as well, and as Angry Games has stated numerous times, 99% of the computer buyers don't overclock anyway. Let's face it. You have a phenom X4 overclocked to 3000 MHz or Intel Q6600 overclocked to 3600-3800 Mhz. How often are you keeping 4 cores 100% loaded 24 hours a day? Not very often, even for an engineer like myself. Look at how well the new ATI cards are doing: 80-85% of the performance of the high end Nvidia card and 25-30% cheaper. The mass market is where the money is to be made.
  7. I had a Biostar Tforce 939-6100 for a while. The onboard graphics was plenty for email, web browsing and even displaying 3D data plots. The new 780g chip is supposed to be about 4x more powerful than the 6100, which was no slouch (at least compared to other onboard offerings ). But the really neat thing about this technology is that eventually it will have the capability to detect if you are doing something graphically intensive enough to warrant using the extra video card. If not, the card is powered off. The integrated graphics chips will use much less power for those 90% of the times when you don't need the extra capability. Like Angry Games said, this will be a win for AMD with Joe Six-Pack, who is never going to lay out 300-400$ for a video card just to play games. There are a lot more of us "poh folks" than "rich folks"
  8. http://www.consumerdepot.com/products.asp?id=LPUTNF4SLI-DD If anyone needs a replacment/spare board, this looks like a good price. I don't know if they come with accessories, so YMMV. I am always amazed at what DFI 939 boards and cpus are going for on ebay. If I were AMD, I would make some 939 65nm black editions with unlocked multiplier. They would go faster than free money.
  9. I have been thinking about the unlocked multiplier Black edition versions - AM2 5000+ and soon to be released Phenom version.... It seems to me that no one in their right mind is going to pay 250-350$ for high end motherboards (DFI, ASUS are you listening?) and 150-200$ for overclockable memory (OCZ, GSkill, others) when all you have to do is spend an extra 50$ or so for the unlocked cpu version. The elitist overclocking community is suddenly going to be no longer the domain of those with deep pockets. If I were a memory manufacturer I would be concentrating on low latency ram at 800MHz DDR2 for the AMD market. If I were a motherboard manufacturer I would concentrate my AMD efforts on more affordable motherboards with good performance/price ratios (like the DFI P-35 DK series). When put in this light, the price / performance ratio of those highly overclockable Core-2 cpus gets a lot worse. If the unlocked versions become too popular, Intel may have to follow AMD's lead in this area. Am I missing something in my analysis? :confused:
  10. Back in May, Micron announced it was producing 78nm DDR2 chips that would run at 1066 Mhz at 1.8 v. Release was supposed to have started in 3rd qtr. I have not seen any of the major memory manufacturers release chips with these specifications. What gives? Trying to move the old stuff first? :confused:
  11. I would think the Wolfdale 8400 (3 GHz 9x mulitplier) for $183 would be a better buy than an 8500 (3.16 GHz 9.5x multiplier) for $266 ($83 more for 0.5x multiplier ???):confused: Maybe I'm too cheap...:
  12. Well, I apologize for the incorrect data about the Barcelona 2 GHz beating a 3 GHZ Xeon. My bad memory from this link: www.cisl.ucar.edu/dir/CAS2K7/Presentations/torricelli.pdf It is comparing a 2 GHz Barcelona vs a 2.33 GHz Xeon 5345. The Barcy is about 30-60% faster in some of the Fluent runs and in one of the LS-DYNA four core runs is about 80% faster. It is of interest that when all four cores are being used the gap widens considerably between the two in some of the benchmarks. It must be the effect of the integrated memory controller vs the FSB scheme. So it looks like an Xeon at 3 Ghz would be close or maybe even exceed a 2 GHz Barcelona in fp performance. I recall reading an analysis from Scientia's Blog, in which he did a comparative analysis of Core 2 Duo versus K10. He concluded that K10 would be slightly less than Core 2 Duo in integer and quite a bit better in floating point due to the larger number of FPUs. He keep trying to tell all the fan boys that K10 was going to be a catch-up to Core 2, but most of them, including this one, did not listen. LOL However, if AMD can just get those speeds up a couple of notches, they will have a killer floating point machine.
  13. Angry, I have read all of your "tirades", and up to now the one on memory, dividers, and overclocking was the classic and best. It has been greatly surpassed by this one. This is pure poetry. DFI really f****d up by letting you slip through their hands. You have way too much common sense. We need to clone you 536 times (100 US senators + 435 US representatives + 1 US President) and march everyone of them off to Washington. I have this week off and have been reading all the endless and stupid Phenom bashing on the various websites in the evenings. Yes Core 2 is faster at games, but not a single site ran any hard core floating point benchmarks, not even SciMark. If I go look at the Fluent site ( a CFD code) I see a 2 GZ Barcelona beating a 3 GHz Core 2 Xeon in a heavy fp muti-ttasking code. Not everyone needs this performance, but then again, not everyone needs the faster integer performance either. Like you, I use my home computer to do real work and some fun things on the side. Being faster in games and porn viewing does not do the average office worker (especially an engineer) much good, since those are the two quickests way to get fired at most companies.... Both are damn good chips, and for those of us who have other expenses (*&^%# Jeep exhaust manifold), I will also take the 10-15% performance hit to save 25-30% in cost. PS: Every socket 939 user should read Angry's memory timings and overclocking thread. It opened my eyes up to the real world vs the benchmark world.
  14. I had to LOL at some of the comments on Mac users. I work for a large DOE research lab, and I have noticed that the majority (and most rabid) of the Mac fans are generally manager types. And what do they do their Macs all day? They read emails and make powerpoint presentations. The engineers generally use a windows machine for email, word and such, but almost always have a second machine (either intel or amd) running linux to do calculations. I am not saying you can't do technical work on a Mac, but as one reader noted, the less computer savvy users tend to go with the Macs. I have used both, and there is nothing a Mac can do that a good linux distribution (Redhat, Ubuntu, Debian) can't do just as well. You just need to know a little more about computers. Let the flaming begin....
  15. I would recommend one of the toledo core version of the x2 4200+ at newegg ~70$. I have the 3800+ version and I have it overclocked to 2700 at default voltage. For gaming you might want to also consider the single core 4000 which is 2.4 ghz and 1 mb L2 cache. These overclock very well also. I built a cheap linux box for work using one of these guys, and it also runs at 2700 default voltage. The nice thing about the 12x multiplier is that most ram will do 225 Mhz 1:1, which is all that is needed for 2700 Mhz. I think it runs about 50$ or so at newegg. If you buy from newegg, be sure to use the link from DIY Street.
  16. pattobw

    680i lt

    Hi, Polygon over at RebelsHaven has one for sale. Here is the link. http://www.rebelshavenforum.com/sisubb/ult...ic;f=5;t=000095 He is asking $175 shipped. Hope this helps:)
  17. Travis, I bought a refurbished DFI NF-4 Ultra-D from the egg that was missing the cpu retention bracket and screws and the audio i/o module. If you have a dead DFI board from which you could part with these items, I will send you 20$ + 2$ USPS shipping via paypal. It would cost me that at least that much or more to get the parts from DFI (they charge $8 for shipping now), and this way I would be helping out DIY Street. Let me know it this would help Thanks, Bruce
  18. Look on ebay...Creative has been selling some "refurbished" retail box Audigy 2 ZS models direct from their factory. I think they have been selling for about $40 +$10 shipping. These are probably excess production since they include the box and all accessories associated with the retail version.
  19. I would recommend you get a either a Biostar Tforce 6100 AM2 matx or an Abit Nview 6150 AM2 matx from newegg. The 6100 and 6150 video (2 pipelines) is plenty for web surfing, watching DVD's etc. Both have decent onboard sound and ethernet. For a cpu, I would think about the x2 3600 in 65 nm. Runs cool and you have a decent dual core. If you can wait a month or so, the AMD 690 chipset will be available. It has integrated video equivalent to an X700 (4 pipelines).
  20. My set of brand new 2 512Mb GSkill TCCD arrived today from Fedex. The ram is F1-3200DSU2-1GBLE. Fedex did an excellent job of shipping. I ordered it on Sat, it was here on Wed morning by 10:30. Note that the company does a double check of your credit card to prevent fraud. In addition to the PIN number on back of your card, they will charge your card a random amount between 0.01 cents to 99 cents, and email you to notify you of the fact. You have to email them with the amount charged to your card and the date. After that has been verified, they charge you the remainder and ship the item. So if you have been worried about their legitimacy, all is well.
  21. For all you 939 owners searching for Samsung TCCD, this site in Australia has some in stock. http://www.mittoni.com.au/specials.php?currency=USD I ordered the 1 GB 3200 LE brand and with 3 day fedex shipping to the states (15$), the total was only $129. Note that all three speeds of the G.Skill are the same TCCD ram and same type memory board, just at different timings. Fortunately, they are all priced exactly the same... Enjoy!
  22. Opps, my mistake. It is actually a Opteron 170 CCBBE 0615DPMW ...still a good stepping..A lot of people at newegg are getting 2.7 or so at default voltage :eek2:
  23. Mine came from the Tn warehouse as well. It arrived in Dec. Opteron 170 CCBBE 0610DPMW
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